365 Days (With drawings!)



This is a story about an android race that have been surviving the Human Apocalypse for Eons. Ever since Commander Jeran has issued war to shut down the Android Industry in 2016, the survivors have taken refuge. Brave warrior Androids fought the good fight until one day, the Humans began to put their mission forth. To destroy the Respawn Factory that held the key to survival.

This enraged the Androids, and they unleashed a full scale attack on the Humans. They have done a great job, but managed to only push back the more clever minds that decided the best strategies against them. Now only a small faction remains. A store clerk, a medimechanic, and Joli. Having human amenities helped a lot to have these Androids survive. Joli is determined to build the Respawn Machine one day... but that will be a daunting task. Gathering materials will take Heat Points, in which case Joli only has a small amount.

Even more daunting is that now, in the year 2100, the Androids were secretly spotted. The Human Invasion plans to wipe out these stragglers within a year's time. If Joli doesn't make a good Respawn Machine within that time, all is lost.


Joli has the ability to make Mini-Respawns. These require metal. Humans carry metal armor. A little metal will not be enough, as Mini-Respawns take seven Metal to create. Create as many Mini-Respawns as you can to make life easier for Joli. In the final five days, the Mini-Respawns will be built into a full on Respawn Machine. During those five days, Joli is on her own and has to defend the base.

Fighting, gathering food (Yes, these Androids eat...), and patching up damage takes Heat Points. Damage is relative to the situation. If Joli is chipped, injured, or hacked, attacking could take a heat point. Always make sure Joli is safe before having her do battle. Fighting is priority, as a weak respawn system will ultimately be the end of the Androids. But make room for food. (Water and juices can act as food as well.) A hungry/thirsty Joli will not fight as optimal.

Currently, Joli has a total of 5 Heat Points. Graceful fighting has a chance of negating expiring a heat point for the battalion, but at a low level, this is rare.

Shops sometimes have armor, weapons, or even "haircuts" to better improve your skill. They also carry food every once in a while so you don't have to spend your Heat Points gathering it. But currently, this is rare without a farm.

The medimechanic can heal anything, but can cost a heat point, or if it's really bad, two heat points.

Getting sexed up costs a mass amount of heat points without proper gear. Maybe even all of them, and you return with no metal or meat. Be careful.

Resting restores Joli to her max heat points, but takes up a day. You need these precious days....


Current Look:

Armor: Trench Coat (0%)
Speed: Rain Boots (0%)
Style: Normal. Long hair. (No special guard against Heat Consumption.)
Weapons: None (Can only attack unarmored Humans and small Animals)

Shop Stock: Bob Cut, Low Level Knife

Joli looks out the door. Her head black as night, but her body a lavender blue. Almost like a human's. With her blue LED light eyes, she looks over the horizon. "The Humans think they can get away with this.... they got another thing coming...." She thinks to herself, wondering what to do first. She knows she has a long year ahead of her....

A.) Shop

B.) Rest

C.) Fight (When I say Fight, I mean fight humans and)

D.) Hunt (when I say hunt, I mean hunt for food or gather crops.)

HP: 5/5

Money: $0
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D hunting for food should be our top priority especially if we can't even touch armored humans yet.


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Re: 365 Days (With drawings!)



Re: 365 Days (With drawings!)

(I am retconning her appearance. Her body is carbon black all the way. Even her nipples.)

Joli decides now is the best time to gather at least something to eat. She adventures off into the forest, keeping a navigation reading of the directions to her base. She thinks about what to do for food here, as there are bananas and Raspberries in this strange mixed fruit forest.

Then again, she witnesses several rabbits and Gren's in the area. A Gren is a meaty species of animal that was introduced recently to the world by a nature preserve ran by Androids. They are exotic, but these can be desparate times.

A.) Gather fruit

B.) Gather rabbits (May cost a heat point)

C.) Gather the Gren's. (A bit easier than rabbits.)


Re: 365 Days (With drawings!)

Without any weapons, Joli has quite a challenge getting something to eat. The fruits don't look as appetizing as the meats and the Gren's should be preserved as an accomplishment of Android Research. So Joli does her best to try to catch a few rabbits.

This seems to be a much harder task than she thought.

Heat Points: 4

Joli manages to capture 5 rabbits due to her quick maneuvering. Her boots seem to provide a very slight advantage over terrain.

She thinks for a bit, looking at the sun. It is Midday currently. Should she take her five rabbits and head home? Or should she do more? There ARE caves around to try to find materials. But she can only use her hands at the moment.

A. Hunt more

B. Steal Tech from a Human (High failure probability)

C. Head home and store the Rabbits and see what is in the shop.

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Re: 365 Days (With drawings!)

Ehh i read about hunting knife but didnt noticed it is a shop stock item ATM XD
Ok, Joli checks cher empty pockets, sights"i can't buy anything in a shop really" she says to herself and decides to hunt more.


Since Joli feels "tired" she hunts for the easier prey this time (Grens)


Re: 365 Days (With drawings!)

The majestic Gren. A result of accurate DNA breeding. Very high in meats, despite how easy they are to hunt. For this reason, androids have kept them under preserve until the androids were killed off by the humans. They are now wild and perfectly legal for consumption.

Also popular among criminals with certain fetishes. Humans and androids mutually have a law against such acts on these creatures.

Joli seems to quite easily hide away from the unsuspecting birds for ambushes. 5 easy ambushes are attained as she now has 5 Rabbits and 5 Grens. The darkness seems to settle on the forest though...

A.) Return home

B.) Hunt/Gather (NunSense has the right idea to freely choose what to hunt or gather.)

C.) The humans are starting to be on patrol. Engage them. (Reckless, dumb and guaranteed failure at this point.)

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Re: 365 Days (With drawings!)

Joli realizes its getting late and decides to go back home. While doing that she gets little paranoid about safety and often look back to check if nobody is following her.
(Ryka- does Joli as android have any sensors to scan the area for humans,animals or such thing)?


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A, returning to home base is wise, one ambush and she might lose all she has gathered.