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  1. AlexMy700x

    ACT [WolfRPG] [Revertan] 淫魔てんぷてーしょん

    Found this today, some guy seems to be developing some kind of pixel reverse rape game for a while, the uploaded demo has only two girls that rape you in paizuri way, maybe Data.wolf file would have more content but I couldn't decrypt it. — his twitter...
  2. AlexMy700x

    ACT [ダメージ床の上で ] アユラクライシス! / Ayura Crisis! (RJ228815)

    Ayura Crisis! is an action beat 'em up game, where you have to play as a red-haired girl. The game contains few stages, each one with a boss, and you have to go through all of them. You can be raped, you can buy items in the town and you can improve your sexual perks or combat abilities. The...