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Oct 18, 2009
Faction: (Mortal, Hellfire, or Netherworld)
Race: ('Exotic' races such as those descended from Dragons or unique/really powerful beings should be discussed with me beforehand)
Physical description: (Obvious really, picture is optional, since unless it's made by you it probably won't be perfect, so a text description is appreciated, at least to just describe what's different to a picture.)
Special abilities/skills: (Magic, talents, proficiencies, all that sort of stuff. The more detail given about just what your character can do, the better for both me and you, as it will help me decide how things can work out best, and make me give you some better options sometimes ;).)
Backstory: (Optional, of course, but I'd appreciate at least a little one to help me figure out a starting position for you.)

Add whatever you believe is necessary. I may have missed something important off that I can't think of right now.


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Nov 9, 2008
Re: Character sheets

Name: Kiriana
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Faction: Whatever will take her now, vehemently against Hellfire
Race: Ivalice Viera
Physical description:

This was Kiri's appearence when she first arrived in this realem, though it was soon stripped away as a demon lord claimed her. The only remaining items on her hand including rapier and staff, and her hat, which was left unscathed from her forced stripping. Even still, the demon didn't leave her naked as she left, gifting her with survival supplies, fresh clothes, and a spare blade, a longsword. Additionally, she was gifted a creature to travel upon, a red and black dragonhawk, allowing her to travel through the demon portal hovering over the blasted landscape to the human realm.

Special abilities/skills: Kiri's skills from Ivalice have kept her in more then once piece, with everything from fencing maneuvers to powerful arcane magic. Her most typical skills include doublecasting various spells, which drains her physically, but can be quite potent against creatures of all types. Other skills of note include her combat with the bow and rapier, as well as Assassin tactics and quite a bit of arcane teachings, from curative White Magics to Summoning.

Backstory: Kiri was quite content as part of the Arcanius Minstortium of her home, which not only functioned as one of the many Clan Houses of Ivalice but also as one of the top magical researchers of the day. However, Kiri would fall victim to her own magical gifts. As she worked on a plan to create a intercontinental portal network, something went amiss and the viera was sucked into the realm of Hellfire, her portal sealing behind herself as she was spat into a demonic arena.

It was here when she met a demon by the name of Mirchell. Challenging her to combat, Mîrchell sent her pet, Lilyenne, to attack in her stead. After a lengthy battle of magic, Kiri was caught offguard and defeated, and became the demon's property.

Her hellish stay was mostly lowlights, being punted and even tortured for the lowest of things, until she was drug along to an extrusion in the mortal plains, where after the demon destroyed a camp of soldiers Kiri would meet another figure, Arynythil, an elf who was sympathetic to her plight. When Mîrchell returned to the blasted camp, Aryn attacked, with a terrified Kiri trying to protect her with her magical resources, only to be drained and the elf defeated barely by the demon.

As Mîrchell went to deal the killing blow, Kiri charged forth, taking a sword from the wrecked camp and trying to strike the demon down. When all things were considered, even Mirchell was greatly wounded, though her elven companion was slaughtered at her feet as she was left unconscious and at the demon's mercy. Even calling the esper energies of Shiva had failed Kiri.

When she awoke, and was cured of the thrashing that the demon had given her unconscious body, she was given the choice to submit, or to fight.

She chose to fight.

With winning a very difficult battle against another demon, Kiri succeeded in gaining her freedom, and now desperately is seeking the destroyed campsite, willing to revive Aryn and apologize for her error of judgment...
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May 18, 2010
Re: Character sheets

Name: Natalie

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Faction: Mortal

Race: Human

Physical description: Tall for a woman, standing a 5'9", Natarle has medium length black hair, generally kept in a straight pony tail. She has an athletic build, but not enough to interfer with her looks.

Special abilities/skills: High end of physical fitness scale. Acrobatics.

Backstory: Natalie was always a wierd girl. Instead of doing normal girlish activities or helping out with the family farm like a normal girl, she instead prefered pursuits such as sports and acrobatics. As such, most of her childhood friends were boys.

As she got older, she almost slipped into the seedy life, but instead hovered on the edge, being a notorious tease, though still making the rounds. Natalie was also rumored to be a thief. She did spend alot of her time out in the woods, and travellers were robbed from time to time, and sometimes the bandit was a woman. Natalie also did not have an occupation or a husband, leading some to wonder how she supported herself after her parents died of old age, the family farm having been lost gambling. However, she avoiding suspicion of the authorities by bribary and other unsavory methods.
Feb 6, 2009
Re: Character sheets

Name: Edgar
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Faction: Mortal
Race: Human (Nord)

Physical description: Edgar is about 180 cm tall and quite skinny. His physical strenght doesn't differ from that of a typical human in spite of his seemingly frail build. He has short blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears mostly leather clothes which are more useful than pretty.

Special abilities/skills: Edgar is quite skilled at tracking living creatures and surviving on his own in the wild. His greatest skill, however, is his ability to use ice magic. His spells are mostly violent and cruel, and he's not above slaughtering his enemies in a horrible fashion. He seems to favor spike-based attacks, as well as encasing his opponents in ice. He also posesses shamanic abilities, and can contact various elemental spirits that inhabit the world. That doesn't mean he's on good terms with all of them, though.

Backstory: Edgar comes from a small village in the northern parts of the continent. He was raised to become a hunter and was more or less a normal kid like his peers, altough less energetic and rather silent. As he grew up, Edgar spent more time alone, especially during winters, when he tended to go for long walks on his own. Altough his behaviour tended to get weird from time to time, no one bothered him, he bothered no one and all was fine. However, five years ago a tragedy occured that ruined this peaceful image forever.

Altough the Netherworld never managed to taint that part of the world with it's presence, there were others who used dark forces to their advantage. The village was raided and destroyed by a maniacal death cult led by a rather pathetic shadow mage who sought to gain power by sacrificing other humans to a non-existing diety. Edgar, who was on one of his strolls, was one of the few survivors - and the only one to survive the winter. Others, crippled and weak, didn't make it. Forced to live on his own, Edgar vowed to avenge his family and friends. He disappeared for a few years, living alone in the wild. During that time, he nearly died a few times - and after one of these incidents, Edgar's spiritual senses awoke. He made a pact with the spirits of frost, became an ice shaman and gained the power he needed to live on.

Five years after the incident, the same band that razed Edgar's village showed up where the young man used to live, as they desperately sought for a place to hide from the many enemies they've made. The shaman took advantage of this opportunity - he stalked them like a wolf, attacking and swiftly retreating, decimating their numbers until few remained. Then, he emerged from the hiding and dealt the finishing blow, freezing the cultists and defeating their leader in combat. After fulfilling his oath, Edgar left, hoping to find himself a new place in the world.
May 10, 2009
Re: Character sheets

Name: Teeu

Gender: Male

Faction: Mortal

Race: Human

Physical Description:
Extremely pale, with jet black hair, Teeu stands at about six feet and five inches, or about 1.9 meters. He wears heavy clothing and appears to be a strong mercenary, adventurer, or maybe even just a normal traveler passing from town to town. He has a huge scar down the left side of his face that stretches from his forehead to his cheek.

Special abilities/skills:Teeu is a necromancer, but attempts to hide his dark talents as much as possible. He has seen first hand what could come of his kind if he openly uses his talents, so he relies on his strength without the dark arts until backed into a corner. Because of this, he does not need to depend on his magic in combat. He has trained himself how to use most weaponry, but he is more skilled in swords then anything else, and is very athletic and strong. He carries a scimitar on him at all times, and a smaller throwing dagger. Strangely, Teeu fights with his sword left handed, and throws his dagger with his right hand. (I wonder where I got this from... *Looks at myself* Oh yeah that's what I do.)

Teeu's Necromancy specializes in corpse manipulation, and forms of death magic that drains the life of his foe, restoring his own life in the process. His corpse manipulation ranges from just bringing a dead corpse back to life that looks as it once did, but undead, to twisting their body into some hideous and far more dangerous form then what it used to be. He could even combine the parts of more then one corpse to make powerful creatures of bones and flesh. His death magic requires him to be within melee range of the opponent, and can even enchant his weapons if he wanted to.

Backstory: As a child Teeu was raised in an underground cult that had built an underground catacombs to house them. Their goal was to learn of the dark arts of Necromancy and to take over much of the known land after generations of raising an undead army. They would kill and sacrifice anyone they could find far enough from society to kill them covertly. They learned more of the bodies of different races and how to manipulate their corpses to their own deeds with each different race they killed. Despite the influence of Teeu's upbringing, he ended up being nothing like the others in his cult. The undead manipulation gave him an epiphany, and he thought that the worlds should have a type of "balance" or it would fall into chaos forever. He hid this view away from the others in his cult, knowing disobeying, and holding views different from them, would cause him to be the next sacrifice for corpse manipulation.

Eventually they were found out by a nearby kingdom once their activities of killing random people could no longer be ignored. The necromancer cult decided to fight back, instead of repenting. They had an army of undead themselves, but were quickly slaughtered by the rival army. They knew what to expect, and sent as many holy paladins as they could to deal with the necromancers undead army. Teeu didn't stay around for the end of the battle, knowing full well that there was no way for them to win, and believed this catacombs was against his ideas for balance to the world. He fled from the catacombs and never looked back on the cult, as they were quickly slaughtered in a single night.

A wanderer now, Teeu wanders from place to place. He still holds his belief in the balance of all things, but his beliefs have become more developed. His belief has developed into the balance of the world, between life and death, and Order and Chaos. With these beliefs he vanquishes anything that does not belong in this world, whether it be a demon, or even something from the netherworld, and believes that the balance must be preserved at all costs or chaos will run rampant. Throughout the years, he has learned how to take care of himself without using his magic, unless it is absolutely necessary, knowing the type of punishment he would receive for being found out. So far, his death magic has not been revealed to any innocents yet, but he knows with the type of life he has taken, it's just a matter of time until he will be forced to expose himself in front of a group of people, exposing himself to be put to death.


Re: Character sheets

Faction: Mortal
Race: Half Nature Elf, Half Human.
Physical description: Busty and shy about it. She is pale, and glows a faint green elven glow. She has long soft purple hair and likes to wear white and green. Her tunic white until the midsection, then green at her hips, ending in a one piece skirt.
Special abilities/skills: Healing, plant growth. She can survive mortal wounds easily just for having a biological elven magic. But any draining moves, easily done with small punctures, can do her in.
Backstory: Born from a forest named by the elves 'Ayumi', she is the only nature elf with human ears. She has escaped many perils, involving elf hunters, lumberjacks, and even a robot once. Or what seemed like one. She is great at hiding for this reason.

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Re: Character sheets

Not quite my original idea, but whatever. Strange abilities have been approved. They might seem pretty OP at a glance, but there's some considerable drawbacks there too when you think about it.


Name: Lycoris
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Faction: Unaligned
Race: Half Vampire(/Human) +some other unusual and unknown apparent heritage.

Physical Description:
Lycoris is pale skinned, with long fine black hair left loose, and notably red eyes. She has a highly lithe build, standing at 5’6” (167cm) and weighing a fairly light 110lb (50kg), with a modest/average bust, though which looks a little larger on her due to her generally slim figure. She sports pronounced canines coming from her vampric heritage, which while a little smaller than most full vampires fangs, are plenty sharp enough to do harm to bare flesh. Her slight frame also belies her true strength, bolstered by her vampric side, making her quite capable of matching a well toned large male. She mainly wears lightweight and practical clothing, and often a large light cloak and hood to protect her from the sun, but also enjoys looking good and more feminine garments if possible. Sometimes when caught in shadow, the light can seem to play tricks around her, as if a subtle inky aura was enveloping her, or her even seeming to sink and blend into the darkness itself.

[Add] Went and drew a pic of her. Loosely based on the style used in Teeu's pic.

Special abilities/skills:
Shadow Form: Lycoris possesses a unique and unexplained affinity to darkness, beyond any normal vampires mere nocturnal nature. Her body can blend into and seemingly become darkness. She doesn’t understand her nature, but using it comes naturally to her. She can use it for small things such as to make her harder to see whilst in the dark, or subtly manipulate and distort and stretch very local shadows, one trick involving “wearing” the shadows. Her more noteworthy tricks include...

Shadow Step: Ability to travel short distances at high speed by passing into and between sufficiently dark shadows. Entering one shadow and emerging from another. Bright light sources between separate shadows make travel more difficult to impossible, though physical objects such as walls are of no consequence. The shadow must also be sufficiently large enough to cover the majority of her body. Whilst "within" shadow step Lycoris senses are limited to a vague view of light and shadow with no sound, scent, touch, colour or distinct shapes. The biggest limitation of this technique is that it cannot include any item beyond herself. Any possessions such as weapons, clothes and supplies would fall to the ground and be left sitting in the shadow. Spare regarding the ability below, she is unable to remain within shadow step for more than a second or two.

Regen & Dark Sleep: Lycoris’ vampire resilience mixed with her mysterious shadow like nature has granted her perhaps most unusual and significant ability. Any wounds she takes seal up and heal at a surprising rate. When ever she takes a severe or mortal wound, enough to bring her to unconsciousness through weakness, her body instead collapses into a strange inky black mist that quickly disperses. Depending on the severity of the wound she will eventually reform nearby, typically taking anywhere between an hour and a day. Any light source will impede her rate of regeneration, and sunlight will stop it entirely, if not burning her further first.

Vampire Traits:
As a half vampire Lycoris is both able to drink blood as a sustenance and also possesses the thirsting instinct for it, though to a slightly lesser degree. She does not however require it, and can readily survive on normal human foods. The instinctual urge for blood remains regardless though, with no amount of normal food sating the feeling that she has not fed for days. Due to the awkward matter of feeding on blood without gaining to much unwanted attention at any one place or time, Lycoris tends to get blood fairly infrequently. As such she tends to go without more often and for longer periods than she’d like, but such is necessary to avoid the wrath of professional vampire hunters. When the opportunity arises, fresh blood is something she revels in.
She does not possess a full vampires ability to fly, but is capable of considerable agility and pulling off leaps far beyond what her strength alone could achieve. Like wise she largely lacks the vampires talent for reading thoughts, but is still mildly sensitive to such things and has come to use the limited sense to help detect those nearby.

Lycoris is vulnerable to sunlight. She suffers less from it, but still must make an effort to protect herself from it and avoid prolonged exposure. Particularly intense sunlight can still cause her burn where touched, but in most conditions light clothing including a hood is enough to keep her safe.
Like any other vampire, silver and holy magics are harmful to her. Again to a lesser extent, but still enough to make her want to avoid such things. She also intensely hates the smell and taste of garlic, but it doesn't actually effect her in any real way.

General Skills: Lycoris is skilled with short/light blades, typically favouring single edged weapons, as well as being adept in hand to hand combat and wrestling. She shows an impressive level of dexterity and hand to eye co-ordination in most things she does, and favours a highly mobile, if occasionally reckless, combat style.

One of the stranger and more dubious figures residing in Eebinland, Lycoris is a wanderer of unclear motives and origins. Self raised alone on the city streets in one of the harsher districts of the capital, no one knows the identity or potential whereabouts of her parents. Her unique affinity with darkness came to her at a very early age, visibly setting her aside from the common lowlife, and also providing the edge she needed to survive amongst them. Both her vampire heritage which became more apparent with age, and her disconcerting shadowy nature earned her more than her fair share of prejudice, with even the other street urchins shunning her. Regardless she thrived, and learnt to loosely live with and off the local gangs, picking up a variety of experience either doing errands for or fighting with them.

Of the small reputation she has gained across the kingdom, most of what is known about her is speculation and rumour, with odd sightings and stories coming from the full breadth of the country. She is known by some to work as a freelance mercenary and agent for those wishing and willing to hire her skills. Many reports of theft, violence, and even some murders are put to her name, but never with any proof and often little real reason to pin her to the crime. Some local law enforcement authorities maintain bounties on her, and/or standing orders for her arrest, but the extreme difficulty in merely catching the rogue woman means that all but the newest bounty hunters on the scene are well aware that the bounties are not worth trying to collect on. Lycoris makes no attempt to deny nor ever confirms the allegations, but does take a certain level of care not to earn enough attention to warrant a more enticing bounty or more focused efforts from the law.

Lycoris has a perhaps somewhat twisted but overall very relaxed world view. The jobs and opportunities she takes on are often as much for her amusement or mere curiosity as they are for the money. Possessions and coin cannot be shadow stepped, and large amounts of such are tiresome to carry about everywhere. She has little intention of settling down anywhere just yet, and so sees little point in hoarding treasures that cannot be easily moved.

Lycoris = Li-cor-ris
Licorice = Li-co-ris
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