Tentacle God
May 15, 2013
Re: Rift Touched

Enchanted Backpack: Medium-High load. Has small amount of space left.
-Gold pouch (1000 Gold: Holds 1000)
-Medium Gold Pouch (2000 Gold: Holds 2000)
-839 gold coins
-Gold Magic Crystal: Healing
-Blue Magic Crystal: Ice
-Yellow Magic Crystal: Lightning
-White Magic Crystal: Light
-Aqua Magic Crystal: Water
-Water canteen - Full
-Purple blanket w/Red hearts
- Book: Unlocking the Secrets of Magic (If read will increase MR by 10 permanently. Must be used three times. Each use takes up one hour)
- Book: The Demonic Tongue – The First Step of Ascension (Bring to a room/area designed for ritual summoning to use)
-Small Mirror
-Map of Eborthia
-Rations (x2)
-4-Pronged Grappling Hook and Rope (Attached to each other)
-Map of Kilnhaven
-Steel Pata w/1 foot blade (hand-to-hand weapon)
-Sewing Kit (Repairs leather armor and clothing. 10 uses remaining)
-Official Amazonian Seal (States that you can become an honorary member of Amazonian society in Falwathyn. Can go to Hera and she will escort you to Falwathyn personally)
-Enchanted Cleaning Rag (Can clean virtually any sweat, muck, grime, and nasty stuff up. Will never get dirty)
-Enchanted Pearl Necklace. Only Affects women. Grows penis.
-Cursed Pink Ribbon. Only affects women. When given a command, the woman wearing it will be compelled to obey. Must be specific and have a clear goal. Compelling ends when goal is completed.
-Grey Leather Armor Gloves. Has small burns and patches.
-Knee High Brown Leather Boots. Has burns along it an small patches.
-Lequis Blessed Pink Sheer Floral Stockings (See through. Blessing in effect when worn with matching set)
-Lequis Blessed Pink Sheer Floral Half-Bra (Can see breasts. Barely covers nipples. Shows more cleavage. Blessing in effect when worn with matching set). Has a few small patches in it
-Lequis Blessed Pink Sheer Floral Thong (Can see privates. Exposes ass. Rides up on crotch and ass. Blessing in effect when worn with matching set)
-Lequis Blessed Pink Lace Floral Garter Belt (Currently holding up Blessed Pink Sheer Floral Stockings. Blessing in effect when worn with matching set)
-Demonic One-Handed Crossbow (Increased damage versus clerics and divine beings. Hellfire damage added to every strike Siphons 15 Lust to fire hellfire bolts. Does not need bolts unless wielder has no Lust/insufficient Lust)
-Enchanted Gloves (unidentified)
-Bulbous Flower Petal. Picked from strange flower. Smells very nice and stokes Lust.
-Green Potion. Effect unknown.

Satchels, Cases, Bolt Quivers
Satchel #1: Mild healing potion x1. Can hold 2 more items.
Satchel #2: Empty. Can hold three items.
Satchel #3: Lock Pick x1. Extreme Potion of Healing x1.
Satchel #4: Empty. Can hold three items.
Lock Pick Case (Can hold 15 lock picks. Takes up satchel slot): Lock Pick x15

-Skin-Walker (Hugs body like a second skin, revealing everything as if nude. Blessings in effect when worn. Currently hugging body as thin latex panties, thin fishnet towards shoulders, thicker fishnet from shoulders down arms).
- Demonic Black and Purple Leather Halter Bra Top (Cannot be worn with other top clothing. Demonic enchantment decreases Physical/Magical Damage received by a minor margin. Increases Lust by 25. Decreases enemy hit chance by a minor margin (Humanoid only). Plunging neckline, but has thick straps that go around neck and one around the back. Shows generous cleavage and back skin. Band around back and sternum is an inch and a half long. Exposes midriff. Is closer to a very short top than a bra and can be considered as such. Can only be worn with incredibly revealing garments underneath, and only then it must be extremely revealing i.e. fishnets).
-Demonic Black Leather Hot Pants (Comfortable yet baggy fit. Covers a few inches below navel and a few inches of thigh. Has button-down crotch flap for crotch and anus. When worn increases chance to hit and dodge by minor margin and increases Lust by 20. Randomly Stimulates wearer and generates 75 Lust).
-Demonic Black Heels (Open toed. Strap near ankle to hold in place. Demonic enchantment increases Lust generation every successful kick and increases kick damage. Four inches).
- Demonic Thigh High Red Fishnet Stockings (Goes from feet to near top of thighs. Demonic enchantment increases Lust generation every successful kick and increases kick damage. When wearing stockings and high heels wearer will have increased to hit and dodge chance by a minor margin. Will also move better and more comfortably in high heels).
-Demonic Red-Orange Fingerless Fishnet Elbow Gloves (Covers from hands up to elbow. Fingerless. Demonic enchantment increases Lust generation every successful punch and increases punching damaging)
-Throwing Knife Sheathe (Holds 6 knives)
-Arrow Quiver (holds 30 arrows)
-Utility Belt (4 satchels attached. 1 lock pick case attached. Room for 1 more satchel, case, or crossbow quiver)
-Black Silk Fabric. Tying hair in ponytail.
-Enchanted Silver Ring of Minor Magical Reserves. (Enhances MR by 10). Left ring finger.
-Enchanted Emerald Ring of Strength. (Enhances melee and ranged attacks, excluding crossbows. Allows lifting of heavier objects). Right ring finger.
-Emerald Encrusted Rosey Designed Black Leather Choker (Has metal heart that says “Colette” engraved on front. Has “With Love: Lula, Leena, Delilah, Helena, Astraea, Meredith, Xillia, Vulgan” encrusted on back. Can be leashed while wearing it.)
- Astraea’s Pink Pacifier with red heart on the end. Has thin red string to wrap around neck. Enchanted with cool numbing sensation to combat effects of altered oral cavity as long as worn and up to five minutes after removing. Enchanted to gag wearer to those that know command word. In mouth.
- Black three-pronged ring pierced through nasal septum. Cursed. (25% chance to lose control and attack nearest creature upon reaching 250 Lust). To break curse wearer must Kill/destroy someone/something with bare hands, take the virginity of a male, and receive a demonic brand. Alternatively can be used to summon Kjatka, the tozgoth martial artist, once – defeating her breaks the curse.
- Right nipple pierced with a silver ring with a metal emerald heart fused at the bottom of the ring. Design of crescent moons and stars along outside, and inside engraved with writing For the shining star in my life, the moon that fills me with wonder, and my eternal love. – Leena. Enchanted to extend small chain to those who know command word/connect to other pieces.
- Left nipple pierced with a gold ring with a metal emerald heart fused at the bottom of the ring. Design of blazing suns and hearts along outside, and inside engraved with writing To the love of my life on this earthly plane and beyond, you are the sun that always warms my heart. I will always love you. – Lula. Enchanted to extend small chain to those who know command word/connect to other pieces.
- Silver-gold circular industrial earring on right inner ear. Has two small diamond studs on outside that attach to ear. Enchanted to connect to other pieces via chains.
- Three silver-gold large ring piercings on upper left ear. Enchanted to connect to other pieces via chains.
- Silver-gold ring with ruby set in at belly button. Enchanted to connect to other pieces via chains.
- Small silver-gold ring with sapphire set in. Enchanted to extend a small chain to those that know command word. Enchanted to connect to other pieces via chains. For the darling and joy of my existence. To my love, Colette inscribed along band.
- Medium Sized Enchanted Black Butt Plug (Activated with command word “Lover’s Embrace”. Will vibrate and expand slowly when activated until it becomes very large, but not enough to harm). Currently vibrating in anus. Stretched to maximum.

-The Depraved Blade. Black demonic shortsword. Just under two foot long blade. Curved sword design with edges on both sides. Serrated edges near the middle of sword on both ends. Curved guard for improved defense. Incredibly sharp. Deals extra damage to clerics and divine beings. Every blow deals hellfire damage. Special Ability Depraved Strikes: Every 50 Lust up to a maximum of 300 Lust the wielder has increases the hellfire damage of every hit. Sheathed. Left hip.
-Throwing Knife x5. Sheathed.
-Fiery Elven Shortbow (enchants arrows to deal fire damage). On back.
-Steel Arrows x23. In arrow quiver (holds 30 arrows). On back.

-Gold Magic Crystal: Healing: Level 2/4: Charges (0/4): Minor Healing (1 Charge, 15 MR): Mild Healing (2 Charges, 30 MR). Can use Blood Magic with.
-Blue Magic Crystal: Ice: Level 2/4: Charges (0/5): Ice Shield (1 Charge, 15 MR): Cold Spray (2 Charges, 30 MR): Tundra’s Protection (3 Charges, 60 MR). Can use Blood Magic with.
-Yellow Magic Crystal: Lightning: Level 2/4: Charges (2/4): Lightning Bolt (1 Charge, 15 MR): Lightning Whip (2 Charges, 30 MR). Can use Blood Magic with.
-White Magic Crystal: Light: Level 1/4: Charges (3/3): Flash (1 Charge, 15 MR) (Flash blinds enemies and damages undead). Can use Blood Magic with.
-Aqua Magic Crystal: Water: Level 1/4: Charges (3/3): Water missile (1 Charge, 10 MR). Can use Blood Magic.

Rift Abilities
-Magical Suppression (25 MR each use): Can only be used on living beings. Only works by touching target. Blocks magic use of target for ten minutes. Deals damage to magical beings such as demons and tentacle beasts.
-Centered Soul (Activated once every twenty-four hours, gives major boost to all stealth, magic, and combat stats/skills: Major bonus to Hit and Dodge and Stealth/Minor bonus Damage Reduction/Halves Spell Cost/Gain One Extra Attack Every Hit/Minor damage increase to every strike) costs nothing, only usable once per day. Creates a small shockwave that knocks back anything around you. Lasts 10 minutes. 8 hour cooldown.
-Blink (35 MR each use): Can be used in and out of combat to instantaneously transport self within ten feet of current position silently and with only a barely visible blue haze as any indication of its use. Can be used in combat to get behind enemies resulting in sneak attack criticals. Cannot go through solid objects.
-Lust Strike (10 Lust minimum required. The higher the lust the stronger the attack in intervals of 10. Foot-Fighting only skill): Use lust to increase the damage of your kicks proportional to the amount of lust you have. The higher the lust the more damage is added to the attack. Lust is expended upon usage. Can choose how much lust to use, but at least 10 is needed.
-Lust Burst (100 Lust each use): Concentrate your lust into a devastating explosion that turns your own lust and arousal against enemies. The explosion burns for minor to major damage on explosion and minor damage every round for four rounds. Damage is non-elemental and cannot be resisted.
- Lust Wave (75 lust each use): Harnesses your body’s lust and amplifies it into a wave of demonic, pink lust-fueled hellfire in a one-hundred eighty degree arc in front of you for major damage released from your hands. Causes knockback. Travels only five feet in front of caster horizontally.
- Passionate Release (Expels all Lust): Caster harnesses and gently expels all lust from the body, inducing a climax… without the mess. Drains the caster, decreasing chance to hit and dodge by a minor margin and leaves caster physically weaker, but appears more charming to those around her. Lasts 3 minutes.


-Black eye makeup around eyes and on eyelids. Subtly applied.
-Thick wavy silky smooth fiery red hair with black streaks that goes just above navel. Tied in ponytail. (Human Heritage. Results of Cum Bathing. Natural growth. Dyed)
-Large DD-Cup breasts. Can lactate. Wearing engraved Silver Ring on right nipple. Wearing engraved Gold Ring on left nipple. Both have small metal encased emerald hearts on ends. Emerald hearts are fused to rings. (Human Heritage. Breast Play Perk. Temple of Domina Alteration)
- Three large silver-gold earrings on upper left ear.
- Circular silver-gold industrial earring on right ear. Diamond studs on outside.
- Black Three-Pronged ring through nasal septum.
- Silver-gold belly button ring with ruby.
- Small silver-gold clit ring with sapphire.
-Half-elf ears (Juts out two inches farther than human ear. Ends on pointed tip)
-Hourglass figure
-Smooth Unblemished Luminous Milky White Skin (Elven Heritage. Results of Cum Bathing)
-Clean Shaven (No pubic hair)
-Emerald Green Eyes (almost seem to glow…)
-Toned Muscles (Stomach, legs, arms, ass)
- Small cut puncture scar on belly right of belly button.
- Bubble butt (Butt is slightly bigger and plumper)
-5’6” tall
-Full lips. Shimmering Glossy Red Lipstick applied. Looks fuller, plumper, and catches the eyes with a shimmering effect.
-Slightly curved nose
-Rift tattoo on right wrist (Invisible when not in Rift Plane or near a Rift)
-Stripper tattoo on right arm represented by two interlocking hollow rings with arcane writing in the hollow parts, orange flames along the outside, two large arcane symbols on the left and right gap, and three curved squiggly lines in the center gap. Left and right gaps filled in to look like dual suns colored bluish-white and yellow, respectively. (Solid Purple, Orange, Blue-White, Yellow).
-“Buttslut” tattoo on right butt cheek in black ink and flowing handwriting. Red lipstick kiss tattoo right below it.
-“Cum Inside” tattoo on lower back in black ink and flowing handwriting.
-“Slut” tattoo just above vagina in black ink and flowing handwriting.
-“Sex Addict” tattoo across bottom of left foot in black ink and flowing handwriting.
-“Use” tattoo above right nipple along curve of areola. “Me” tattoo equivalent above left nipple. Black ink and flowing handwriting.
-Highly detailed Red Rose tattoo on the anus in crimson red black ink and bold black outlines. (Colored Red and Black)
-Highly detailed and lifelike Rose Wreath tattoo with leaves, twigs, and roses that go along the curve of both breasts and blossom into a very lifelike and detailed tree at the sternum full of roses, leaves, and branches. Up cleavage is intertwined trunk of leaves, roses, and twigs. (Colored Red, Green, Brown, Black)
-“I” and “Anal” tattoo above and below a tattoo of a small Red Heart on left butt cheek. (Colored Black and Red. Flowing handwriting)
-“Princess” tattooed across chest in large handwriting. Twenty black outlined stars with streaks of blue, red, pink, and purple surrounding “Princess” towards arms and collarbone. (Colored Black, Red, Blue, Purple, Pink)
-Highly Detailed and lifelike Purple Rose with Crystal Blue Eye tattoo in the center blossoming from bird’s eye view on back of neck. (Colored Black, Purple, White, Blue)
- Dragon tattoo of a black scaled dragon with red fissures along the scales. Starts at the top of the right foot with a flaming tail and slithers up and around the right leg to the right torso, diagonally cutting across the stomach and up towards the left arm. It slithers and wraps around the left arm ending at the top of the left hand where the head ends with its black and red eyes, breathing red and black fire out towards the fingers ending at the first knuckle for each of the four fingers. (Colored Red, Black, Orange, and Yellow)
-Extremely detailed and lifelike Female Angel tattoo that covers the entire back. Angel is nude with crème skin, eyes closed, mouth slightly agape as if in ecstasy. Right hand fingering her sex with her left hand groping right breast. Wearing brown leather belt with an emerald jeweled sword with a gold grip hanging from a scabbard on her left side. Long red hair blowing to the right. Black, grey, and white colored wings curve up towards shoulder blades and extend down the rest of the back, covering skin near entirely, folding inwards slightly. (Colored Crème, Red, Green, Brown, Gold, Black, White, Grey).
-Highly detailed full sleeve tattoo on right arm to the top of the right hand. Depicts bright blue-green-white watery waves around dual suns that wraps around entire right arm with one dozen five-pointed stars floating on the surface of the water from top to bottom. There are two pink, two purple, two red, two baby blue, two orange, and two white stars, with one third of the stars being small, one third being large, and one third being in-between in sizes. Floating on the surface of the water are three dozen open petal flowers of blue, pink, purple, black, red, orange, and yellow, with a single green leaf attached to half of the flowers floating alongside. On top of the right hand the water forms an outer blue-green heart. Inside the water heart is a hollow pink rose-wreath in the shape of a heart with the word “Angel” written inside in black flowing handwriting. A bright golden-yellow halo floats above the “n”, “g”, and “e”.


Health: Fine
MR: 117/147 (Ring +10 MR)
Lust: 300/440 (+25 from Demonic Brassiere/+20 from Demonic Hot Pants)
Vagina sopped.
Anus stretched very wide.
Effects of flower inhalation. Lust generation increased. Lust powers increased (Duration/Damage). Three Hours remaining (3:25pm).
Lust currently sealed and not rising.


-Shortbows: 2/4
-Longbows: 2/4
-Crossbows: 2/4
-One-handed Crossbows: 2/4
-Thrown Weapons: 2/4
-Daggers: 2/4
-Short-swords: 3/4
-Rapiers: 2/4
-Hand-to-Hand: 3/4
-Foot Fighting: 2/4
-Unarmored: 2/4
-Light Armor: 2/4
-Sneak: 3/4
-Lockpicking: 3/4
-Charm: 3/4
-Item Enchantment: 1/4
-Identify Enchantment: 1/4


Tentacle God
May 15, 2013
Re: Rift Touched


Magical Sensitivity: Allows you to see magical strengths and weaknesses of beings and certain objects while making your erogenous zones much more sensitive, increasing arousal and pleasure at a faster pace.

Magical Sensitivity (Threads): Thanks to an experiment done by Jazra you can now see the magical threads that are the blood of magic in the world, and can possibly manipulate them.

Magical Sensitivity (Demonic Lust): As a side effect of the ritual you underwent at Deidra’s you now are able to see the lust let off by demons, namely succubi and even your own, as a reddish-pink aura.

Source of Energy: Magical monsters and beings that feed from your essence (blood and sexual secretions) gain more energy than normal from you and also suffer a short term power boost.

Essence of Absorption: Thanks to receiving the “essence” of countless individuals many, many times, you have discovered a peculiarity about yourself. You have a certain trait of magical beings and monsters that allows you to absorb the magical energy from sexual secretions, and maybe even blood (?), from people to give yourself some energy and restore your MR. Also, it accelerates your healing slightly and you find you can now sustain yourself wholly off of the essence of others similar to magical beings.

Dancer: Dancing comes naturally to you and, while it may not have uses in combat or when talking to someone, you find you can learn dances by seeing others dance or learning descriptions of dance.

Mental Quickness: You're a quick thinker when it comes to solving problems and smart to boot! If you're in a pinch you can easily notice potential escape routes, item and weapon combinations, optimal tactics to attack and defend in combat, how best to enter a building, etc. (I'll give helpful information and suggestions on how to handle situations, but not too much).

Charismatic: If you've got it, flaunt it! You know you're pretty, and you've always been a leader. You can use your feminine wiles to seduce both men and women alike and persuade them to your line of thinking, or you can use your natural charisma to rally troops into battle and improve morale with your strong words and character! Heck, you could probably charm the doors of Mordor open and simply walk in! (Increase Charm skill by 1 rank, people will like you more, and desire you more, you will be more inspiring to others when you speak, and you’re naturally sexier).

Feedback: When you get too close to rifts there's a chance that you will lose 10 MR and deal minor health damage. Health damage will never kill or knock you out.

Milk Addict: You’ve drunk a lot of milk and you have developed a preference, close to a need, for the thick, creamy substance. You’ll still drink other liquids, but you greatly prefer milk for some reason if given the choice. You’ll find that you have a craving and thirst for milk and, while no negative health effects will occur if you don’t get some, you’ll find that you’ll perform better slightly in all the things you do for a time.

Heart of Gold: You are an extremely kind and caring individual; you absolutely love to help children and those in need. You give of yourself freely to others and ask for nothing in return and always try to be a good person no matter what. You also offer to help, even when it was never asked of you to begin with. Loving and caring is second nature to you; you are compassionate, loving, and serene and as a result more people will like you and it will be easier to charm others because of your gentle and loving nature.

Rift Travel: You have discovered the power, whether from being Rift Touched, the silver bracelet, or a combination of both that you can now travel through rifts to the Rift Plane. The Rift Plane is a pocket dimension where time has no meaning and you cannot die from lack of nutrition; if you leave the Rift Plane time will resume as normal. From the Rift Plane you may travel through other rifts scattered about the pocket dimension that are connected to the real world rifts, allowing you to travel over vast distances so long as you have discovered the rifts for each location. I.E. Say you come into contact with a rift in Kilnhaven, Eborthia and a rift in Lumin, Eborthia. You can jump into the Kilnhaven rift and come out the Lumin rift with virtually no time passing between the two. There are also other rifts that may allow you to gain unique powers if you find them…

Mental Fortitude Expert: As a result of training with Astraea you have developed an expert understanding of shielding your mind against mental probes and attacks, as well as having majorly increased your natural magical reserves in the process. You can withstand basic, mild, and sometimes major levels of mental assaults, but anything higher or prolonged and you will not succeed.

Very Slight Magical/Physical Damage Resistance: Your new piercings, courtesy of Delilah, Lula, and Leena, are enchanted to boost your physical and magical damage resistance the more that you wear. The number of piercings you have gives a very slight increase to these resistances.

Dual Wielding Master: You have a extreme amount of experience wielding two weapons at once. Dual wielding allows you to attack with two one-handed weapons at once, essentially doubling the damage you do. At present you are extremely skilled and find it easy to hit enemies in combat without any negative effects to your chances to hit. You don’t need any more practice to wield two weapons at once effectively.

Pleasure Resistance Master: You have learned to resist pleasure at a masterful level, and are capable of maintaining your cool under extreme sexual pleasure. However, only the most extremely skilled partners and/or very prolonged pleasure break down your resistance, though you can maintain your cool for a very long period of time.

Dexterity Trained – Flexibility and Ranged Hits: You’ve been trained by Delilah on how to be more dexterous. While it’s not the full dexterity workout, it does allow you to perform hits better with ranged weaponry. You’re also more flexible as a result, just like a gymnast or contortionist!

Leg Strength (Minor): Thanks to your training and workouts with Vivian the strength of your legs has increased, and you’re better able to move on your feet in all general instances. The strength of your attacks when kicking/using the foot fighting skill has increased.

Acrobatics: Improved your acrobatics via footwork training with Vivian! Very small increase to dodge and you are now capable of performing acrobatic feats with greater skill both in and outside of combat.

Blessing of Kramulet: You’ve received a blessing at the temple of Kramulet on yourself, permanently increasing your MR by 30 and gaining the ability to learn magic from magic crystals at a much faster rate than normal.

Blood Magic: You’ve learned to use the dangerous art of blood magic, allowing you to draw on your very life force to cast spells instead of from charges or your magical reserves. Life drained is proportional to the strength of the spell via magical reserves used. The more magic required the more life drained – be warned as this can kill you if you’re not careful!

Evasive Techniques: Delilah of the temple of Domina has taught you the art of evading enemies, both in and outside of combat. Gives a minor boost to dodge and sneak at all times.

True Heart: You’ve completed the trials at the temple of Domina and have found your true heart. Your heart and soul are aligned, which has given you greater confidence, self-assurance, and strength of character. It will be nearly impossible for others to try and change you as a result, unless of course you absolutely want it. Moderate boost to mental fortitude.

The Favorite Daughter: You are Lula and Leena’s favorite; their one true love, their rock, their center, and they are yours. You are submissive to their will, but you are also at times on equal footing with them.

Tentacle Break: You have been with many, many tentacle beasts and creatures before and in extreme situations. You now have a complete adoration and infatuation with tentacles as well as an increased attraction to and extreme charm increase towards them. You also understand tentacles better and have greater perception into their motivations and may gain unique options when interacting with them. However, this comes at a cost; you will now couple with tentacle creatures, oftentimes against your better judgment, especially if your arousal is high enough.


Tentacle God
May 15, 2013
Re: Rift Touched

Gear Perks/Dancing

Gear Perks

Feet of Lust: Your demonically enchanted heels grant your legs and feet extra power. Your kicks do more damage and with each successful hit they generate lust.

Legs of Lust: Your demonically enchanted fishnet stockings grant your legs extra power. Your kicks do more damage and with each successful hit they generate lust. When wearing stockings with high heels you move swifter and have an easier time hitting, and are much more adept at moving in heels.

Empowered Assets: Your demonically enchanted leather halter top grants you an invisible demonic shield that reduces the damage received by magical and physical attacks. It also distracts humanoid enemies and reduces their chances of landing a blow against you and likewise increases your maximum Lust by 25 when worn.

Stimulating Down Unders: Your demonically enchanted leather hot pants bestows upon you a minor increase to hit and dodge chances as well as increases maximum Lust by 20. However, the hot pants will at random times stimulate the wearer and grant them 50 Lust unless a sex toy is worn. One sex toy worn increases Lust gain to 75 and two increases Lust gain to 100, and one toy increases leg damage by a minor margin while two toys increases legs damage and adds hellfire to every blow.

Furious Lust (Curse): Kjatka forcefully “gifted” you a cursed ring in the form of a septum piercing. Going above 250 Lust causes you to have a twenty-five percent chance of losing your temper and attacking any creature capable of being attacked, throwing caution and reason to the wind, whether they are friend, foe, or somewhere in between it does not matter. To break the curse the ring can be used to summon Kjatka, and if defeating her in hand-to-hand combat the curse will break. Or you must kill/destroy someone or something with your bare hands, take the virginity of a male, and receive a demonic brand.

Skin-Walker: You’re blessed bodysuit, blessed at the temple of Domina, has seven unique attributes tied to the blessing. On top of being nearly indestructible and capable of keeping you and itself clean. The blessings allow Skin-Walker to become nearly any article of clothing, within reason, changing its shape through your will and imagination. When worn you also receive the boon of increased physical damage resistance (mild), increased magical/elemental damage resistance (mild), increased physical damage dealt (mild), and increased magical damage dealt (mild), your footsteps are completely silent when worn. The final blessing will allow the suit’s power to increase when you sleep with ten different people up to a total of one-hundred different people, but only if suit is worn. (Sex Counter: 41/100) (Requires Skin-Walker being worn)

Dancing: 2/4
Belly Dancing: Uses 10 MR or 20 Lust and bestows a minor physical hit reduction to enemies and a minor bonus to Colette’s to hit. Lasts for five minutes.

Strip Dancing: Strip Dancing (and FULLY stripping, barring weapons) requires 30 MR or 60 Lust and bestows a major overall hit reduction to enemies, mild bonus to Colette’s to hit bonus, and a mild bonus to Colette’s overall damage reduction. Also rapidly increases Lust regeneration as well as halves dancing time thus halving negative penalties of dancing and attacking. Lasts 10 minutes.

Pole Dancing: Requires 15 MR or 30 Lust and also requires a pole (or something similar) nearby to utilize. Sends forth a burst of pure magic that homes in on all enemies and deals minor to mild damage and knocks them down for a single turn. Single use.

Line Dancing: Requires 25 MR or 50 Lust and bestows Colette with rapid MR regeneration and gives a minor magical damage increase. Lasts 5 minutes.

Amazonian Veil Dance: Requires 25 MR or 50 Lust and bestows Colette with a mild damage bonus and +1 skill bonus to all offensive weapon skills (2/4 Hand-to-Hand becomes 3/4, etc.). Lasts 5 minutes.

Lap Dance: 25 MR or 50 Lust required to use. Drains mild health and MR of target, target instantly loses an action turn, gives mild health boost. Lasts five minutes.

Blossoming Rose: Use requires maximum Lust or MR and fully consumes either. Turns all surrounding enemies, allies, and the caster docile and incapable of performing hostile actions. Lasts for ten minutes. Use for engaging in peaceful dialogue. Sexual interactions during effects will solidify caster’s will on all those afflicted.


Tentacle God
May 15, 2013
Re: Rift Touched

Sex Perks/Passives
Extreme sexual experience: You’ve had sex many, many times and been in enough sexual situations that you know how to please yourself and pretty much all sexual partners well with extreme skill. You are nearly incapable of being embarrassed by things of a sexual nature and even the most extreme of circumstances won’t make you flinch. You’ve accepted your sexuality entirely and are open to any sexual play of a vanilla nature, and almost all of taboo sexual play as well. Only the absolute most borderline of sexual play and situations will deter you (and if it deters you than it must be pretty wild or terrible!).

Nymphomaniac: You aren’t just a huge slut, you’re a nymphomaniac! It’s a simple fact that you like sex of all kinds, and you yearn for sex. As a result of your extremely sexual ways you have an extremely highly increased sex drive and find that you get aroused very easily, and you think in more sexual ways almost all the time. You also feel no shame at sexual situations, and in fact you will crave sex and be ready for sex at any time.

Enhanced Arousal: As a result of your extreme sexual ways and the constant sex you’ve been having, and maybe as a result of the tentacle pod, you find that you are much more easily aroused and that you think about and want sex more often than ever. When not otherwise preoccupied i.e. fighting, exercising, training, etc. you’ll think about sex and become aroused. Better get laid fast or masturbate before it becomes a problem!

Vaginal Experience: You have extreme amounts of experience with vaginal sex and feel right at home with being penetrated. You can receive a great deal of pleasure, and give pleasure in return to any sexual partner penetrating you. With so much use of your vagina you have developed a tendency for it and love to have sex using your main sexual organ. You might even start developing some unique perks as a result of continued use…

Cervix Penetration: As a result of having so much sex with your vagina you are now capable of having your cervix penetrated, which will also give you and your partner a great deal of pleasure.

Vaginal Vibrations: You’ve become very attuned to your vagina, what with all the sex you’ve been having using it. As a result you can now control the muscles of your vaginal walls, to an extent, and vibrate them slightly to increase the pleasure both you and your penetrating partner feel.

Magical Vagina: You’ve learned the ultimate in giving vaginal pleasure: The Magical Vagina (quite literally)! You’ve become so proficient at using your main sex organ and are so in tune with your love tunnel that you’re able to focus your magic and release tiny bursts of magical energy inside your passage that enhances the pleasure you can give and receive when being penetrated. The great thing about this is that since you’re releasing magic inside your body, it’s quickly reabsorbed so that you don’t lose any magic from your reserves! Pleasurable and efficient all in one package!

Altered Vagina: You have had your vagina altered so that you are always tight no matter what. Not only that, but when you are penetrated vaginally your vagina will mold itself to the penetrating object which makes you a perfect fit for anything and also greatly increasing the pleasure you and your partner both feel.

Vaginal Fixation: You’ve developed a bit of a vaginal fixation with all the “objects” going into your love tunnel all the time. As a result you like having things inside your pussy and, when you do, you find that you will perform slightly better in all things that you do. You’ll also find that you’re vagina will be wet more often than not when not in life threatening situations.

Anal: You have an extreme amount of experience using your anus when it comes to sex and as a result you can receive a great deal of pleasure from using it and know how to please your sexual partners very, very well with it. As a result of your continued anal play you find that you absolutely love using your anus during sex and have developed a tendency for it, loving to have your anus used during sex. You might even start developing some unique perks as a result of continued use…

Anal Preference: After repeated use, and training on Leena’s part, of your anus, you now prefer anal to vaginal sex and in most sexual scenarios you will default to anal sex.

Anal Vice: Your love of anal sex has helped you develop a sexual technique that will allow you to clamp down onto a penetrating object using your anus, increasing the tightness of your already tight hole. This increases your pleasure and the pleasure of those who penetrate you using your anus.

Anal Acceptance: You can take small to large objects up your butt with ease and no need for foreplay. Your altered anus allows you to now take on extra-large objects with no need for foreplay, meaning any size will work!

Magical Anus: You’ve learned the ultimate in giving anal pleasure: The Magical Anus (quite literally)! You’ve become so proficient at using your backdoor and are so in tune with your bum that you’re able to focus your magic and release tiny bursts of magical energy inside your anus that enhances the pleasure you can give and receive when being penetrated. The great thing about this is that since you’re releasing magic inside your body, it’s quickly reabsorbed so that you don’t lose any magic from your reserves! Pleasurable and efficient all in one package!

Anal Love: You love having things up your butt, so much so that you receive a mild boost to all skills, perform better, and think more clearly when your anus is filled with something as it fills a “void” inside of you. You’ll also use your anus when masturbating as well from now on, more so than usual.

Altered Anus: You’ve had your anus altered allowing you to take most objects up your butt with ease and no need for foreplay. You also have a larger behind as a result.

Oral: You’re the best at using your mouth to please your sexual partners. So good, in fact, that you can bring any sexual partners to orgasm very quickly using your masterful techniques. You also find that you can’t get enough of using your mouth during sex and have developed an oral fixation. You love giving head and having something in your mouth and down your throat. You might even start developing some unique perks as a result of continued use…

Altered Oral Cavity: Lula has altered your mouth and throat to such a degree that you are now capable of reaching climax when any part of your mouth, tongue, or throat is stimulated. It also seems that your body’s natural sensitivity now applies to your mouth and throat; you can reach climax faster than normal and have multiple and prolonged orgasms induced from oral stimulation. Also, you can now use your mouth to masturbate and receive sexual gratification from eating and drinking food, and food now tastes more flavorful as a result. Neat.

Cum Addict: You love, bordering on needing, the taste of cum and you can’t get enough of being covered in cum as a result of your constant oral performances and situations where you have been climaxed on. You love to drink down cum whether it is semen, female ejaculate, or some other sexual fluid and you love to be covered in it. You will find that you will have a thirst and craving for cum and, while no negative health effects will happen if you don’t get it, you will find that you perform slightly better in all the things you do for a time when you get it.

Oral Vacuum: With your superior oral skills you have learned how to increase the pleasure of those lucky enough to be on the receiving end of your work. You’re able to use the vibrations from your mouth and throat while simultaneously increasing the pressure and tightness of your mouth to bring extreme pleasure to an individual, bringing them to climax in a matter of seconds.

Gagger: You’ve developed a fetish for having your air supply cut off during sex, usually by having something inserted in your throat. You now derive sexual pleasure from and will seek to gag yourself when performing oral sex from now on.

Magical Mouth: You’ve learned the ultimate in giving oral pleasure: The Magical Mouth (quite literally)! You’ve become so proficient at giving head and are so in tune with your mouth that you’re able to focus your magic and release tiny bursts of magical energy inside your mouth that enhance the pleasure you can give both when giving head or kissing. The great thing about this is that since you’re releasing magic inside your body, it’s quickly reabsorbed so that you don’t lose any magic from your reserves! Pleasurable and efficient all in one package!

Oral Compulsion: You love having things in your mouth now, so much so that it’s a compulsion of yours. You will stick your finger in your mouth or anything that you can get your hands on to idly suck or chew and be unable to help yourself. You will also be much more orally adept when using your mouth for sex, and will also use your mouth and tongue to lick and suck different parts of a person’s body when not using them to sexually please your partner’s. If you have something in your mouth and suck on it from now on you will receive a mild boost to all skills and perform at a higher level for fulfilling your compulsion.

Breast Play: You love breasts; they’re simply wonderful bags of fun. You like to suck on them, drink from them, snuggle up to them, and play with them. You also like having your own played with and have even learned how to use them to please your sexual partners.

Lactation: Your breasts can now lactate thanks to an alteration you had done at the temple of Domina. Your breasts are now larger and are capable of producing milk if sucked on or if brought to orgasm, and the supply will never run out for long if drained.

Titjob Professional: You’ve learned how to give expert titjobs as a result of your love for using them during sex! As a result you can now bring your partners to climax easily with using only your tits!

Boob Fascination: You love breasts so much that you are completely fascinated by them! When given the chance, you’ll be a real pervert and try to grope and play with breasts! Sometimes it might be your own, and sometimes it might be someone else’s! You’re smart, however, and won’t try to do it so blatantly in public…unless a particularly delicious pair of breasts are presented to you!

Boob-gasms: It turns out that your enhanced sensitivity makes it so you can have orgasms just from breasts stimulation alone. Isn’t that nifty?

Ear-gasms: Your natural heightened sensitivity allows you to have orgasms from having only your half-elf ears stimulated. Weird.

Ass-gasms: Because of your increased natural sensitivity you find that you can receive orgasms solely from having your anus played with or penetrated. Who needs pesky vaginas anyways?

No gag-reflex: Thanks to Lula’s help you know how to properly control your gag reflex, allowing you to deep throat with ease, or put other large objects down your throat.

Voyeurism: You watched other people have sex from a distance and you really, really like it. You like watching others have sex and get highly aroused by the act. You’re close enough that you might be considered a peeping tom!

Exhibitionism: You have bared yourself in all manner of situations and you love to expose your body. You feel absolutely no shame from the act, and in fact you rather enjoy it and prefer walking around in barely any clothing or none at all.

Exhibitionist at Heart: You love exposing yourself a whole lot. You’ve done it so much and like it just as much that you feel completely confident exposing yourself no matter what. In fact, if you don’t wear scant clothing or nothing at all then you just don’t feel right. While nude or in scant attire you’ll find that you’re more charming, more aroused, and people and enemies are more distracted.

Less is More: You absolutely love showing yourself off, and as an unexpected result you find that when you wear nothing at all, or very little, that you can move and dodge attacks slightly better than when covered in less revealing outfits.

Exhibitionistic Power: There’s nothing wrong at all with your body, or anyone else’s for that matter, and you love to show it off to others! You also don’t really like clothing all that much and prefer to be naked, or wearing hardly anything, if at all possible. You won’t suffer any negative consequences if you are clothed, but when you aren’t wearing any clothing, or very little, then you’ll find that you can focus better. You’ll find that, with your better focus, you’ll be better at virtually everything you do by a small margin. Now get out there and flaunt what you’ve got!

Woman Lover: You love being with women…in more ways than one, and have learned how to please women extremely well and you know what women want. As a result, when having sex with women you can bring them greater pleasure. You can also charm and seduce women better, and you may even be able to seduce women that might not usually want to be with another woman.

Degrading Pursuits: After such severe humiliation and degradation, you now thrive off of being put in humiliating and degrading situations. You have no shame, and in fact when you are humiliated and degraded you feel euphoric and let everyone know how much you enjoy it. Some, including yourself at times, would call you sexually depraved.

Courser Language (General): Due to dirty talk during sex and other situations you’ve grown accustomed to the more vulgar words in your vocabulary and now throw in words like “shit”, “fuck”, “dammit”, “motherfucker”, and other words on occasion, usually only when appropriate but sometimes it slips. If you keep this up before long your vocabulary might consist of constant use of slurs and vulgarity.

Bondage Submissive: You’ve been bound and had sex with one or more dominant partners many times, and perhaps in extreme circumstances, and as a result you find you love to be in submissive bondage roles. You will always prefer to be tied up in nearly any bondage situation and will comply with the demands of more dominant sexual partners easily when tied up, and you may even comply with some submissive partners as well. It’s in its complete stage; there’s no going back for you. If you’re tied up or there’s an option to be tied up, then you will always take it and be as submissive as possible.

Bound Arousal: You’ve been tied up a whole lot before and as a result you find that you’re more easily aroused and you have a higher sex drive when tied up. Works in tandem with other arousal and libido altering perks and effects.

Bondage Submissive’s Sixth Sense: You’ve developed a sort of sixth sense when it comes to being tied up in regards to your more dominant partner. Whenever you’re tied up you instinctually know what your dominant partner desires, and you will act accordingly to bring them the most pleasure possible.

Bondage Submissive’s Place: You’ve been tied up so much, and loving every second of it of course, that whenever you’re tied up from now on any and all sexual partners, whether dominant or submissive, will have total control of you. You realize that, when tied up, you feel happy and you give up control and agency of yourself to better serve those around you – you will comply with nearly all demands of your sexual partners and do as they please when tied up, bring them greater pleasure as well as yourself.

Submissive Bondage Trained: Delilah of the temple of Domina has taught you how to be the very best bondage submissive that you can be! Whenever you’re tied up you’ll automatically become extremely submissive, meek, obedient, be willing to serve other’s needs, and be ordered around without complaint…because you’ll love it so much!

Switch-Extreme Dominant (Normal): You have been both submissive and dominant in sexual situations and are capable of being one or the other should the situation call for it. However, you very much prefer being the dominant and have developed your dominance so that you can more easily make others comply with you. You are capable of dominating truly dominant, neutral, and submissive people – truly dominant people are much less troublesome now and the only way you’ll ever be submissive outside of bondage situations is if you allow it; you cannot be forced to be submissive.

Dominant Personality Plus: You’ve been dominant a whole lot lately, and as a result you’ve developed a sort of natural dominant personality. You’ll be much more dominant than those around you at all times, and more forceful and demanding of those around you, but not cruelly so thanks to your heart of gold.

Submissive’s Dominant: You might not be the most dominant person around, but you’ve found that with the right attitude you can dominant submissive people regardless of your own preference. With this you can exert your will on more submissive individuals and make them comply with your wishes both in and out of sex.

Unbridled Will: You are a dominant person, and as a result of your dominance your will has increased to fiery proportions. You will find that your mental fortitude is increased slightly as a result of your dominant independence, and that you have a much easier time dominating dominant individuals. Also, you have a bit of a fiery personality that shows itself from time to time.

Slut Trained: You’ve learned from the best resident slut at the temple of Domina on how to be a better slut! As a result you now act generally sluttier and suggestive in almost all situations and go out of your way to tease everyone around you, on top of thinking more about sex. You also have more stamina and endurance when it comes to sex before wearing out. Also, you may find that certain individuals are more forthcoming when you speak to them.

Permanent Sway: Thanks to Helena’s so called “Slut Training” you’ve learned how to act sexier and sluttier. As a result, you find that swaying your hips provocatively comes as second nature to you and you now have a permanent sway to your steps as a result. This’ll be sure to turn heads!

Lowered Inhibitions: Your inhibitions are lowered thanks to your actions and you find that you don’t mind people getting “touchy” with you in intimate ways, even going so far as to touching your more intimate parts. You’re also more receptive to the sexual advances of others and are willing to participate more readily than before, but nothing too extreme or against your personality and tastes. May affect certain situations.

Mild Mental Break: You’ve been put in extreme sexual situations that have mildly cracked your psyche. You will act more sexual in general and lace normal speech with some innuendo and sex talk in almost all situations now with less of a filter. You’re also more receptive to the lewd behavior of others while acting lewder yourself. Works in tandem with lowered inhibitions in order to seek sexual gratification. You see yourself as a bit of a sex object and sometimes enjoy being treated as such, and will sometimes act like it. Your personality is much more sexually playful, and when lust is at maximum you will lose control and actively seek sex in non-combat situations, regardless of consequences. Further breaks will enhance current effects and further broader sexual spectrum.

Food Play Fetish: You have a fetish for food when it comes to sex, often incorporating it into sex if it is handy. Covering yourself in milk or chocolate, masturbating with cucumbers, drinking out of someone’s crotch or breasts… or having them drink out of yours. Food is not only for eating, but to enhance sex itself!

Skin Sensitivity: Due to repeated dermal exposure to succubus poisons your body has now developed a sensitivity to touch. You receive satisfaction and have developed a sort of subconscious need for touch, and will actively cling to people, rub against them, and touch them when near them or conversing with them. Sexual touching is now completely fine with you.

Masochist: Thanks to repeated use of pain inducing items and techniques during sexual play you now associate pain with pleasure. Pain will increase your arousal and lust so long as it is not extreme.

Sexual Preference: Bisexual (Mind Break): As a result of your mind breaks you are now permanently bisexual. You enjoy the company of both men and women and appreciate their bodies equally… but more than that you appreciate their capacity to bring you sexual gratification whether it be with a vagina or a penis. Both are fair game in your mind.


Tentacle God
Jan 10, 2012
Re: Rift Touched

If the doors are connected to her will we can likely slap a Magic Suppression on her and hope its a Active Spell and not a passive one.

A Freed Keevee can also cause her to lose us as the Demon Imp has shown that he can apparently freely teleport.

Her books likely hold the Key to whatever is pinning the spell much like the Stone that summoned the Slime Tentacles.

Its late here and I don't want to rush but, I definitely want to fight her.
Dec 6, 2009
Re: Rift Touched

X First put on the futa necklace, then ask her about her own, then flirt, then suggest sex, middle level rough/gentleness, try acting dominant (I considered submissive, but she's says she always gets what she wants anyway, so I think we could actually impress her more if we showed some spine rather than simply cowtowing to her), ultimately try to flirt and barter for some info, a scroll or tome on rift touched- or just to get on her good side. If all else fails- I put A as the fallback option.
Sep 16, 2011
Re: Rift Touched

Don't fight, it's extremely unlikely we'd win.

C1. Already said we're too valuable to kill so why not?


Evard's Tentacles of Forced Intrusion
Jan 31, 2012
Re: Rift Touched

A. Right now there is nothing we can do. And I prefer keeping the magical suppression trump card for later. Plus, there is chance we can find a way to weaken her at her home (like contracts to destroy or else).


Tentacle God
Sep 1, 2012
Re: Rift Touched

+1 Tentanari's X. If Brilanka's receptive to us being the dominant, I say we bend her over the table so she's laying on the food and take her from behind. Regardless of the sex details, as long as it happens I am definitely on board for sweet talking her into giving us magical tomes. I would also try to get her to promise to teach us how to cast magic without any outward sign of doing so.

I don't think we could count on Keeve to help us get away. First we'd have to figure out how to break the spell on him, and now he's got her binding ring to him, so even if he could teleport us away, Brilanka would probably just make him bring us back if she even let him get that far.

As bad as I'm sure it is to go with a devil, I don't think we have too much of a choice, I look at it as a chance to gain a lot more power. And devil sex.


Tentacle God
Jan 10, 2012
Re: Rift Touched

(Blahblah RL)

Keevee is freed from his spell if we remove his collar.

Falling back on accepting after trying to be Dominant is really not. Also you all should consider Blossoming Rose if you do, as its a Charm Check.

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