The user previously known as Hero-in-the-Dark
Oct 18, 2009
For millennia, the battle in Region 9 has raged, it being the only point in the mortal world where the ley lines are arrayed in a way that allow the creatures of both the Netherworld and Hellfire to craft their transportation portals. So here they fight, undead beasts against hordes of demonspawn, neither able to gain the upper hand, as it has always been. They fight to take control of the island, for it to serve as their base to invade the mortal mainland. Each time one of the competing factions launches a pre-emptive attack on the mortals, it is fended away, as the nearest part of the mainland to Region 9 is that of Anlorien, the home of the Elves. And immortals can remember things for a very, very long time.

Long ago did the 'Divine' forces leave the mortal world, deeming themselves above the petty struggles there. The angels departed. The Dragons, arranged in their separate Dragonflights, stayed a bit longer, still continuing their duties, as set down by the old Gods. In modern times, little is known about them, other than overeager mortals try and hunt them down. It is known that the Dragons have their own countries, somewhere to the far west. In Eebinland, there is only one known Dragon remaining. A Ruby female known as Ainu. She was last sighted near the largest mountain in Eebinland, Mt. Oordin.

Eight hundred years ago, a similar freak ley-line flux occurred, on an unknown little island, which became known as Sharzora. This flux only occurred for an instant, and by coincidence, a powerful Arch-Lich of the Netherworld was in position to be transported there. He named the island after himself, and began work on a massive army, which after many years, was of enough size to launch an assault across the ocean, landing in the desert provinces. His campaign of destruction was a success, at first. The nations banded together, which hadn't been expected, and the combined might of a continent brought him down, and shattered his hold across the undead horde that now littered the lands. Sharzora was magically "dampened" in the hopes of preventing such unfortunate freaks of nature again. The ley-lines on Sharzora are now so faint that even the most powerful of the magic users struggle to cast basic spells on the place, it is a rather permanent effect.

Ten years ago, the Dwarven kingdom declared war against the main human kingdom, Eebinland, using the vast technological advantages they had to, for a time, decimate the humans, until they sent out for an alliance with the Elves and humans of the desert provinces. Together, these mighty armies crushed the Dwarves, rifles or no. In the aftermath of the war, the mountainous Dwarven lands were laid to waste, each of the victorious armies using their mages to collapse the cities, burying them forever amidst the mountains they were carved into. The farmlands were burnt, and when it was finally left, the land was completely dead. Now, it has become a land for the undead. Not the same kind as those found in the Netherworld. Twisted abominations that spawned from the remorseful souls of those who died there, without sentient thought, but unable to leave their deathland.

Nowadays, the surviving nations regret causing such utter desolation to those lands, but dare not return since the undead there are so feral. It simply isn't worth it. Among the two human nations, those of Eebinland and the collective desert provinces, they are rather less remorseful, and still view Dwarves, and others of similar stature, with extreme racism. Not that there are many surviving Dwarves anyway. Gnomes, sprites, fairies, and other smaller races have fled these human lands, taking refuge either in the North with the Nords, who take care to separate themselves from their brethren to the south, or the Elves to the south east.

Recently, however, one of the Demon lords has somehow managed to achieve something previously unknown. They have opened a portal, only one, into the middle of Eebinland, in a village named Midford. That village is now a husk, completely burnt out. There was not even time for a runner to be sent to inform the capital. Word first spread as caravans started returning with their goods still in tow, speaking of the carnage they'd seen. Army squads investigated, and found nothing other than a towering portal, outlined in bone decoration. A squad of Paladins and magi later traced its origins to the Hellfire, and in a quick judgement, King Reginald II of Eebin ordered a bounty be placed. Dead demons would be paid for, in an attempt to stir the lazy mercenary guild into helping him purge his land of the taint.