[Nutaku][Mobile] Minitary Girls

Dec 11, 2016
Minitary Girls

Kind of surprised there isn't actually a thread for this yet. IMHO this is the best game currently playable on Nutaku.

Here is a quick and dirty run down for the interested:
Pretty straight-forward lane crash mobile game, with some rpg and bishojou elements jammed in.
Time gated, using the standard energy counter.
Has PVP in several different formats.
Has PVE in several different formats.
Has crafting.
Is about as f2p friendly as Nutaku gets.
Actually has enough content to actually play for more than 30 seconds a day.
The actual H content is fairly weak, but the game play is pretty decent.

If this peaks your interest, give it a try. The game itself can be found here:

If you are looking for a referal code feel free to use mine, its in the pic below:

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