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Jan 4, 2009
Re: Cecilia's Tale - A Bitbot CYOA

I'ma just go ahead and cast Create Lich on this here thread.

*Clears Throat*
You decide the best course of action is to do a thorough search of the other rooms. You never know what you could find in them, and it's likely that if Dan was captured, he'd be thrown down in here with you. Or at least, that's what you hope. You have to pause a moment, as your heart is racing. You just need a few moments to calm down, to try and escape. That will be easier if you can rescue your friend. And you'd like to find your father too...but you're really unsure if you'll be able to help him. They might be holding him hostage.

You bite back that thought. This is not the time, keep thinking like that and you're going to let yourself get defeated before you even have the chance to turn this around. Think, logically now. If Dan was down here...they probably would have locked his door. You examine the doors quickly, only one of them has a lock. You make sure the hallway is clear before starting to work on it. It's a lot easier than undoing the lock on your door, that's for sure. It barely takes thirty seconds before the lock clicks open. You're careful, but open the door quickly. The light from the hallway floods into the room, and you see Dan bound against the back wall. It seems he was struggling against his bindings, but didn't seem to have much energy. The marks on his body suggest he was beaten before he was thrown in here. You move over to him quickly, undoing his bindings as he tries to stand up. It takes a few tries, and you have to help him, but he gets up.

"T-thanks..." he manages to grunt out after a few pained moments. "They took my weapons..." He frowns, heavily. You're not sure he could fight, but it looks like he's ready to get back at the guys who beat on him. You have no idea if his weapons are down here, but it was worth checking, at least. You have to help Dan for a few steps, but after a little bit he was able to walk on his own, and seemed to be recovering fairly quickly.

The other two rooms are quickly explored. One of them was like the one you and Dan were held in, just another holding cell, this one empty. The last door contained that appeared to be a guard station, though it was abandoned. It seems that whatever cult you were up against is understaffed. Maybe if you're lucky, you'll be able to take them one at a time. Dan's weapons are in here, as well as your confiscated stuff. You re-equip, and take a moment to catch your breath, you're going to need a plan, and a direction.

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Apr 3, 2016
Re: Cecilia's Tale - A Bitbot CYOA

A Try to move quietly and and see if you can find lone cultists or small groups. Keep an eye out for other rooms.

B, you can always go the other way later, but up always has a higher chance to escape in an emergency.