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Oct 31, 2011
Re: 水晶物語 (ntr)

Author deletes all links fast. Has any1 working one?
another blind man - how about 1 page back


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Jan 5, 2012
Re: 水晶物語 (ntr)

are there any h-scenes between the main char and the heroine?
or rather, are there any h-scenes including the main char at all?:confused:
Late but nope.

This dev does not give H scene for his MC, it's all about the ntr.

In this game, they might be having sex but it's never even implied. The only for sure person who has sex with MC is his sister and you don't even see it. It's just a fade to black and then the next day.

In Busters reg story, MC never has sex with heroine but he does with the twin tails side heroine. Sadly though, it's played out through 3 CG that's focused on her face.

In Busters "if" story, it's implied that he does but you never see a scene for it. He also no longer has sex with the twin tails.

Maybe Busters 2 will change this trend, but I seriously doubt it. On the bright side, he's living with Busters' main heroine and seems to be frequently having an affair with former twin tails to the point where she might be pregnant with his child. But that was back in earlier development and I haven't read the new bios yet.


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Jun 30, 2011
Re: 水晶物語 (ntr)

Just necroing to post a few things I missed and to give news about Tsubame's game.

First the missed stuff and enlightenment on this dev's style:
Tsubame -
There's a hidden scene in the game that is not reflected in the gallery crystals. This scene involves the MC questioning Tsubame during the after-story portion.

To get this, i had to restart the game. First, play the game aiming for the true ending. When you get to the scene with her and the elder, the next day talk to her and choose the first option. Do the same for the elder. Finish the game and during after-story, go to the elder's house and pick up the item on the floor. Return and talk to Tsubame (can't be in your party). You'll get a third option to show her the ornament.

This will start a small series of questions that Tsubame will ask the MC, answering right will continue to the next question while answering wrong will upset her and she'll end the conversation. This isn't permanent you just talk to her again to start over. Questions are: Did you know? How long? Are you mad? Relationship with Anna. and what you thought of the blonde chick.

Getting them all right for a scene with Tsubame and she tells the reason why the relation with the elder started. This scene is repeatable, the 2nd time with Tsubame in different underwear.

Anna -
Apparently, the dev also added in a good ending for Anna where you actually rescue her from being raped. I just recently read about it and will be testing it for truth later.

Dev - ok, so it seems other than NTR in his games and having bittersweet endings.....the dev also seems to like having the MC getting together with the secondary heroine over the main heroine. This game and Busters both involve the MC not having a single H scene with the heroine but having sex with the secondary. The sequel to Busters....is even worst with the old MC having a relationship with the 2nd heroine (and possibly gotten her pregnant) while he's living with the main.

News on Tsubame's game: So the game has reeeeally evolved from the first two and the dev is making the most out of having a female MC. It seems he's ran into some slow downs but the games seems to be near completion!
He has though, turned the game more into a "what if" than the original concept but from the looks of it, this is adding to the overall number of H scenes he'll include. Says a demo will be out soon...though it will be an all-ages version.
So, I don't know how to trigger Anna x Squirrel boy event :(
Does any1 have updated walkthrough ?


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Jan 5, 2012
So, I don't know how to trigger Anna x Squirrel boy event :(
Does any1 have updated walkthrough ?
It should trigger without fail if you're doing things properly laid out in the simple guide I made. Also it's random whether squirrel or blonde activates first. If blonde activates, you'll have to take care of his scenes before squirrel becomes available. Though this is a chance to consolidate the guide for 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 content so I'll take a look.


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Jan 5, 2012
Beginning of game- Warrior Village
1. Tell Tsubame "No it's dangerous".

Third town- Central City
2. Talk to Efil outside the lab (the one with 2 guards by it).
3. Talk to the kid outside the Anna's house and look through the window until you see the scene. Do not go inside house before hand. (ecchi scene)
4. Go inside and talk to Anna, she'll temp join party.

First dungeon- Central City Lab
5. Towards end, you'll get some dialog you'll see a bed by a door. Save your game. Inside, they'll be a ecchi scene with Anna/Main baddie before a boss fight. Lose fight for a H game over. Reload save and win.

Central City -
6. There's a girl who wants a healing item, give her the right item for a flower.
7. After main girl joins your party permanently, talk to the lady standing at the door of a house BEFORE leaving town. (important talk)
8. Go east to the bridge and meet the swordsman before heading to back to second town (Taran Town) and going to it's dungeon to the southwest. He'll join you in second dungeon.

Second dungeon- Taran's Quarry
9. At certain part of dungeon, should get a full body CG of Anna. Defeat boss and head back to the eastern bridge past Central City. At the fork, go left and look for small town.

Fourth town- Rabbitsquirrel Village
10. There's a RS girl who talks about her brother in next dungeon. Talk to elder and then had there.

Third dungeon-
11. if you're still on true, the boy squirrel will sexually harass heroine. Make sure to find the npc's brother. You can find him downstairs. Look for a dirt patch just north of a wall, heading south will reveal a hidden path. Find and check his body.

Rabbitsquirrel Village-
12. Speak to RS girl and give her item.

Warrior Village-
13. Event with Tsubame, any choice is fine.

Fifth town- Sarah Town
14. Talk to guy on far right and take up request to find his lover Licea. Also talk to guy inside Inn and take up his request. Talk to the mayor on the far west side of town.

Lakeside Inn- Crescent Moon Store
15. Inside the inn you'll get the chance to take care of the guy from the fifth town request. Talk to bartender after killing the two thugs. Talk to the girl and guy at bar.

Desert area-
16. Look for a faint blue area and go towards it, this will lead you to a fairy village. If you got the flower from Central City girl, giving this flower to one of the fairies will net you the swimsuit for the heroine.

Deserted city- Calmtet Town
17. Check bodies for adult ticket then do story stuff.

Crescent Moon Store-
With the adult ticket, go into the adult area and talk to the guy behind the counter (SAVE BEFORE YOU GO INSIDE, the game remove your ability to save after you enter) talk to him and choose the second option. Go into the room and pay the girl 1k for some fun (not). In the special dungeon there's a chest that gives you a membership card. Get that asap and then enjoy making as much money as you possibly can.

Sarah Town-
You now have a membership card so you can get pass the guards! Head to the pool, equip Anna with swimsuit and examine it. When talking to Anna choose both first options ("Put swimsuit on!" and "You look great"). You can view her in her swimsuit whenever you examine the pool, see it as much as you like cause you'll lose the swimsuit later. Go inside mansion and buy whatever gear you can afford. Everything here is top level gear. If you're confident talk to owner and fight his assistant for the best weapon for main character for a looooooong time.

Fourth dungeon- Tower of Nolverdal
18. Head down stairs, and you'll see a scene with Licea getting raped and dying shortly after.
19. As you head towards boss, you'll hear him with Efil. Save game. Proceed upstairs for a scene of him raping Efil. Lose the fight afterwards and you'll get a game over H with him and Anna. Reload and defeat.

Sarah Town-
20. Use the boat in tower to head to Sarah Town. Tell Licea's lover about her fate.

Warrior Village-
21. Use boat to head to Central Field. Battle scene with Tsubame.

Fisal Forest-
22. Use boat to head to Fisal Island then go to the forest to the east. If you're on true path, there'll be an ecchi scene here. After you regain control go through the forest until you find a house. Go inside and talk to the lady, choose the first option and then talk to her again. After you leave the main girl will think back to her interactions with the main bad guy, your female conrade, and the raped girl IF you're on the main path.

Sixth town- Fisal Town
23. After talking to the blonde leader and getting the key, talk to him again and choose the second option (Saying no that you're not dating heroine) then I think first option? (basically agreeing with him that her breasts are big).

fifth dungeon-
24. Near the end of dungeon, before you reactivate teleporters, talk to the Anna twice on second time choose either first or second option.

25. If you're on true, Anna will put on swimsuit. Scene with Anna get swimsuit ripped, save before boss and lose for H scene. Reload and defeat.

Seventh town- North Neva Town
26. Go to house with baby and see scene. tell Anna she'll be a great mother. Go to hill up north and during scene choose last option and then second option. ("No")

Goddess shrine-
Goddess will tell heroine to stop her adventure here or a terrible fate will befall her. tell her to stay then say let's go together.

alk to sister and then sleep in bed to not see a perfect h scene opportunity.

Seventh town-
Talk to blonde guy and shopping event occurs, if on true path you will be able to buy a goddess ring from lady on second floor and see events.

After returning to sixth town after finding teleporter in house in demon world-
Tell heroine "We must win at all costs"

Demon tower-
Heroine will go off alone to help prisoners, tell her "It's too dangerous". This is the last choice in the game to make. If you did everything right, you'll be set on the true path for rest of game.

What I have so far, numbered parts are updated. Only covers 1.0/2.0 content right now.


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May 18, 2018
Sorry quick question:

After returning to sixth town after finding teleporter in house in demon world-
Tell heroine "We must win at all costs"
where do you find the teleporter in house in demon world?


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Jan 5, 2012
Sorry quick question:

where do you find the teleporter in house in demon world?
Pretty sure it's in the basement of that random house south of the final dungeon. I'm not 100%, I'm about to start back up on the game so updated info can be find in the guide within a few hours.
Jun 25, 2018
I have one question. Beside the original crystal story and the two buster, what other games have the developer developed?
Jul 23, 2010
Jun 25, 2018