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Oct 18, 2009
First off, I am using some gaming references for this. Some of those references are WoW, so if you don't like that, don't bitch at me for it. I do not intend to take much beyond a few races, as most of it is my own content. This game, which requires a name, I intend to be freeform. Dice are in reserve, but I do not intend to use them except in scenarios I am uncertain of. For this reason, when making characters, please don't godmod. Feel free to give your characters whatever abilities you want, and the more detail you put into their capabilities, the easier it will be for me to decide the outcomes of actions.

For races, first thing is to choose a faction. Mortal, Demon, or Netherworld.
Mortals are all your standard races, humans, elves, nekos, whatever. Just remember that if you want to play as a Dwarf, you will be one of the very few surviving members of your race, and just about every human or elf you meet will have varying degrees of extreme racism towards you.
Netherworld races are undead. Take your pick.
Demons are the main antagonistic faction of this game, and there is a lot of variety within their ranks.

For character races, PM me to discuss it, I'll probably approve, but just to be sure. Though just to be clear, you want to play an intelligent race I'm sure, and also, no Dream Vestiges or Balrogs etc.

There are other options, but it will require more discussion to use them. Members of the Dragonflights for instance. I will not allow them, but I will allow descendants of them, dragonkin. These can be of any Dragonflight, which are below.
Ruby Dragonflight: Keepers of Life
Obsidian Dragonflight: Keepers of Death
Emerald Dragonflight: Keepers of Balance (Druidic Dragonflight, of a sort.)
Sapphire Dragonflight: Keepers of Magic
Citroen Dragonflight: Keepers of Time

PM me to talk about other 'different' characters such as that.

Another point, this game is mostly about the Mortals and Hellfire. Netherworld are a small point in here, mostly as backstory material, though I thought some people would obviously want to use them, even though it's slightly harder for them to get to the Mainland where this mostly takes place.



This is just some little bits, but rather important.

First off, Demons here are not unholy beings, and as such, are not weak to Holy magic. That's the Netherworld. Hellfire denizens do not utilise shadow, unholy, or necromatic magic, with obvious exceptions for 'wierd' individuals who pursue arts that do not come naturally to their race, and are frowned upon. The most common types of magic used by the demons are Fire, and Arcane. There will be individuals who train in other arts, but these two make up the vast majority of Demonic casters.

Netherworld beings are weak to holy magic, as the very existence of most of them is held together by unholy or dark arts. As such, they commonly utilise such arts among their caste of spellcasters. There is less scope for variation here, as most are simply unable to contact other elements, though there are some who are capable of dabbling in the arcane and frost trees.

Mortals are the most widespread. There is little they cannot contact, though it depends on the species as to how well they can connect. Elves, for instance, struggle to contact dark arts, though few attempt it, as they have enough trouble dealing with the otherworldy forces to the south, and their society despises it. Humans are most capable across all fields of magic, human casters can easily manipulate any magic type, though again, their society frowns upon the use of the dark arts, as it is mostly ruled by Light-based religions.