Other ***[IMPORTANT POLL]*** On how the forum's reorganization should go

Which do you feel would be the best way to organize the forum?

  • Put incomplete crowdfunded games in sub-forum, put other games in main forum (even if incomplete)

    Votes: 142 12.4%
  • Put all incomplete games (crowdfunded or not) in sub-forum, put complete games only in main forum

    Votes: 182 16.0%
  • Put all games regardless of completion or crowdfunding in the same main forum

    Votes: 27 2.4%
  • Put games into sub-forums based on genre, regardless of completion or crowdfunding

    Votes: 64 5.6%
  • Put games into sub-forums based on genre, further separated by being completed or not

    Votes: 118 10.3%
  • Put all games into the same main forum, but tag all of them by completion, crowdfunded and genre

    Votes: 366 32.1%
  • Put incomplete games into own section, completed on main section, and enforce tagging system

    Votes: 242 21.2%

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Oct 28, 2014
I would request that no one actually post in this thread; Darkfire can't lock it without locking the poll votes, but this is just to gauge how the forum feels as a whole.
I'm also not saying he should change what his plans are for now, because I know he's not taking suggestions and such.

I just made this because I want to see what the general feeling of everyone on the forum is towards the possible changes, and I feel it would offer a much more objective and accurate example as to how the majority of the forum actually feels about this issue.

Ideally, Darkfire would also ping everyone about this topic and/or pin it so that everyone has a chance to know it exists and be able to vote on it.
EDIT: There's also a topic to discuss opinions on down below, too, thanks Darkfire!
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Nov 10, 2008
If you wish to discuss your opinion, feel free to make a new thread to discuss.
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