Process of creating uncensored patches?


Jungle Girl
Aug 11, 2013
I was wondering if anybody knew how people generally go about creating uncensored patches or mods for h-games/games in general. I imagine the process is different depending on what was used to create the game, but lets just say for example a game that was created in Unreal Engine 4. Are there any specific programs people generally use to edit the files? Methods people try to check if a game can even be modded?

It would also help if someone could point me to a source that might have more information or go more into depth on the topic. I have some programming experience under my belt and I'd like to see if I could spread my knowledge a bit.
Oct 5, 2017
Re: Process of creating uncensored patches?

Wow, I am quite curious about this too, but from what I heard, the people redraw them or something, or that is just for manga? I dunno.