New horizons, A fairy's journey

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Apr 26, 2012
I'm up and running again, I had to wipe my data so everything since she spoke to the 'great one' is gone but I can either raid the thread or expound from it.

So people know what's going on.

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Apr 26, 2012
"Getting to the city would be tough before night falls, especially if another weird creature shows up."
"Mister? if there any way we can stay here for the night? Ideally away from grumpy so he doesn't clobber us in our sleep."
"Hmm..." Frank thinks. "Tell you what, due to the issues we have been having trouble making orders for our milk deliveries, if you both are willing to help Maria with the milking, I can let you take one of the stable bays, I don't have any guestrooms sadly. I should be able to include some breakfast if you do well. Oh! You won't be sharing with a horse, we had to sell all but one of them to stay afloat. I heard fairies are good with animals so maybe your presence will soothe them."
The girls confer a moment.
"That sounds alright with us we will make sure we don't get in the way or annoy Harold."
"That's good, it's nice to see fairy kind around again after all these years."
Maria cheerfully takes the pair to the grazing cattle and shows them what to do.
During this time she tells the girls of the town, and how it is full of nice friendly people, some of them run stalls in the back alleys but father forbids her from going to them when invited by nice hooded men.
She also speaks of the 'Drunken dragon' that after a few minutes of confusion is explained to be a tavern, a place to get food and drink as well as rent rooms for sleeping, it has a heavy adventurer clientele so it doubles as a place for adventurers to party up and get work.
As they guide the cattle back into the barn with a third of a days normal produce Maria continues her chatter, the girls get the impression she has very few opportunities to talk to new people.
"It seems you both are naturals as calming animals, in this short amount of time we got a third of what we normally get in a day, seems we can make the full order this time after all." Maria wipes her brow, "You know, I'd love to come with you and go on some adventures but father needs me here, we only have one ranch hand left. even if I brought back a great treasure to fix money problems, we wouldn't have the hands to maintain the place." She sighs.
"I'll finish up here, you can both go and turn in for the night if you like, the jugs are as big as you both after all."
"Alright, I hope things settle down so you can have an adventure," Ivy says as the pair wave and head for the allocated part of the stables. Once out of earshot Lily says "She'd be kidnapped or a monster bride before the week was out, cynical but she sees adventuring as a glorious venture and not the dangerous activity it is."
"Wow... no trust in her at all. I'd guide her if she could, that said we are just getting you a doctor and going home huh. Adventuring might be fun."
"Oh don't you start, I need you to help me raise our daughter."
The pair get to the stables and lay a blanket on a bed of hay, opting to get an early night.

A few hours later they are awoken by noises from the barn.
Groggy and confuses Ivy stumbles to take a look, she can't make out anything except the barn doors are open and that a lantern is on the floor nearby, she cannot make out the source of the commotion or what the sounds are from here, though.

"What's wrong Ivy?" Lily rubs her eyes and sits up.

Choices time

1) Ignore it, not their problem
2) Investigate it
a) With Lily in tow (It's night so her magic is amped, but she is still vulnerable)
b) Alone
3) Wake up frank to deal with it, but it will take some time to do so.
4) Other
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May 10, 2014
2a) Ivy and Lily go together and quietly investigate what is going on.

If there's trouble it will be easier for both of them together to deal with, or for one of them to go get help while the other tries to keep things under control.

They should do their best to be quiet so that if there's no reason to interfere with whatever is going on they can just leave (or watch) undetected.


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Jun 14, 2015
I think Lily would be really helpful to have with us, and while I do like a good rape fantasy, walking right into what is probably that night monster alone is asking for it, and unnecessary imo :p so I vote let's go together and hope this wasn't some rabbits fucking in a field and we missed sleep for nothing

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Apr 26, 2012
Reading that as 2a, not a long update sadly.

"There is some kind of commotion from the barn and there is also a lantern on the floor out front."
"Someone's probably trying to calm the cattle."
"Maybe, but something feels... off about the situation, I'm going to investigate in case it's whatever the trouble has been."
"I'll come along too."
"You should rest."
"It's nighttime, I'm stronger than you right now, pregnant or not."
".... true. Fair enough"

The pair creeps towards the barn and the sounds become more discernable. A beastlike grunting can be heard.
"Some kind of monster?" Ivy suggests while whispering
Ivy hesitates, a look of concern on her face "Maybe... but whose lantern is it?"
".... oh no..."

The pair creeps closer and peek through the gaps in the boards on the old barn and are greeted by a worrying site.
Maria is been suspended by... something, her blouse torn open with her modest breasts bouncing with every one of her mystery assailant's thrust. Whatever it is is large, larger than a human, and is grunting with pleasure and clearly enjoying its mate, or perhaps toy from how rough it's treatment of her is and the way it tightly holds her in place as it slams against her hips. She, however, is clearly trying her best not to scream, be it pain or pleasure it's uncertain, all the fairies know is she is covering her mouth and her face is rather flushed, a small groan like whimper escaped every time her assailant's member knocks against her cervix.

"Wh... what do we do!?" Ivy squeaks in shock.
Lily's face a mix of arousal, revulsion, and anger. "We should...

1) Help her
a) immediately
b) Set a trap for it (leaves Maria at its mercy)
2) Leave (as it's not your responsibility)
3) Wait and see what happens
4) Other
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May 10, 2014
Something here feels off. I think we need to know more before we do anything. So:
4) Other: Lily remains hidden and keeps watching, ready to help Ivy, if necessary. Meanwhile Ivy goes and gets the lantern, then uses it to illuminate the inside to see what is really going on.

If it turns out that there's really a monster, they will at least know what they are dealing with.

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Apr 26, 2012
I might not have described well, think of this large being using her like a glorified onahole for its roughness and posture.
In case that affects things.
I'll tweak the core text.
Jun 28, 2012
Yep need to know more.
4) keeping Lily hidden and watching, but could we throw something or even an ice dagger to make some noise a bit further away from us?
I would like to see how both react.

However, I think getting the lantern would be a bit dangerous.


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May 10, 2014
I have no objections to the noise idea. It might actually be better than my suggestion.

Sorry, normally I would have said something sooner, but I've been rather busy for the last week and never got around to it until now.

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Apr 26, 2012
Well, I feel dumb, I'm delayed because of writer's block and just now I realize, the plan was to figure out what it is and what is going on. Not to ambush it immediatly.


"We should check it's not consensual as she's trying to hide her noises.."
"Could be embarrassment or fear." Ivy points out
"Also true."
With that Ivy slips towards the entrance and conjures some ice daggers, hurling one as a stone at the other side of the barn door.

Whatever is inside seem to react and thrust forcefully into his 'mate once more, her belly swelling slightly and seed spilling out of this creatures large volume of seed before it casts her aside carelessly and heads towards the sound.

As it steps out and looks towards the sound the figure is revealed to stand far taller than any man, taller even than any being either has ever seen beyond when the great one is feeling like a tree.
Its large muscular form stands as naked as the day it was born, it's dark muscles glistening with sweat in the moonlight.
It's feet, or what should be cloven hooves and it's rump sporting a tail similar to the cows that were in the fields before, the difference being this being clearly male as its nakedness shows off. Where one would expect a humanoid head stands a clearly bovine one adorned with a pair of horns, it's nostrils flaring as it sniffs around looking for the source of the noise.

Reaction time
1) Ambush the beast
2) Screw this, time to leave
3) Try talking to it (ideally about what)
4) Another cunning plan


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May 10, 2014
Soooo... A minotaur? Possibly a bull that was corrupted and transformed into one?

1) Ambush the beast - Ivy attacks him directly and when he focuses on her Lily attacks him from behind. They should try to lure him out and away from his “mate”

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Apr 26, 2012
Well, that's 2/3 active voters so here's the rest of it now I confirmed consensus matches the script.

The pair seeing this monster coupled with its dismissive treatment of Maria once it was done open fire on it, Ivy using her bow and Lily an orb of darkness itself forms and launched in an overhead arc.
The creature turns at just the wrong moment for the arrow causing it to hit a horn and richochets off ineffectually. The orb, however, hits it squarely, it not seen to have any effect.

It turns around confused, not seeing the girls who take the chance to fire again, this time more effectively, ivy piercing it's chest with a shot spilling a fair bit of blood and the following shadow bolt causing some visible damage, albeit less that would be expected of its power.

This time it manages to trace the origin of the attacks, snarling as it heads towards its assailants, the pair launching the third volley into its hide, the arrow again doing noticeable damage and the spell only singing the surface

While this happens Ivy mutters to herself. "Bull man, bull man.. something was important..." She then has a flash of insight "That was it! Lily! It's a minotaur, their hide is magic resistant, fall back!"
"Resistant isn't immune! You need all the help you can get against this bru... WATCH OUT!"
Ivy lets out a startled shriek as it suddenly triples it's pace and rushed her, clearly intending to gore her, narrowly missing as the small girl rolls clear of the predictable charge direction, causing her shot to go wide, Lily's too as she was more focused on Ivy than her target.

The girls scatter to keep its attention split, Ivy taking to the air and Lily melding into the shadows by the side of the barn as her added weight prevents skilled flight as they keep up their assault, with regrettably little effect, this proves to be an unfortunate choice as the minotaur proved able to follow Lily's movements and charges at her next.

"Lily!" Ivy darts into melee range to distract it, failing to lant and clear blows, but she does manage to make it change course just enough for Lily to escape its charge. Her counter doing some visible damage to it as she flees.

The minotaur starts to froth at the mouth, visibly enraged as it swats ivy to the ground, winding her, ignoring the magical volley doing little more than scratch damage as it picks up the struggling fairy.
"Hey! No! Get off!" She exclaims
Lily in a desperate attempt to free her lover hurls magic after magic at it in the hopes to deter it, with little avail as it rip the side of Ivy's dress to find it's price and lines it's overly large member against her. All the while Ivy fighting and trying to get loose showing little resistance in the wake of the creatures overwhelming feral might.

The fates, however, smile on the girls as Lily's final piece of mana manages to bypass its resistances and cause its head to erupt in a torrent of blood. The sudden nerve trauma causing its penis to also erupt, covering Ivy's groin and thighs in it are warm and unpleasantly sticky seed. Ivy struggling with it's ridged death grip muscles taking a few moments before she can squirm free.

(The damn thing got three critical successes in a row, I was going to reroll them for fairness but the pair pulled through anyway, so meh, it ties into its rage state at low HP.)

"That is disgusting...."
"Are you okay? I ..I tried my best to stop it but..."
"it's fine, you stopped it just in time." she kisses Lily on the cheek "Besides, had you have retreated when I said I'd have probably spent the next few hours becoming like... oh dear.."
With that the girls rush to find a slightly battered milk maid trying and struggling to get to her feet, minotaur seed and a little blood trickling down her legs
"I'm sorry you had to come to my aid girls."
"What happened?" Ivy asks the burning question
"Well, I heard a commotion and came to settle the herd down... the commotion was that it was sniffing around outside the barn, and followed me in... within seconds it had grabbed me and thrust it in..."
"... I hate to ask but why were you... muffling the noise.."
She looks a little embarrassed "Because... the way it's shaped... within a minute it went from shock and pain to stimulating, overly so, the ridges and swelling.. I couldn't bare father to find me and think I was some lowly woman who would willingly lay with monsters, especially with all the work he has done to try and find a possible husband for me. But I guess that's out of the window now huh..."
"Hus.. why is he doing that and not you?"
"Because Ivy, in human society to marry a daughter needs their fathers' approval, it's always been that way. I know it might save the farm but I don't want to move away, I want to stay here and help, that's why I was considering adventuring. But I guess I'd not get very far huh..."
"Don't beat yourself up, while going out was unwise you were ambushed, even the greatest warriors can struggle to turn that around." Lily tries to comfort her Come on, let's get you both cleaned the best we can and you back home.
"Both? oh no, he didn't?"
"No, just all over me, he err... shot early... somehow."
"You sure none got in?"
"I don't think so. I hope not anyway..."

The three girls clean up and dress the two that need it before helping a sore and staggering milkmaid back to the main house. To when her father is approaching holding some manner of weapon similar to the one used by Misha. He speaks as soon as he sees them.

"What's all the commotion?"
"The thing bothering our herd is gone father, I was saved by these two."
"Yeah, you had a minotaur lurking around, maybe it wanted a mate or smelled your bulls as competitors, I'm not sure."
"I'll take it from here girls, thank you, I don't have much to repay you with but I'll figure out a way."

Maria and her father head inside as the girls return to the barn to sleep, before doing so Lily speaks "Are you completely certain non got in? I'm worried how big its baby would be, we are kind of tiny..."
Ivy hugs her back "You are worrying way too much, I'm tough, even if I have a big baby I'll be fine, I deal with Misha all the time~"
Lily laughs "Wow, that's mean."
The pair pass the night cuddling each other, worn out by the nights' events.

The morning rolls around and the pair get up and head out to be met by Frank
"It's not much but thank you for your help, this should get you a few days food and inn stay at the town, head to the gutted dragon and tell the tavern keeper I sent you, he's a good man. I owe you so much more, and I intend to repay you as soon as the ranch is out of the red."
Ivy thinks and says "Stop trying to marry off your daughter and we can call is square, she doesn't want to leave."
He sighs "I know, I was trying to secure her future as it was becoming more and more likely that the ranch would fail. And for a young woman on the streets? begging or prostitution and in the wilds, kept of killed by monsters."
"So she's safe?"
"Yes, although I realize what happened to her, the... mess wasn't cleaned up, just her. So even if she married soon until we know... it could end badly for her anyway so I'd have to discourage any suitors for a while anyway, Safe travels, and thank you again, next time you are in the area feel free to visit, Maria is resting now but I'm sure she would love to see you both."

What do the girls do from here

1) Go straight to the city, no more distractions.
2) Because it's early morning and they are halfway their already, explore
a) Explore the riverside.
b) cross the river and head to the village by the mountain
c) check out the wooded area.
d) the plains
3) Other


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May 10, 2014
1) Go straight to the city, no more distractions.

Let's not tempt fate with any more distractions. Plus I want to see what the city is like, and we also have that side quest from Misha.