Corruption Tournament Character Sheets and rulez


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Jan 21, 2016
Da rulez:

With this system I try to balance simplcity and complexity, thus creating a basic character should take a few minutes, customizing them might keep you busy for a while.
Character creation
Heroes roll 4d6 four times and drop the lowest dice rolled. They gain 20 points to purchase powers from.
Demons roll 5d6 and do the same, but gain 15 points to purchase powers from.
Assign the results to attributes, Stamina, Physical, Sexual and Mental as you desire.
Heroes may reroll everything once if their -total- is under 40. Demons may do the same if their total is under 45. Beyond that.. well, weak characters can be fun too!

There are some powers only for heroes or demons respectively. Powers have multiple ranks, up to a maximum of six. Weaknesses give points rather than costing points. You shouldn't have more weaknesses than powers and of course at least have to 0 out on your point costs (but you can save up points)

See below for a character sheet, just copypaste dat stuff!
Flip a coin or let rp determine who attacks first.
At the beginning of combat, you may attack with any attribute, physical, mental or sexual of your choice, rolling 1d10 and rp an attack accordingly. You can also activate any powers you posess. This is rolled against the defenders attribute plus a 1d10 of their own.
The difference between your roll and the defenders roll is substracted from their Stamina.
Example: I attack with a mental attribute of 17 and a roll of 1d10=3. A total of 20 The enemy has a mental score of 12, rolls a 6, for a total of 18, my attack succeeds and deals 2 damage to their Stamina. If they're over 0 now I'll be attacked. These two attacks make up one turn.
The defender HAS to defend with the attribute you chose and can only activate defensive abilities, but CAN damage you if their roll exceeds yours.

The cumulative penalty: Attacking with the same attribute repeatedly incurs a penalty. If you keep attacking with the same attribute you suffer a -1 penalty every attack, until you use another or rest for one round.

Every won fight gives you 1 point.
Completely corrupting a heroine gives 2 points.
Freeing a corrupted territory(see below) gives 2 points.
Defeating a hero or demon with a win streak greater than 3 gives half that win streak (Rounded down) points.
Losing 3 fights in a row gives you 2 points because I am merciful.

The Corruptioning
If defeated Demons can move 3 points around on a heroines sheet. They can give them powers, at the cost of weaknesses, they could make a heroine weaker, but sexier, etc.
Corruption can be purified by other heroes, but only down to 1 point for each loss the heroine has(baring DM intervention) thus, after enough losses, even the most pure heroine will feel the sting of lost battles and the temptation of evil.
If a heroine amasses more corruption points than she has stamina she effectively turns into a demon, losing all hero abilities and gaining 1 free point to spent on demon abilities only for every victory they have over the demons (minimum 1)

When starting out, the entire world is captured by evil. One last bastion of hope holds out against the demonic armies and corrupted heroes. But the demons have grown complacent. what once were powerful numbers acting as an army has largely become own territories, prone to infighting with the Demonic Overlord, leader of the invasion mysteriously disappearing.
Surely they could not have been slain at the last bastion?
List of territories coming soons!

Character Sheet sample:
Transformed(optional, mainly for demons)/Real form

[b]Name and title:[/b] 
[b]Short description and Bio:[/b] 
[b]Orientation and interests:[/b]


[b]Special Powers:[/b] 


Powers you can grab!

Out Of character chatter!
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Feb 5, 2017
Re: Corruption Tournament Character Sheets and rulez


Though the breasts are smaller and the hair is shorter and brown with a small ribbon in it.
Name and title: Ilessia Hallinmont
Type: Heroine Swordfighter
Short description and Bio:
Ilessia was born in a small settlement in the wilderness of the northern regions. As a child, she was told stories about certain types of demons, and how they were all bad for the world. Not knowing otherwise at the time, she believed them. Through her child and teen years, her father has trained her to fight with various weapons, hoping to make her ready to hunt down and slay demons. When Ilessia came of age, she left home to join up with a sect near one of the Bastions to further her training. Within months, she attained great skill with heavier weapons, primarily with the claymore. However, upon reaching the half-year mark for her training, word reached the sect through the efforts of a runner that large amounts of demons were on their way. She and her fellow recruits, along with several trained fighters as escorts, were forced to leave the area due to their insufficient abilities. Upon reaching a safe distance, the senior fighters left to assist in the battle. Unable to sit and do nothing, Ilessia ran back to the sect, only to witness the senior fighters falling victim to the demon attackers. Accepting her inferior combat abilities, she fled as quickly as she could, vowing to improve herself to take back what was lost to the demons and not wanting what she witnessed to happen to anyone else.

Orientation and interests: Bisexual; has low interest in relationships

Stamina: 15 (12 + 3 from Purity and Rage)
Physical: 15
Sexual: 6 (7-1 from Inexperienced)
Mental: 11

Special Powers: 19 (15 + 4 from weaknesses)
Rank 2 Rage (4 points)
Rank 1 Thrill of Battle (1 point)
Rank 3 Demonward (3 points)
Rank 2 Purity (4 points)
Rank 3 Equillibrium (3 points)

Weaknesses: (4 points added)
Arachnophobia (rank 1) (will try to avoid rooms and areas with spiders and will flinch if a spider is on her)
Masochistic (rank 2)
Inexperienced (rank 1)
Other/Comments: I hope the bio is satisfactory. I'm not the best when it comes to backstories.
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Oct 11, 2015
Re: Corruption Tournament Character Sheets and rulez

Short for her age she stands at 5’5. Lizzy has silver hair and blue eyes, with a moderate bust of around C cups.
Name and title: Sword Saintess Lizzy
Type: Fighter (Heroine?)
Short description and Bio:
Lizzy grew up in a sect that was established in one of the territory's right next to the Bastion. From a young age, her talent with the sword signaled her out from the crowds of the younger generation. Not only did she have the talent, but she also had the determination to work hard, and it was actually this determination that caught the eye of an enigmatic senior. Under the tutelage of this senior, her skill grew even greater, no doubt if she had the time to perfect her sword art she would have the potential to be a powerhouse among the human race. But alas time was the one thing she didn't have. On the year of her 18th birthday, the invasion began. At first the sect was confident they would never see the invasion any where near them, but that confidence was quickly crushed as news arrived of one territory after another falling. As the invasion grew closer, more and more unrest appeared in the sect. The sect was forced to fight and it was determined the younger generation was not yet ready for the fight, and so Lizzy and a few of her outstanding seniors were tasked with leading the ones who couldent fight yet, or who were not ready to the farthest territory from the invasion, the territory that is now know as The Bastion. The rest of the sect was forced to fight with all they had to insure a hope for the human race and the next generation. Unfortunately Lizzy never heard any news of what had happened to the fighting force of her sect, and this unknown fate has lead her to fight back against the demons. She would take back the territorys one by one, and never let the people she now protects to be in danger.
Orientation and interests: Bisexual, Not currently interested that much in sex. Natural Sub

Stamina: 13
Physical: 15
Sexual: 9 (10-1)
Mental: 12

Special Powers
Natural resistance Rank 1: Fear
Immune to fear.
Mastered attack Rank 4: Physical 4
1d18 dmg attacks for physical attacks
Special movement Rank 1: 1
Each rank of special movement allows you to reduce the damage(rounded up, min 1) you take from a single physical or melee type special attack by 50%. (once per attack) Light footed: You can move over all difficult terrain(snow, stand, glass shards) without slowing down or leaving a trail.
Regeneration Rank 1: 3
You regenerate 1 point of Stamina/rank each round
Environmental control Rank 1:
Light control 2=You can illuminate an area like the midday sun. For 2 points you can create a blinding light that counters darkness control and limits vision
Quick mastery: Rank 1
at any time gain +1 to an attribute of your choice, until the end of the fight.
Special attack Rank 2: 2d6+ faster recharging + melee attack. 6

Easily distracted Rank 2: Fluffy Tails
when distracted they roll their attack dice twice and pick the worse result.
Achilles heel Rank 1: Forced submission based from a mind attack.
taking 100% increased damage from it
Inexperienced Rank 1: Reduce your sexual stat by 1/rank

stuff might change if I have done something wrong.
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Jan 30, 2015
Re: Corruption Tournament Character Sheets and rulez

Very short for her age, just barely hitting 5'4. She has an androgynous face, with two blue eyes and short raven hair. Her muscles are well toned and she has A-cup breasts that are barely noticeable.

Name and title: Kalre "Tinyfury"
Type: Heroine
Short description and Bio: Kal has always been regarded as a tomboy. Growing up in the last bastion of humanity she was relatively fortunate. Her older sister worked as an apprentice for a blacksmith, so she was able to play around and focus on her interest of athleticism. Most of the other kids thought she was a short boy rather than a girl. One day, one of the boys joked that girls were unable to fight against demons. Infuriated she launched on him and pummeled his face in. Afterwards, she started to train to fight demons, perhaps this was her calling in life. She focuses on punching her opponent down to the ground, relying on guantlets that her sister made for her.
Orientation and interests: A vague notion

Attributes: 39
Stamina: 12 (4, 4, 4) [3]
Physical: 14 (6, 6, 2) [2]
Sexual: 6 (3, 2, 1) [1]
Mental: 7 (3, 2, 2) [1]

Special Powers:
Overwhelming Stamina (Rank 1)
Berserker Mode (Rank 1)
Overcharge (Rank 5)
Natural Resistance [Fear] [Mind Control] (Rank 2)*


Desperate Effort (on the Natural Resistance)

Other/Comments: Not sure if Natural Resistance and Desperate Effort worked together, but it fit the theme I was going for. Also, my total attribute point is 39, how would I reroll? Reroll everything or just the lowest attribute?
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Sep 7, 2010
Re: Corruption Tournament Character Sheets and rulez


Name and title: Sigrid Falkenwrath
Type: Heroine (Experienced Barbarian)
Short description and Bio: Sigrid was of a nomadic tribe of humans who lied on the outskirts of civilized lands. As a result, they were some of the first to challenge the demons. But they were woefully under prepared for the fight and were crushed Sigrid was one of the few to evacuate. But Sigrid wasn't one to give up so easily. She was but a young woman of 18 when he fighting started and waged a fighting retreat form many years before finally making it to the bastion. Her time in the wilds changed her and she adapted some...interesting techniques in order to fight the evil. Due to what she's lost, her grudge against the demons is strong. She forgoes armor and most attire save for boots and her trusty halberd. She now seeks to train and guide future warriors in the hopes of eventually training a generation that can strike back against the demons while they're distracted. She cares deeply for those under her care, acting as a sort of den mother when in their presence.

"If you can't challenge me like this, what makes you think the demons will be any kinder? Their temptation is far stronger then mine."

Orientation and interests:
Gonna say Bisexual but leans towards women.
Stamina: 14
Physical: 15
Sexual: 11
Mental: 13

Special Powers: (16 points)
Defense Mastery-Rank 3(3 points)
Adaptive Combat-Rank 3(6 Points)(+1 Stamina)
Damage Resistance-Rank 1(3 point Version)
Mastered Attack-Rank 2(2 points)
Guardian-Rank 1 (1 Point)
Distract-Rank 1(1 Point)

Special Attack: (3 Points)
Penetrating (3 Points)(Melee Drawback)

Weaknesses: (+4 Points)
Honorable (+2 Points)
Vengeful (1 Rank)(+2 Points)

Other/Comments:Let me know if anything's out of order.


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Feb 6, 2016
Re: Corruption Tournament Character Sheets and rulez

Essentially, this, sans scissors

Name and title: Alera Lorenz
Type: Heroine Seer
Short description and Bio: Alera was recognized as a Seer by the people around her at a very young age, and was expected to use her power to the benefit of the people around her. As it stood, the people around her demanded she use her powers for the "good of the people" as her neighbors and town folk called it. In truth, the Elder of the village attempted to use her power to gain information on his enemies, and incriminating or otherwise detrimental information of "friends." Alera realized that this was happening far after the Elder obtained all he needed to ensure his position and power over her hometown. Feeling ashamed of herself, Alera fled from her hometown, heading to what is at this time the last bastion of humanity, in hopes that she can find some good to create an equal state with all the evil she has helped to create. To this end she has trained herself to combat the Demons, and other forces of Evil.
Orientation and interests: Bisexual. Interest in Futa, not too many things are a turn off, aside from the usual sort around here.

Attributes: 55
Stamina: 16
Physical: 16
Sexual: 7
Mental: 16

Special Powers:
Pre/Postcognition - Rank 3; 6 Points
Copy - Rank 2; 6 Points
Heightened Senses - Rank 2; 2 Points, Smell, Hearing
Secret Realm - Rank 2; 6 points, Average House
Regeneration - Rank 1: 3 points
Mastered Attack, Mental - Rank 2, 6 points (2d8)
Mastered Attack, Physcial - Rank 1, 1 Point (1d12)

Weaknesses: Inexperienced (3); Honorable (2); Triumphant Pose (3); Dependent - Copy only works on abilities seen through Pre/Postcognition (1)

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Apr 23, 2013
Re: Corruption Tournament Character Sheets and rulez

Lets see if this works, honestly I think I have half a dozen Villian ideas already. (Help me I can't stop)


Clllyy (Cili)
Transformed: Human Form
Real form: Shadow Creature
Type: Villain
Short description and Bio: Clllyy, or Cili as she's known to anyone that isn't a living shadow creature, is an eager hunter of heroes. She loves to capture the pure and corrupt them into addicted sex fiends that she has absorbed into herself. Hiding them away within her own internal shadow realm to fuck them whenever she felt like it. Keeping them until she can break them into willing minions to help gather more girls for her hidden harem.
Orientation and interests: Lesbian, Futa, Transformation, Roleplay, Tentacles, Capture, Absorption, Unusual Vore

Attributes: 66
Stamina: 14 (5,4,3,2)
Physical: 21 (6,6,5,4)
Sexual: 17 (5,5,4,3) +1 = 18
Mental: 14 (6,3,3,2)

Special Powers: Unnatural Features 1 (2pts)
Secret Realm 3 (9pt)
Extra Attacks (7pt)
Grunts 2 (4pt)

Weaknesses: Vicious Mockery (3pt)
Bane (Sunlight (Example, a room with no windows and no lights while the door is closed)) Rank 1 (1pt)
Marked Rank 2: Aura of 'wrongness' around the character (2pt)
Extra Attacks is Dependent on enemy being in the Secret Realm (1pt)



The Woods Witch
Type: Minion Master
Short description and Bio: The Woods Witch, her name is no longer spoken, or remembered, was an elf who turned to the forces of darkness early on. A strong nature mage that lived on her own after being scorned by her lover, she helped with subverting the forest to the forces of darkness in exchange for personal power and dominance over her own parcel of the woods to do with as she would. Anyone who ventures into her territory now is bound to find themselves hunting by her wolfpack, grabbed at by roots, flailed at by trees. The very land itself turns against them as dark mists keep them from guessing where the next attack is coming from. Through it all the Woods Witch watches from afar, laughing and taunting her opponents for their failures and her successes. Those that find themselves captured by her will find themselves pets to her wolves and their spawn used to populate the dark woods that she calls her home.
Orientation and interests: Bisexual, Ferals, Breeders, Monsterpeople, corruption.

Stamina: 14 (6,4,3,1)
Physical: 9 (5,2,1,1) +1 = 10
Sexual: 19 (6,5,4,4)
Mental: 22 (6,6,5,5)

Special Powers: Animal Affinity (Wolves) 2 (4 pt)
Evil General Rank 2 (8 pt)

Name: Sif
Type: Wolf

Attributes: 50
Stamina: 13
Physical: 15
Sexual: 10
Mental: 5

Special Powers: Guardian 3 (3pt)
Heightened Senses 3 (3pt)
Special Attack (Mental) Rank 2 (6pt) Entangling
Contamination 3 (6pt)

Weaknesses: Vicious Mockery (3pt)
Triumphant Poise (3pt)
Marked 3 (3pt)




Name and title: Musubi the Blinding Fate
Type: Heroine (MUSCLE WIZARD)
Short description and Bio: Musubi has always been a tad...special. Even as the darkness was spreading she never seemed worried. Indeed, she's as peppy as ever, and many contribute it to potentially her not being entirely right in the head. She just insists that she can see that fate will mean good will find a way. Even if she, or any number of other heroes may fall in the process, they will eventually find victory. With her incredibly bubbly personality, she's actually rather terrifying as she unleashes blasts of plasma with a smile and declaring things about love and friendship. Fate though, at least seems to be on her side somewhat, and against her enemies. Bad things happen to people around her that wish her harms, and her punches seem to have just a bit of extra something to them that helps her connect.
Orientation and interests:

Attributes: 53
Stamina: 14 (6,5,3)
Physical: 18 (6,6,6)
Sexual: 12 (5,4,3)
Mental: 9 (4,3,2)

Special Powers: Special Attack 4 (12pt) Fate's Blinding Light; Advantages: Homing, Fast Charging. Weaknesses: Slow
Overcharge 2 (4pt)
Pre-Post Cognition 5 (10pt)
Regeneration 2(6pt)

Weaknesses: Masochist Rank 4 (4pt)
Elemental Control is Detectable +1
Triumphant Poise 3pt
Vengeful 2 (4pt)

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Sep 12, 2012
Re: Corruption Tournament Character Sheets and rulez


Minus animal ears and tail

Name and title: Shimizu Nao (Surname - Name)
Type: Heroine (Kunoichi)
Short description and Bio: Nao was one of several trainee Kunoichi from Hikage Clan in the eastern kingdom. The clan excel at using poison techniques as offensive power rather than assassination. During the invasion, she supported her clan as a scout where most of her talents lie. As the kingdom about to fall, the clan leader told her and other trainee to flee. They had decided to escaped to the meeting point separately to increase the chance of success. She arrived at the meeting point late so much so that she found signs of combat all over the place but there nobody else aside from her. She assumed for the worst and ran into nearby forest away from the kingdom, but still holding onto a small hope that she might one day meet her friends again. Years in the wild improved her vision and hearing at an incredible rate combined with her mobility as a Kunoichi had enabled her to mostly avoided enemies until she, with pure luck, stumbled upon the place called The Last Bastion.
Orientation and interests: Lesbian, Sub, curious about Futa

Attributes: [50]
Stamina: 11+2 = 13
Physical: 17
Sexual: 11
Mental: 11

Corruption: 3/12

Special Powers: 15+7+5 = 27 points (1 point unused)
Fell the Giants Rank 1 (1 points)
Quick Mastery Rank 5 (10 points) +2Stamina
Incredible Luck Rank 1 (2 points)
Regeneration Rank 1 (3 points)
Heightned Senses Rank 2: Great Hearing, Night Vision (2 point)
Teleport Rank 1: Assasinate (3 points)
Special Movement Rank 2: Cat like, Light footed (2 points)
Special Attacks Rank 1: Burning Drawback(Slow)
彼岸花の術(Higanbana no Jutsu or Red Spider Lily technique)
In japan, this flower mean flower of afterlife. The bulbs are very poisonous.
Gather red hue poison energy into spherical shape then hurl at a target.
Picture for reference

Weaknesses: +7 points
Achilles Heel(Sensitive Ear) Rank 2 Ex. ear licking, whisper near ear, etc
Fetish(Bestiality) Rank 3
Easily Influenced Rank 1
Untrained Rank 1 : Speical Attack

Win/lose: Defeated by Amorok - Gain 3 corruption points, move 3 points of Mental attribute to Physical attribute, gain Special Power: Regeneration rank1, gain Fetish(Bestiality) rank 3

Mysterious Force Blessing: +5 points

Other/Comments: -
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Jan 4, 2016
Re: Corruption Tournament Character Sheets and rulez


Final form

Name and title: Yuno Saikoko, The incarnation of sloth

Type: Demon

Short description and Bio: Yuno is said to be the embodiment of sloth, and the perfect example of the demons getting too complacent with their position. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Yuno is extremely lazy, and because of her lazy and docile nature, Yuno doesn’t like to fight. Instead of getting physical with others, she prefers to infect them with her laziness, and share her wicked dreams with them. She usually attacks with a combination of infectious yawns and lewd imagery from her dreams, until her enemies fall into a deep slumber, where she can manipulate their dreams, and slowly start corrupting them. However, if someone wakes the sleeping beast, both her attitude and method of attack completely change. Once awoken, she grows several ghostly tentacles from her body, and tries to directly assault the one who angered her, while gathering energy from the surrounding area to heal herself. If someone is unfortunate enough to be defeated during this time, instead of manipulating their dreams, she will use her ghostly tentacles to ravage their body and steal part of their soul. Once she has taken the soul, usually she will create a cock from it, and use it on the person she took it from, literally fucking them with their own soul. Though, she doesn’t intend of keeping their soul, once she thoroughly corrupted their soul, she will spurt the soul back into her victim, forever staining their soul and marking it with her corruption.

Orientation and interests: Anyone that approaches her, tentacles, futanari, threesomes, gangbangs, vore, bondage, lactation, humiliation and whatever fetish someone might have.


Stamina: 13
Physical: 12
Sexual: 15
Mental: 18

Special Powers:

Mastered Attack (Mental 2d8): Rank 2
Final form(Activates below 33% stamina or when she takes more than half her stamina in damage due to a physical attack): Rank 2

Special Attack: Rank 1 (1d6, Drain body, Lower defence)

Abilities while in Final form:
Extra attacks (All attributes): Rank 2
Healing: Rank 2


Lazy: Rank 3
Marked (Sinister aura surrounds her.): Rank 2

Other/Comments: If I did anything wrong, please let me know. I will also be adding another villain and a hero later on.



Name and title: Lissoth, The corrupted dragon

Type: Dragon girl

Short description and Bio: Lissoth used to be a powerful and wise dragon, before the corruption warped her. She valiantly fought against the spreading corruption, but inevitably lost against their overwhelming forces. It took the demons nearly a hundred years to corrupt Lissoth, as they constantly exposed her to various sexual torture, and slowly changed her body into the form she has now. After a hundred years of constant abuse, humiliation and being abandoned by the humans she tried to protect, Lissoth finally snapped. She swore allegiance to the demons for her freedom, and swore to take revenge on the lesser races that cruelly abandoned her. Of course the corruption didn’t only change her body, as the once wise dragon was now a creature of lust. She was no longer kind and humble, but instead became prideful and ferocious.

Lissoth prefers to overpower her opponents, and humiliate them. Occasionally she will use her control over fire to enhance her attacks, and her pheromones makes her prey enjoy the pain she inflicts on them. Once she forced her prey into submission, depending on how worthy she deemed them, she will humiliate her prey and share them with her whelps, giving them a place to lay their eggs. However, if someone is unlucky enough to be deemed worthy by her, she will force her impressive dragon cock into them, and after ravaging them for a while, she will impregnate them with her watermelon sized eggs, that they either will be forced to carry with them for months, until the egg hatches, or push out with a lot of pain, pleasure and effort.

Orientation and interests: Anything that can carry eggs, egg laying, large insertion, humiliation, spanking, bestiality.

Attributes: 69
Stamina: 17
Physical: 20
Sexual: 18 (16 + 2)
Mental: 14 (13 + 1)

Special Powers:

Unnatural Features (Dragon cock, pheromones): Rank 2
Rage: Rank 2
Size Change (Large): Rank 1
Extra attacks (Physical): Rank 1
Animal Affinity (Dragon whelps): Rank 2
Elemental Control (Fire): Rank 4
Corrupt: Rank 1
Damage Resistance (Mental): Rank 1

Overconfidence (Physical): Rank 3
Triumphant pose: Rank 1
Vicious mockery: Rank 1
Achilles heel (Ice Based mental attacks): Rank 1
Bane (Snow): Rank 2
Inept defense: Rank 3
Detectable (Elemental Fire): Rank 1
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Re: Corruption Tournament Character Sheets and rulez

EDIT: Fixed!
True Form:
Name and title: Eris Annasim (Kimaris Blood-Crowned)
Type: Demoness
Short description and Bio: Eris, or more formally known as Kimaris, is one of the few demon lords who believes that humanity has the potential to defeat them. As such she is also one of the demon lords who have come to crush the last bastion of humanity. She is overly confident, mainly due to the fact of humanities earlier losses at her hands. However, this confidence doesn't stretch to the other demon lords, as she views them as having grown lazy and weak during this peacetime. However, despite her proud demeanor, she is actually inexperienced in all matters sexual.
Orientation and interests:Bi-curious, transformation, dom sub, and futa.

Attributes: (60 total)
Stamina: (16)
Physical: (20)
Sexual: (9)
Mental: (15)

Special Powers: Grunts: 2
Evil General: 3
Evil General
Name: Jeff the Fierce
Bio: An Illithid Sorcerer, Jezun-ill Sef was hired by Kimaris' family to serve as her tutor. However, when you Kimaris met Jezun-ill Sef, she could not pronounce his name and shortened it to Jeff. Jeff heard this name and was reminded of a prophecy he had heard as a child, which had stated that his fate lied with the one who gave him a new name. He thus decided to follow you Kimaris devoutly, if only to discover what his fate truly was.
Stamina: 15
Physical: 10
Sexual: 5
Mental: 15
Extra Attack(Mental)
Demonic Artifact(4 point Ver.)(A Black Crown glowing with Golden energy)(Has Intensify 1, and Heightened Senses 1, Darkvision):1
Secret Realm: 3 (Description: A small, dark room that conceals a bed and a rack filled with various "tools".)
Temporal Control: 1
Vampirisim(3 point Ver.Physical): 3
Incredible Luck:1
Special Movement: 1 (Flying, because that is cool as hell.)
Weaknesses: Vengeful: 2
Overconfidence: 3
Vicious Mockery
Triumphant pose (2 Point Ver.)

Other/Comments: I hope that I did everything right, I have experience in 3.5 but wasn't sure how applicable it would be here. I look forward to fighting with or against all of you.
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Re: Corruption Tournament Character Sheets and rulez

(Small link )
Name and title: Yari Darkbane
Type: Lightmage
Short description and Bio:
Yari darkbane, a honestly well meaning person, is shocked at the state of the world around her, born as an elfish lightmage and raised as healer, originally the worst she was used to was little arguments and strife. She is not equipped to purify deep running demonic corruption. But still, as it was, she had little choice to retool her emergency light magic kit to something more combat befitting.

Despite fighting against the wicked corruption she can't deny its tempting lure sometimes, looking upon the demonic creatures she encounters in the world around and thanks to an encounter she only escaped from thanks to her lightspeed, teleport like abilities, she has grown a bit jaded. It just so happened that she found what she thought a wounded animal, attempting to heal it she quickly found it a demon-corrupted creature that attempted to mount her, a memory that stayed with her since.

Yari Darkbane is still a kind, almost too gentle creature, but she has made up her mind to fight back the forces of evil, if at all possible.

Orientation and interests: Yari Darkbane, while professing to be straight vanilla, finds herself secretly fantasizing about being humiliated and made the favourite servant of a bestial cock, though she'd not admit to this. At the same time she still follows the notions of romantic love and hopes for such a lover as well.

Attributes: (1 point saved)
Stamina: 11
Physical: 13
Sexual: 9 (-1)
Mental: 16 (+2)

Special Powers: 23 total, 8 from weaknesses.
Teleport Rank 3 (Avoid, Assasinate, reposition) 9
Elemental control Rank 6 (Light) 12
Environmental control Rank 1 (light) (2)
Special attack Rank 1: Purging light (1d6, Unique power: Transmuting light: Can be used to heal allies for 1d6+1, Burnout) (3)
Power defence Rank 2: Teleport

Inexperienced 1
Fetish 2: Naughty Dickgirls
Fetish 2: Naughty beasties
Fetish 1: Breeding
Fetish 1: Humiliation
Fetish 2: Romance/Loving partners
Upper limit 1 (Max of 9 damage to enemies)
Dependant: (Teleport dependant on having elemental control charges ready) 1

One loss Vs Yuno/woods witch.
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Re: Corruption Tournament Character Sheets and rulez



Name and title: M̮̝̻̟̤̞͎a̹̫l͔̼͇̬͎̻'̰͕̟͚U̮̻͔̫̣̰ͅͅm̯̳̞b̯͖͕ͅr̺̥̤̲̹a̯̠̣͇̬̜̻ P̣̟r͎͉͓̘̰̬͚̟a̝̻̞̥̺̯v͉u̗̥s̱̭̞̥ͅͅ ̩̘̜̠͎̮ͅS̼͓̯͓i̻͖̹͙̰̼n̝̘͉̻̙̩-X͓̼̩a̤̹̥c̥͙͇͍͉i̱̟̲̲̗i͔͙̘̤̖̰̤̞ ̲͚͎͎͕̺̯O͔̯̳r̖͙̺̻̥̠c̳̣̙͙̭̮̘̺r̬͈͚̤̺̯̤u͔̞x̖͎̹ ͍̤D͎͈a̘͉̣̫͍̜̦̱k̗̭͉̮̞u̬̤̣...etc (Any and all in no particular order, plus more. Mal for short, or pick any one name.)
Type: Demon

Short description and Bio: An ominous and unsettling being seemingly composed primarily of some profane and unnatural black aura, that almost seems to absorb the light around it. It's amorphous form shifting like thick ink around it's only consistent feature, a singular large eye. Dark tendrils and other smaller eyes occasionally emerging, only to sink back within, or fade into smoke. The light around it feeling disturbed, and hard to trust.

Mal'Umbra participated in the initial invasion and conquest of the realm, although the exact extent of his actions are uncertain. At the time he reached the height of his power, though has since declined slightly in idleness, although he would not admit it even to himself. Egotistic with a calm, confident demeanour, Mal'Umbra acts at his own pace. He detests being rushed, lectured or ordered about by others, and thus has on occasion clashed with certain other demons. Typically his disinterest in such conflict prevents it from escalating however. In combat he is eminently confident in his abilities, and is prone to not always fighting at his fullest potential, sometimes even letting prime opportunities go by in order to instead boast or ridicule.

He considers the world and it's inhabitants a play thing. Everything a stage for amusement, where the ambitions and goals of any faction or individual are merely unfolding tales of curiosity, but ultimately little importance. At present, one potential exception to this however, are his own views on Arx Spes, Hopes Hold, the last bastion of Humanity and their allies. Mal'Umbra views the survival and well being of Arx as something that must continue. A priceless gem that needs to be preserved. For should it fall, where would delightfully naive and delicious heroes come forth from? As the sole surviving source of his favourite playthings, Mal'Umbra is content to lie in wait for those who would leave Arx to come to him.
Orientation and interests: Is essentially an eldritch tentacle monster. Defilement, humiliation, corruption, etc. Favours the innocent, idealistic, and emotional over the pragmatic, stoic or despondent.

Attributes: 59 (62 base)
Stamina: (3,3,5,2)-3 = 10
Physical: (2,4,3,4)-5 = 8
Sexual: (4,3,6,4) __.= 17
Mental: (4,6,4,5)+3 = 22
Special Powers: Total cost of 59 points
Elemental Control [Darkness]: Rank 6 (12 points)
Insubstantiality: Rank 5 (10 points)
Demonic Artefact [Dark Heart]: 3/Rank 3 (9 points)
- Secret Realm: Rank 4 (12 artefact points)
- Pet: Rank 1 (2 points)
- Manifest desire [Dependant on Secret Realm]:
Rank 2 (2 points)
Create Illusion: Rank 4 (4 points)
Telepathy: Rank 1 (3 points)
Environmental Control [Darkness Control]: Rank 2 (2 points)
Heightened Senses [Darkvision, X-ray vision]: Rank: 2 (2 points)
Heightened Senses [Super Human Eyesight][Requires Concentration]: Rank: 1 (1 points)
Postcognition: Rank 1 (1 point)
Special Movement: Rank 1: Flight (1 point)
Healing [Requires Concentration, Dependent on pet]: Rank 1 (3 points)
During desperate effort only:
- Rebirth Chrysalis [Requires Concentration]: Rank 3 (3 points)
- Teleport [Avoid]: Rank 1 (3 points)
- Grunts [Shadow Minions/Tentacles]: Rank 1 (2 points)
- Infuse: Rank 1 (2 points)

Weaknesses: Total weakness points of 42+15 starting points+2 victory points = 59 Available points.
Weak Body: 5 (Reduce your physical stat by 1/rank)
Feeble: 3 (Reduce your Stamina by 1/rank)
Easily influenced: 3 (10% Rank of damage done to your stamina through mental attacks is dealt as damage to your physical stat as well. (rounded up))
Lazy: 3 (You don't give it your all and dislike the effort of combat. Whenever you attack and successfully deal damage to someone you suffer -1/rank to your rolls next round.)
Overconfidence [Mental]: 3 (Chose one attribute in which you have 20 points or more, or the mastered attribute power for. If you lose a struggle with the chosen attribute you are in disbelief, increasing your cumulative penalty by +1/rank for that attribute until you succeed in a struggle. (The penalty still disappears if you use another attribute))
Triumphant mockery: 3 (When rolling a 10 and dealing stamina damage to your opponent you spend the next round boasting victoriously rather than attacking them. (You can still activate other abilities)
Vicious mockery: 3 (When an opponent rolls a 1 and you deal damage to them through your defence action You spend the next round mocking them and telling them about your superiority rather than attacking them. (You can still activate other abilities))
Lustful: 3 (If your opponent doesn't take any actions you too must take a turn just fantasizing(if sub) or tempting (If dom) them, if you don't you suffer -2 to your attack roll/rank. (limited to a maximum of 3 turns.))
Upper Limits: 1 (Your attacks and abilities do a maximum of 10 Stamina damage to your opponent. -1 Per rank)

Dependent [Manifest desire]: 1 (Must be within secret realm)
Dependent [Healing]: 1 (Requires nearby pet.)
Concentration [Healing]: 1x3 points (The power can not be used in the same round you attack, as it requires concentration.)
Concentration [Rebirth Chrysalis]: 1 point (The power can not be used in the same round you attack, as it requires concentration.)
Concentration [Heightened Senses]: 1 point (The power can not be used in the same round you attack, as it requires concentration.)
Desperate effort [Rebirth Chrysalis+Teleport+Grunts+Infuse]: 3x2 points (Your ability will only work if you are in great peril, usable only once you have 50% or less Stamina left. (An abilities points should not be reduced under 0 by Desperate effort))

Dark Heart Artefact: Mal'Umbra's dark heart is a roughly spherical object, seemingly semi-translucent like a gemstone although any light passing through it seems to warp and struggle to escape. It is the vessel for his personal secret realm, and in the past served to bolster his powers, though after years of idleness it has diminished both shrinking his realm and weakening the intensity of the unnatural gloom he would summon.
Secret Realm: A false world composed entirely of shadowy imitations of reality, contained within Mal-Umbra's own intangible being. Sometimes taking the form of a twisted replica of the surrounding terrain, other times an artificial construct of Mal-Umbra's own design, or perhaps a horrifying organic pit of tentacles. Being a fickle construct of will, nothing within is a permanent fixture, forming, folding away, or redesigning itself as seen fit. In quiet times when not "entertaining guests", one particular form often taken is that of a single solemn looking mansion and it's grounds of colourless inky flowers. This space serving as the home for Henrietta, Mal-Umbra's pet. Outside of these grounds appears to be a somewhat blurred wider landscape, but this is merely illusion, since the limited worldspace soon wraps back in on itself the moment one attempts to leave it via direct means.

~Henrietta~ (pet)
Name: Henrietta Marie Blanc. Hettie or Wretch for short.
Type: Pet / Maid
Short description and Bio: An early victim of conquest, claimed as property. Once human but long since deeply corrupted into a lesser demon, Henrietta acts as a unquestioning servant, messenger, stress toy, and snack for her master. She lives within the Secret Realm, and spends much of her time dutifully (and fruitlessly) cleaning and maintaining an illusionary house. On rare occasion she is tasked with more involved tasks or errands. Sometimes these are genuinely relevant assignments, other times merely games to keep her busy and her master amused. She is capable of composing herself for short durations to hide her corrupted nature to a limited degree, but still remains fairly pale and suspicious regardless. She's most certainly not the best actor either. In combat she is equally as fearless as she is harmless, mostly providing moral support for her master, but also serving as a minimal emergency battery should the need arise.
Orientation and interests: "Henrietta is not allowed to have her own interests, and would do well to remember that... What pleases the master pleases Henrietta..."

Attributes: 10
Stamina: 3 - Goes for days!
Physical: 3 - What a power house!
Sexual: 2 - Taco tickling champion!
Mental: 2 - Sharpest brick in the shed!

Special Powers:
Natural resistance [Hunger]: Rank 1 (1 point)
Special Movement [Shadow Step]: Rank 2 (1 point)
Distract: Rank 2 (2 points)
Insubstantiality: Rank 3 (4 points)
Damage Resistance [Physical]: Rank 3 (3 Points)
Challenge: Rank 1 (3 points)
Masochistic: 3 (The concepts of punishment and reward has long become a blurry thing in Hettie's mind.)
Lustful: 3
Inept offence: 2 (4 points) (When it comes to direct offensive action, Hettie is about as dangerous as a butterfly with tits.)
Fetish [Rape/Sexual Attack]: 3
Untrained [Distract] 3 (30% of the time Hettie simply fails at being distracting enough. This failure may be punished later.)
Marked: 1 (Bears the mark of her master)
Phobia: 0 (Having self interests, because "selfish" servants will be punished.)


[Victory] Solo vs Lizzy & Ilessia, in defence of the Human Kingdom : 2 points earned, Spent on boosting Insubstantiality by 1 rank. Corruption inflicted pending.
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Re: Corruption Tournament Character Sheets and rulez

Zoey has long golden and straight hair. With Lightning gold eyes and large breasts (DD range), she is sure to stand out among a crowd.
Name and title: Zoey, Holder of the Lightning's Gift
Type: Heroine Mage
Short description and Bio:
Zoey was born and raised in a small mountain village. On the day of her birth the sound thunder and lightning rang out for but a moment. The strange thing was that there were no clouds that day, there was no way for there to be lightning and thunder. As Zoey grew up, she was an ordinary child, if anything the strangest thing about her was that she was the shyest kid her age. At the age of 6 she participated in the traditional ritual of her village. It was meant as a prayer and thanks to the mountain gods for the child surviving to the age of 6. It was just a tradition, nothing mystical was supposed to happen, but this time was different. Lightning struck out of the blue sky down near the center of the village wear the ritual was taking place, then suddenly the head shaman suddenly trembled and his eyes went blank. As the shaman was still in his trance, more lightning fell from the sky falling all around Zoey in the middle of the village center. The lightning avoided everyone and thing, just striking the ground, till one unique bolt fell and hit Zoey. This was a pure white bolt of lightning the width of a grown man! Strangely enough, Zoey didn't immediately burn into ash, instead she just fell over unconscious, no damaged done to her at all.

When the Head shaman awoke from his trance he explained to the villagers that a God of Lightning had just talked with him and told him that the God had given a gift to Zoey, who was the only one with a special constitution that could use the gift. He began to calm down in wonder and some fear at Zoey. They were afraid of the unknown. From that day forth Zoey had a monstrous talent with lightning, able to summon that same white lightning that struck her. She had little control over it at first and over the years she would manage to gain proficiency with it. She would be treated with more respect than someone her age could handle. Her relationships grew distant and she found her self alone more often. She at first called it a curse rather than a gift, but come her next birthday another boom of lightning echoed out and she feel into another trance just like the shaman's last year. There she spoke with The God of Lightning who gave her the gift. He explained she was the only one worthy to hold his powers, and he gave them to her because the gods knew of a calamity, but could do little more than nudge and prod the real world. He had no power over Zoey but wished that she would help defend against the invasion. Zoey agreed as she knew little of what it meant to help protect the world or fight. The damn god was giving a child so much power and asking her to protect the world!

As years went by, Zoey quickly came to realize what she had agreed to do. She was one girl, how would she defend the world? She had the same personality as when she was a child. It was this personality that made her hesitate and fearful when the invasion actually began. This hesitation allowed for those of her village to be involved in the war! A majority of them were captured and corrupted, while the rest followed Zoey in retreating to The Bastion. On the way the despair and hate for Zoey, forged her personality. She quickly grew a determination to never hesitate in defending people ever again. When they arrived at The Bastion, Zoey gathered with other potential heroes to begin to fight back!
Orientation and interests: Bisexual, innocent. (Personally, love just about every fetish)

Stamina: 15
Physical: 15
Sexual: 11 (15-4)
Mental: 18

Special Powers: 0 points left
Elemental Control Lightning Rank 6: Ignite or melt most existing objects, control a large house sized flame, 1d14 +2 Mental ability Recharge 2 points
Heroic Artifact Rank 2: has Regeneration 3 and Heightened senses Rank 1: Dark vision
A crown surrounded by holy light.
Thrill of Battle Mental Rank 2: Gain +1 on attacks to an attribute of your choice lasting 1 round/rank whenever you damage an opponent with a successful attack with that attribute. This bonus stacks but its total cannot exceed your ranks
Special Attack Rank 2: Lightning dragon!!! 2d6

Weaknesses: 11 points gained
Inexperienced Rank 4: Reduce your sexual stat by 1/rank
Fetish (Futa) Rank 2
-2 to defense rolls when faced with a futa
Triumphant pose: 3 When rolling a 10 and dealing stamina damage to your opponent you spent the next round posing victoriously and or triumphantly rather than attacking them. (You can still activate other abilities)
Easily distracted Rank 2: Singing during a storm, when distracted they roll their attack dice twice and pick the worse result. Zoey's mother used to sing to her during storms.

Other/Comments: I don't know if the backstory is the best I have ever done but its finished. Might try and make it better later.
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Re: Corruption Tournament Character Sheets and rulez


Name and title: Eithné
Type: The last priestess of the Moon Goddess
Short description and Bio:
Eithné was born in a small village in the distant land. When she was just a young girl, she joined the cult that worshiped the nameless Moon Goddess. The life in the temple was peaceful, calm, and void of any hardships or suffering. Eithné spent years learning the tenets of her order and, when she was just a teenager, she became an adept and helped spread the peaceful religion across the land. However, as the demons invaded the human world, many of the priests and priestesses were caught, killed, or corrupted by the dark forces. At first, the cult tried their best to aid the refugees fleeing from the war, but with the limited manpower and strength, their resources were quickly stretched thin. At that point in time, Eithné rose to the rank of a priestess.

Eventually, the task proved insurmountable as there was no end to both demons and refugees, thus forcing the Cult of the Moon to close their gates and retreat to their temples. A faction of priests knew there was no hope against the Overlord and the demonic army that was coming their way. They tried convincing the High Priestess to pledge their allegiance to the new ruler of the world, but she refused. A schism broke out within the organization. Many more priests and priestesses were killed during the fighting, and the rebels were banished from the temple. Only a handful of loyalists, including High Priestess and Eithné, remained. Believing that the rebels would pose no further threat, they kept their vows and prayed to their nameless goddess for help. That brief period of peace did not last long, as the demons caught the rebels and forced them to give up the secrets of the order. The temple was raided, and High Priestess along with her inner circle were captured, never to be seen again. There was only one survivor: Eithné.

The young priestess grabbed the two most holy objects that remained in the temple: the ring of the high priestess and a book containing the Moon order's teachings. With those items left in her possession, and the clothes on her back, Eithné managed to make her way down to The Last Bastion. As the last remaining member of her religion, she vowed to preserve the teachings of the Moon Goddess at all cost, and help the last few defenders left in their fight against the scourge of demons.

Orientation and interests: Bisexual, Switch. Mind Control stuff, no futas, no furries/bestiality, fine with most other things. If in doubt, just ask.

Attributes: 14, 14, 14, 13
Stamina: 13 - 2 = 11
Physical: 14
Sexual: 14
Mental: 14 + 3 = 17

Special Powers: +15
  • Elemental Control (rank 6) - Holy Moonlight -12
  • Ultimate Defense (rank 1) -2
  • Determination (rank 2) -4
  • Fell the Giants (rank 1) -1
  • Heroic Artifact (rank 1) -4
    The ring of the high priestess
    This ring, said to be forged from the star that fell from heavens, has been held by the High Priestesses for countless generations. According to the ancient legend, the ring once held an incredible power. However, as the centuries passed, its power waned and it now provides a small blessing for its wearer.
    • Regeneration (rank 1) - Favor of the Moon Goddess. 3/5
    • Power Defense (rank 1) - (All) Protection of the Moon Goddess. 2/5

Weaknesses: +8 total
  • Feeble (rank 2) +2
  • Detectable (rank 1) - As the last priestess of the moon, it is unlikely she'll be able to blend with the crowd. Chances of surprising the enemy are minimal. +1
  • Phobia (rank 1) - Since Eithné is the last surviving member of her order, she fears that the teachings of the Moon Goddess will be forever lost. Taunting her regarding the matter might discourage the priestess, making her suffer a small penalty in combat. +1
  • Fetish (rank 2) - The High Priestess. Before she went missing, Eithné felt a certain... affection towards her superior. Chances are that the demon impersonating the High Priestess might gain a certain edge against Eithné. +2
  • Fetish (rank 2) - Voyeurism. She likes to watch, what else is there to say? +2

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Re: Corruption Tournament Character Sheets and rulez


Name and title: Herinna Theos
Type: Heroine Archer
Short description and Bio:
Herinna was born in a small hamlet in one of the western forests. In her childhood, she was often bullied for being different from the other children in that she was fascinated by weaponry. One winter, one child took the bullying to an extreme level. The bully, along with his friends, forced Herinna's head under freezing water to extort money from her. She ended up giving them what little she had; however, her left ear was left permanently damaged after this.
She began training with various types of weapons after she entered her teen years. She ended up favoring the bow and practiced with it for the next several years. Upon turning eightteen, she was given her own bow and arrow set and armor her father had purchased from some elven smiths in a nearby town.
The day after, demons were sighted nearby. Understanding their power, Herinna's parents urged her to leave town. She claimed that she was strong enough to hold them off. Knowing otherwise, her parents managed to dissuade her and have her leave with the rest of the town's youth. From there, they made their way to Hope's Hold, where it is supposedly safe from demons.
Orientation and interests: Homosexual; might flirt with other women at times.

Attributes: (56 base total, not counting boosts or penalties from powers and weaknesses)
Stamina: 18 (17 + 1 from overwhelming stamina)
Physical: 12 (14 - 2 from weak body)
Sexual: 11
Mental: 14

Special Powers: 19 points (15 + 4 from weaknesses)
Overwhelming Stamina Rank 3 (-6 points, +1 stamina)
Undetectable Rank 2 (-4 points and can remain invisible for up to 2 turns)
Healing Rank 2 (-6 points)
Adaptive Combat Rank 1 (-2 points)

Weak Body Rank 2 (+2 points, -2 physical)
Easily Influenced Rank 1 (+1 point)
Physical Impairment Rank 1 (+1 point and unable to hear well out of left ear)

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Re: Corruption Tournament Character Sheets and rulez


Name and title: Isabelle Von Schnitzer
Type: Heroine (Fencer)
Short description and Bio: Isabelle’s family of noble decent was forced to abandon their noble estate, and flee to Arx Seps. They nearly lost everything and the traveling expenses were costly, in the end of their journey they sold everything they owned, and with no useful skill to fall back on, they had no other choice but to live in the slums. Isabelle was still young when this happened, and her parents decided that they would put all their effort into raising her as if she still was a noble warrior. In her strict education she learned how to fight on all fronts, some she picked up more natural then others. They taught her basic ice magic, sexual skills when they’re necessary, and fencing. When finished her education, she was adept at using all of them. Isabelle mastered an ability to send out a shockwave that would warp those around her, equalizing her opponent’s skills. She’s an honorable and strict person, and forces herself to fight the same way her opponent’s do, even if it means she has to please them, learning from her failures. With each successful attempt, she learns more about her enemy’s weaknesses and improves her ability.

Isabelle grew up to be a cold and harsh woman. She rarely shows her emotions, and if she does, it’s mostly when she’s disgusted by something. She absolutely hates weaklings, and will verbally let them know how much she hates them. However, there is more than her then that, when she interacts with her pet Baron, she usually acts extremely submissive and gentle. Those that look at them might even think they’re in love, which is not far from the truth. Due to an incident that happened with her pet, she discovered how submissive she really is. One fateful night, Baron caught Isabelle in a rather suggestive pose, and he couldn’t resist the urge to mount and mate with her. Naturally Isabelle first tried to resist, but quickly she was fucked into complete submission by her dog, and after he finished into her, something changed within her. After that night, day after day, she would spend her nights being mounted by her dog. It didn’t take long before she fully developed a taste for bestiality, catching herself fantasizing about beasts other than her dog, but she refused to act her desires, as having sex with her own dog was already disgraceful enough. Her cold and calm demeanor really only serves to protect her insecure feelings, she feels constantly pressured to do her best and save her family from poverty, and she easily cracks into an obedient pleading girl when someone humiliates her. However, with the amount of pressure that is put on her, she tries her best to hide her feelings, and prove that Von Schnitzer family can beat anyone in everything.

Orientation and interests:Bisexual, her dog Baron and other beasts, though she will strongly deny it. She secretly carves for attention from others, but her poor social skills, and horrible attitude, usually pushes them away.

Attributes: 57 (55 + 2)
Stamina: 15 (13 + 2)
Physical: 15
Sexual: 13
Mental: 14

Special Powers:

Equilibrium: Rank 3
Adaptive combat: Rank 4
Thrill of battle (3 point): Rank 2
Heroic determination (3 point): Rank 1
Pet: Rank 2

Name: Baron
Type: Dog

Attributes: 57 (55 + 2)
Stamina: 5
Physical: 4
Sexual: 4
Mental: 1

Special Powers:

Distract: Rank 4
Heightened Senses (Hearing, Smell): Rank 2

Special Attack (Flash Freeze - Entangling Rank 1, 1d6): Rank 2


Vicious mockery
Fetish (Bestiality): Rank 3
Achilles heel (Sexual attacks that involve being mounted by beasts.): rank 1
Backlash: (Flash Freeze): Rank 3

Other/Comments: Did I miss your approval on Lissoth, or do you still need to approve her? She’s on my previous post.
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Re: Corruption Tournament Character Sheets and rulez

Okay, last character for now I swear. I started making this character as origionally a pet for the Woods Witch, but ended up expanding it into a separate character and gave the Woods Witch a different version.

Appearance Without the Sword.

Name and title: Amorok
Type: Dire Wolf
Short description and Bio: Amorok was once a normal, if quite large, dire wolf that lived on the edges of civilization. Leading it's pack to hunt farmers animals and sometimes, the farmers themselves. Unfortunately during one of these times the farmers struck back, and his pack was destroyed. In a rage the dire wolf slaughtered all that stood around it until it stumbled across a demon who had happened to be observing the small community. What sentience the wolf had caused it to agree to a deal with the demon, it would empower him, and he would be free to hunt till his hearts content. Rather to his surprise the demon he contracted with was a succubus. Now, much to his consternation, he finds himself in a hunt he never quite expected. Fully aware now, he is by his contract required to hunt down female heroes, to destroy their will with his modified body and reduce them to nothing more then puppy makers or sluts for other demons. While he certainly doesn't mind the rewards too terribly much, he chafes a bit at having to do this task instead of because he wants to.
Orientation and interests: Bestiality, Straight, Can be fooled by Traps, Capture Vore, size play.

Attributes: 69
Stamina: 20 (6,5,4,3) +2 = 22
Physical: 23 (6,6,6,5) +1 = 24
Sexual: 17 (6,6,3,2))
Mental: 9 (5,2,1,1) + 1 = 10

Special Powers: Size Change Rank 2 (6pt) (Spends most of the time in 'huge' state)
Regeneration Rank 4 (12pt)
Unique Power: Amorok's Capture (3pt): Amorok lunges forward and tries to grab his opponent within his maw. While it's not terribly damaging, it's quite capable of stalling up the enemy for some time. Not to mention it's gross. (Amorok rolls a physical check to grab his opponent. If successful the enemy is trapped in his mouth for three turns, or until they beat him in a physical test to escape. The enemy suffers 1 damage per turn they are trapped and cannot attack, though Amorok can't attack them back until they escape. He can attack other heroes at a -1)
Heightened Senses 1 (Darkvision)
Power Defense: Regeneration 1
Pet Rank 1 (2pt) (For lack of anything better to put Miana under)

Name: Miana
Type: Recruiter Succubus

Attributes: 0
Stamina: 1
Physical: 1
Sexual: 5
Mental: 3

Special Powers:

Distract: Rank 4
Heightened Senses (Hearing, Smell): Rank 2

Weaknesses: Honourable 2 (4pt)
Lustful 2 (2pt) "Stupid Succubus"
Overconfidence 3 (Physical) (3pt)
Marked Rank 2: (2pt)

Win vs Nao: +1 Point
Win vs Melana: +1 Point
Loss vs Melana: +1 Rank of Honourable, +1 Mental, +1 Power Defense: Regeneration
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Re: Corruption Tournament Character Sheets and rulez

This but without the tattoos. To be clear she is a half-elf.

Name and title: Ayda Pasalor
Type: Heroine Mage (Again, cause I like em!)
Short description and Bio:
Ayda was born to a reclusive family one parent an elf, the other human, in one of the elven forests. She grew up with minimal contact with anyone but her family for her first few years. That changed when she grew bored and tired of having such a repetitive life. It had nothing to do with disliking her family, she loved them, but she just couldn't accomplish her dreams or ambitions stuck here. So when she turned 16, with her parents approval, she set out to learn and experience more. By this age her budding body was already maturing into a voluptuous figure, and would only grow more over the years. She managed to find a teacher who said to her surprise, that she had outstanding talent in magic. She was willing to teach Ayda, as she could see the potential Ayda had to grow. Ayda easily accepted, she was told many stories by her parents of magic from their younger days, fueling Ayda’s unconscious desire to have magic. Over the next 8 years that desire was answered. In order to not grow bored like she did with her family, Ayda would go out with adventuring parties, accomplishing missions and giving flavor to her world. She was often the commander of the party she entered as her dominant personality towered over the others.

The Invasion actually began when she was out on one of her adventures, she was territory's away from her home, which was much closer to the invasion starting point than she was. By the time she received news, the invasion was closer to her home. Returning with all due haste to help defend, she was too late by the time she arrived to the front. Her home behind the demons lines, Anya could only try and fight the invasion, but it proved much too difficult for her alone. When she first tasted defeat, she was attacked by a pack of wild life which had been influenced by demonic energy. They were too weak to corrupt her but they could certainly fuck her. That was actually how she lost her first time, and how she discovered how good it felt to be the submissive one finally! When the entire pack was done with her, they just left, leaving her there covered in wolf cum. The thought of just being used as a cum dump for wildlife, hit all the right buttons for Ayda! From that day on she would encounter demons every once in awhile, forcing her to learn how to use her beauty in a fight against the demons. She was doing a fighting retreat towards Arx Spes, a place she heard would be the last stand for the races from a dying warrior she met during her initial retreat.

When she would finally arrive she would participate in any defense of the hold that she could. That is till the time for them to attack the invaders came. In a twist now all Ayda wanted was for those times of repetitiveness to be back, and she would fight for them!

Orientation and interests: Bisexual, Submissive, bestiality, degrading. She can be dominate outside of sex, but when it starts she goes sub! (Personally love most fetishes)

Attributes: 62 (60+2)
Stamina: 14
Physical: 10 (14-4)
Sexual: 15
Mental: 19 (17+2)

Special Powers:
Bless Rank 1: Two times, ignore turn, next turn can roll twice on everything for yourself or your allies.
Defense Mastery Rank 2: Two times, roll twice on defense.
Elemental control (Darkness) Rank 6: 1d14 + regen of 2 per round
Empower Ability Rank 2: Increase two dice rolls by 50% rounded up
Heal Rank 2: Heal for 1d6 2 times
Special attack Rank 1: (Eclipse 1d6)

Weaknesses: 14
Weak Body Rank 4: -4 to physical
Masochistic Rank 3: 30% of Stamina damage, damages sexual stat
Honorable: use same stat as enemy or get -2 to rolls
Vengeful Rank 1: when damaged must damage enemy next turn or lose 1 stamina per turn.
Fetish (Humiliation) Rank 2: -2 to defense rolls when subject to humiliation.
Fetish (Breeding) Rank 1: -1 to defense rolls when subjected to breeding

Should be done.
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Jan 4, 2016
Re: Corruption Tournament Character Sheets and rulez


Name and title: Jellaby
Type: Slime
Short description and Bio: Jellaby used to be a tiny slime that lived off the remains of rodents, until an incubus found the tiny slime. The incubus was curious about how it would feel to fuck the harmless slime, and once he started to masturbate with Jellaby wrapped around his cock, he couldn’t stop until he released everything into the tiny slime. From then on, Jellaby’s life completely changed, every day the incubus returned to the cave and fucked the slime, and within a few months the slime’s cavern became a hotspot for demons to hang out at. Of course, all of them used Jellaby, constantly filling the slime with cum, and making it grow, until finally, Jellaby gained a conscious, and took the shape of a voluptuous woman. Of course this didn’t make her any less popular, and before she knew it, she consumed so much cum that she became gigantic. Consuming such a large amount of cum every day, left her completely addicted to it.

Though, what did reduce her popularity was when Jellaby started to overpower the demons that were foolish enough to stick their cock into her, or tease her. Those caught by her would have their balls completely drained, and then filled with her slime. Though, some would get raped by tentacles, others raped by multiple smaller versions of herself, and those she particularly liked, would find themselves being trapped in her stomach, or stuffed up her pussy, where hellish treatment awaited them. It didn’t take long before Jellaby got treated as one of them, and demons started to treat her with respect. Jellaby, usually attacks with tentacles, smaller versions of herself, or simply covering them with her aphrodisiac ridden goo. Anyone that gets in contact with her usually finds themselves becoming as lustful as her. She has a very bubbly personality, and sees fighting as playing around.

Orientation and interests: Bisexual, large insertion, unbirthing, tentacles, gangbang, inflation, breast and ball expansion, nipple insertion, urethra insertion, breeding, fisting, multiple tentacles/cocks in one hole.

Attributes: 69 (70 - 1)
Stamina: 23 (22 + 1)
Physical: 17 (16 + 1)
Sexual: 19
Mental: 10 (13 – 3)

Special Powers:

Damage resistance (Physical): Rank 2
Insubstantiality: Rank 1
Corrupt: Rank 3
Regeneration: Rank 2
Size Change (Gigantic): Rank 3
Natural resistances (Sleep, breathing.): Rank 2


Weak minded: Rank 3
Horny: Rank 3
Lustful: Rank 3
Easily distracted (She’s easily distracted by naked butts and boobies jiggling around.): Rank 2
Fetish (Cum Addiction):Rank 3

Other/Comments: Another evil guy! I will probably make one more hero and then see if I can handle more beyond that.
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Jan 4, 2016
Re: Corruption Tournament Character Sheets and rulez


Name and title: Lilly Lola
Type: Fairy (Heroine)
Short description and Bio: Even before the corruption spread through the forest, Lilly was already infatuated with humans and the bigger races. Even when most of her clan told her to be wary of them, she would ignore their warnings and play with them anyway. Of course her constant meddling with the larger races got her occasionally in trouble, as there were a lot of humans that would accidently mistreat her, and then there were those that mistreated her on purpose, playing with her as if she was some kind of kinky toy. Although, she didn’t mind being treated roughly, she even enjoyed it a little. However, because of her naughty nature, when her time came to gain the gift of her people, hers worked a little different from others. Were most fairies in her clan, heal through positive emotions, while she could only heal through arousal. Of course they blamed the humans for corrupting her, even though she was the one to blame, and when they told her not to interact with them anymore, she left her clan and lived with them.

Thanks to leaving the clan, Lilly was the only one to escape the spreading corruption. Now she lives with the humans she cherishes so much. However, she felt guilty about abandoning her family and friends, so she joined the battle against the demons. Luckily, she still had her crossbow that was passed on from mother to child, and though, it only worked when you’re naked, for her that is no problem, as she doesn’t understand the reason why anyone would wear silly clothing anyways. After spending so much time in human society, she picked up a rather peculiar fetish, as she became increasingly curious if she could have sex with a human, she knew that her tribe was particularly stretchy, but she wants to find out some day.

Lilly is very determined to save her friends and likes to act playful to hide her worries. She absolutely loves humans, and other large humanoid races, even if she doesn’t understand why they wear silly clothing. While normally fairies love their freedom, Lilly is a little bit different, she likes being held and restricted. Although she knows that she is only a small fairy, she wants to help out in the battle against the demons, even if it means to support someone stronger than her, as she doesn’t mind helping anyone one, even the cruelest among humans.
Orientation and interests: Bisexual, being restricted and large insertions, She absolutely loves humans and will forgive them no matter how much they abuse her.

Attributes: 49 (48 + 1)
Stamina: 14 (13 + 1)
Physical: 7 (8 - 1)
Sexual: 10
Mental: 18 (17 + 1)

Special Powers:

Telepathy: Rank 2
Healing: Rank 2
Bless: Rank 3
Purity: Rank 2
Size Change (Diminutive): Rank 4
Special movement (Flying): Rank 2
Heroic Artifact (Cross bow/ 3 points): Rank 2
Name: Fairy Fire
Type: Crossbow
Description: An extremely lightweight crossbow that increases the accuracy someone shoots with, and the crossbow is magically enchanted to increase or decrease in size, growing until it matches the body size of the creature wielding it. It shoots magical bolts of energy that has tiny butterflies surrounding it, and the bolt has the ability to empower itself.

Mastered attack (Mental): Rank 6
Elemental Control (Energy): Rank 2


Weak body: Rank 3
Masochistic: Rank 3
Easily Discouraged
Concentration (Healing)
Fetish (Large insertion): Rank 3
Fetish (Bondage): Rank 2
Other restrictions (The crossbow Fairy Fire can only be used while naked, Can only heal when sexual aroused (If she isn’t yet, it takes a turn to arouse herself.).)
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