List of games with virgin clear


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Jun 21, 2018
I usually look at a virgin tag before I start playing a game, but this doesn't always mean the is a virgin clear. I have looked wide and far, but I haven't been able to find anything. So is there a list anywhere with games that allow virgin playthroughs?

**UPDATE 29/6/18** Since there doesnt seem to be a clear list, I am going to try and make one myself (help would be appreciated ofcourse)

Confirmed Uncertain Forced loss
RJ086487 RJ065388 RJ114239
RJ086550 RJ065441 RJ115589
RJ087612 RJ069169 RJ131210
RJ088200 RJ076664 RJ136760
RJ093179 RJ078321 RJ149113
RJ099406 RJ081196 RJ152007
RJ100179 RJ085549 RJ161210
RJ103523 RJ086006 RJ162204
RJ105442 RJ086145 RJ163043
RJ106851 RJ088856 RJ165880
RJ107332 RJ090880 RJ165898
RJ107728 RJ090957 RJ169390
RJ109831 RJ091879 RJ175091
RJ110426 RJ092095 RJ181277
RJ112482 RJ096560 RJ187288
RJ113935 RJ098276 RJ188693
RJ114067 RJ098551
RJ114347 RJ101327
RJ115762 RJ101632
RJ117028 RJ102540
RJ119127 RJ103272
RJ119782 RJ104496
RJ119910 RJ105820
RJ121915 RJ107742
RJ122429 RJ115287
RJ123150 RJ115589
RJ123150 RJ116666
RJ123560 RJ117549
RJ124342 RJ118129
RJ124594 RJ118571
RJ125241 RJ119225
RJ125993 RJ120542
RJ126510 RJ120884
RJ127259 RJ121048
RJ129170 RJ122970
RJ130644 RJ123875
RJ131698 RJ124742
RJ132271 RJ124799
RJ133001 RJ125497
RJ133508 RJ127035
RJ135188 RJ128315
RJ136120 RJ128363
RJ136400 RJ128437
RJ136921 RJ130247
RJ137150 RJ132892
RJ137361 RJ132918
RJ138193 RJ134162
RJ138835 RJ134562
RJ139133 RJ135015
RJ139385 RJ135276
RJ140090 RJ135460
RJ140443 RJ138186
RJ141158 RJ141139
RJ141482 RJ142807
RJ141513 RJ142860
RJ141831 RJ145245
RJ143562 RJ145644
RJ144351 RJ146579
RJ145369 RJ148317
RJ145726 RJ148911
RJ146261 RJ151275
RJ146347 RJ152259
RJ146547 RJ152281
RJ146897 RJ153452
RJ147194 RJ155514
RJ149262 RJ155904
RJ149875 RJ156034
RJ151921 RJ156185
RJ153653 RJ156346
RJ154371 RJ157457
RJ154892 RJ158595
RJ155713 RJ159340
RJ156184 RJ163513
RJ156192 RJ164591
RJ157078 RJ164814
RJ158622 RJ165007
RJ158715 RJ166436
RJ158929 RJ166971
RJ158987 RJ167274
RJ159276 RJ170235
RJ159285 RJ170579
RJ159608 RJ171880
RJ159746 RJ172156
RJ159903 RJ172918
RJ161447 RJ174541
RJ163833 RJ175591
RJ163887 RJ175732
RJ163898 RJ176572
RJ164833 RJ176688
RJ165936 RJ177456
RJ165991 RJ177739
RJ166971 RJ177845
RJ167144 RJ177874
RJ167145 RJ179065
RJ168810 RJ179341
RJ169941 RJ179541
RJ169990 RJ179720
RJ170695 RJ180724
RJ170890 RJ180802
RJ171004 RJ182179
RJ171453 RJ183760
RJ172603 RJ184455
RJ173189 RJ184853
RJ173356 RJ185376
RJ175087 RJ185701
RJ176167 RJ186699
RJ176175 RJ187187
RJ176175 RJ187628
RJ176529 RJ187670
RJ176993 RJ187698
RJ177894 RJ187843
RJ177899 RJ188065
RJ178164 RJ188093
RJ178175 RJ188473
RJ178229 RJ188699
RJ178588 RJ189196
RJ179531 RJ189881
RJ182068 RJ190145
RJ183431 RJ190251
RJ184088 RJ190325
RJ184575 RJ190988
RJ186145 RJ191028
RJ186272 RJ191167
RJ188796 RJ191463
RJ189654 RJ191577
RJ190621 RJ192401
RJ191221 RJ193425
RJ192183 RJ193467
RJ194490 RJ193634
RJ194521 RJ195285
RJ195872 RJ195774
RJ196116 RJ196637
RJ196702 RJ196802
RJ198392 RJ198049
RJ199211 RJ198664
RJ200657 RJ198746
RJ201577 RJ199273
RJ203703 RJ199585
RJ203736 RJ199949
RJ204432 RJ200470
RJ204697 RJ201529
RJ204823 RJ202439
RJ204948 RJ204916
RJ205203 RJ209132
RJ205518 RJ213210
RJ206963 RJ214017
RJ207577 RJ214038
RJ207672 RJ217661
RJ208099 RJ217712
RJ208723 RJ219508
RJ208954 RJ219588
RJ209873 RJ222665
RJ210225 RJ222676
RJ211161 RJ226727
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Apr 26, 2012
I've not seen one but not all games that do have that tag.
It's a bit tricky like that, often you would need to read the DLsite synopsis because if there is a clear like that it's often mentioned.

Not that helpful but some I know of, Virgin's quest, virgin island, Saki quest it's 'possible' albeit really hard as you'll have no magic or real healing.
Innocence break I think you need a virgin clear to get a good end.

But that's off the top of my head.


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Jan 30, 2011
Virgin's Protection Magic would be right up your alley.


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Jun 21, 2018
Since there is no real list could we try to make one ourselves?


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Mar 14, 2014
Making one makes sense but you might want to put names by the numbers so people know what they are.
And possibly the link to dl site not just the rj number...

Anyway, you can add :
Load again -
Mystic mine -
Escape from fort Rugome -
Magician of Olecta desert -
Dungeon of Retina -
Ordeal of princess Eris -
Erina Does Anything: A Tale of Paying Dues -


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Jun 21, 2018
Ill check these out once I get the opportunity. The names and the sites would be a good idea, but what should I do for those who don't have proper English names? Ill try to add the sites later on. Also a new update with a couple more.


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Mar 14, 2014
If there no official english name, the safe go would be to use the japanese name.

And if you really want to be torough, you'll add the link to the ulmf thread when it exist. But that's a long term work.

Also, there the whole RoR genre (with some RPG that only got GoR with only virgin run since losing virginity mean a game over) that imply to do a virgin run ... if you want these too in the list it will become a long list.


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Jul 5, 2018
How many of these games are translated into English?


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Mar 14, 2014
How many of these games are translated into English?
Probably not much.

With just a bunch of RJ number without name or link, I didn't bother to check them out (yet ?), but the portion of hentai game translated into english (fan or pro - made) is like a droplet in the sea....

Although since peoples are listing the game they remember ( and liked ?), the proportion in the list may well be above that of " all translated versus all h game"


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Mar 10, 2013
Is this list just for games from DL site?

I'm also wondering if you would include a game where you don't start out as a virgin, and non-consensual sex happens (regardless of how you play), but the player does have a choice of whether to engage in consensual sex later on (and a hidden temptation stat can even force consensual sex, if not properly managed).

Well, my game isn't completed yet, but I plan on having alternate outcomes to events happening in the end-game based on:
A: Total scamp?
B: Dabbled a bit?
C: Completely virtuous?
D: Virtuous, after dabbling?

A lot would also depend on Sienna's personality. Most of the difference would be in the dialogue, but ultimately there would be one of 2 outcomes.
I know that doesn't sound like much, but it's just one part of the end-game. Also, when determining whether a door is open or closed, there's not much point to having the door half closed or half open, because it's still either open or closed in either case. x] The real fun is in how you open it, or how you close it, and how much force you put into doing either of those things. Then again you cold break it in doing so, and have the complete opposite of what you wanted to begin with...

Well here's the LINK to my game if anyone is interested!