Royal Life, Royal Strife: A Buggy CYOAS


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Nov 15, 2008


tl;dr this is gonna be a CYOAS/Quest relating to MAKING A HIVE and CONQUERING THE WORLD or whatever I guess. We'll see how long it lasts and what is made of it.

Also some Zerg/Tyranid-y aspects I guess?!


It is an ever continuous cycle. A young Royal reaches maturity and leaves home, to find a mate or to, and set up a cozy nest. Explores, expands, exploits and exterminates... Or is exterminated. Yet even an unfortunate end to a Royal's reign might not mean the end of their legacy! Such as it is, our story shall follow the Royal progeny of a freshly exterminated Hive, as barely adult eyes sets upon the distant horizon...


What was the LEGACY of the fallen Royal? What kind of progeny of theirs managed to survive from the sudden fall?

1) A King
2) A Queen
3) A twin pair of King & Queen

Kings are destined since birth for war and conquest, their lives are filled with strife and struggle as they build up a veritable harem of enslaved females to serve as brood mothers for their ever-growing armies. It is a way of life full of risk, as not even their own brood might always agree with the ways of their King. But where the brood might waver in loyalty, it makes up for it with variety; every new brood mother being able to offer a new role for the King to use in exploiting the weaknesses of his adversaries.

Kings recieve a +3 bonus to Might, and their Brood have great Loyalty(150%) that is cumulatively penalized as they acquire more and more different kinds of Brood.

Queens are destined for a far more tender life, but one of hardship and responsibility all the same; unlike their male equivalents they only ever need to mate once in their lives should they so choose. Even if they take suitors or pleasure-slaves after the deed is done for the first time, a Queen may only ever birth one lone kind of brood. A brood shaped by her own heritage and that of her first mate, never to change extremely or with the adaptability of a King's many-mothered brood. On the other hand, unlike a King, the Queen is unlikely to ever have to face dangers of direct combat once a nest has been established, and even less likely to have face her own progeny's loyalty waver.

Queens recieve a +3 bonus to Brain, and their Brood have nearly unbreakable Loyalty(200%) that is unlikely to ever lower as they tend to stick with a single kind of Brood.

The lives of Twins, rare as they might be, is a mixture of both ups and downs of the single King or Queen's way of life. They struggle together and they prosper together, and as the Royal Brother is often on the aggressive path to expand and defend, the Royal Sister is allowed to tend to the hives homeward stability and prosperity. The innate strengths of each Twin may be not quite that of a singular Royal's privileges, but their shared bond is a strength and joy all their own.

A Twin King recieve the usual +3 bonus to Might, but their Brood have only stable Loyalty(120%) to start with, that is as usual penalized as more differing Brood is introduced to the Hive.
A Twin Queen recieve the usual +3 bonus to Brain, but their Brood have only great Loyalty(150%) to start with, which unlike single Queens is penalized as the Twin King acquires additional kinds of Broods for their shared Hive.

Another part of the LEGACY that have shaped the Royal progeny is where they grew up, as surrounding nature have a distinct impact upon the nature of broods, wether Royal or not.

1) Treetops: +2 Guile
2) Grove: +2 Brain
3) Fungi Swamp: +1 Guile/Brain
4) Plains: +2 Brain
5) Hills: +1 Might/Brain
6) Mountains: +2 Might
7) Desert: +1 Might/Guile
8) Abandoned Human Settlement: +2 Brain

What was the HERITAGE the fallen Royal granted their progency? There are many shapes and kinds of Insectoid species out there, as well as the bizarre Humans that stand in stark contrast to Insectoid-kind. Whatever the Royal decided to mate had a great influence on their progeny, and thus the potential future of the young blueblood(s).

1) Beetle: +3 Might, Hardy & Tough
2) Wasp: +2 Might & +1 Guile, Venomous & Flight
3) Scorpion: +2 Might & +1 Guile, Venomous & Hardy
4) Bee: +2 Brain & +1 Might, Industrious & Flight, +10% Loyalty
5) Spider: +2 Guile & +1 Brain, Web & Venomous
6) Moth: +3 Guile, Sleep Powder & Flight
7) Butterfly: +3 Brain, Magic & Flight
8) Ant: +2 Might & +1 Brain, Industrious & Hardy, +10% Loyalty
9) Human: +1 Might, +1 Guile & +1 Brain, Hardy

Beetles are the largest and most powerful species among the Insectoids, capable of surviving just about anywhere or anything that might befall them. Slow to anger, most of the other Insectoids and Humans alike prefer to steer clear of Beetle nesting grounds.

Wasps are the largest of the flight-capable Insectoids, the most aggressive and territorial ones as well. Woe to anyone that rise their ire, as poisoned stingers will undoubtedly incapacitate them swiftly after the fact!

Scorpions are ground-bound Insectoids with wickedly long tails tipped with a stinger just as potent as those of Wasps, but much like Beetles they are hardy ones capable of surviving in harsh environments where lesser Insectoids would fall.

Bees are the ever-dutiful workers among the flight-capable Insectoids, buzzing about collecting honey and various other substances and materials in service of their Royalty. Their loyal nature is a boon for any Royal they might serve, and are often 'acquired' by Kings for that aspect alone.

Spiders are often disputed and argued over by Humans wether or not they are part of the Insectoid race. The Spiders do not care for such discussion, not unless it means distracted Humans end up walking obliviously into their strong webs. Spiders rarely say no to guests, be it ones to have for dinner or ones to savor by other, more intimate, means before they inevitably expire.

Moths are the tricksters and scumbags of the Insectoids, something their fluff-covered bodies hardly clues unknowing victims in on until it is too late. With their flight and capability of creating a gust of sleep-inducing powder with their fluttery wings they are hard prey to corner, and have an easy time pursuing whatever plaything they've spotted to have a bit of sleepy playtime with.

Butterflies, while similiar in appearance to the vile Moths, are the gentlest of the Insectoids. Most of them are almost pacifistic by nature, but likewise often preyed upon by others due to their inherent magical nature. Humans in particular are fascinated with Moths, be it for their gentle nature as potential allies, or their magical nature as potential ingredients for vile concoctions. Being capable of flight does help them in avoiding an unfortunate demise by some demented Human alchemist or would-be wizard.

Ants are much alike the Bees in being industrious and unwaveringly loyal, but they are not capable of flight much unlike their cousins always darting to and from high above them. Ants make up for it in being wrought from a hardier stock, capable of surviving where the Bees might not.

Humans are the oddest of them all, as they aren't even Insectoids! They are even unfailingly divided and individualistic, and sorely lacking in special traits beyond being able to survive just about anywhere, somehow! A real pest for Insectoids everywhere to deal with, and unapologeticly troublesome dealing with due to their non-conforming nature. Some Insectoid Royals view such quirks as something novel or even tantalizing, while others only view Humans as rowdy barbarians only fit to be brought into the orderly fold of the Hives!

[No matter which choice of race, Royals always have +5 to Might, Guile and Brain, as well as capability of Flight. The Race stats are doubled for Kings and Queens]
[Even if Humans are chosen, there will be some generic insectoid features attached, as this is just deciding the -Heritage- of the buggy progeny we'll be following!]

And just before we move onto the second stage of setting up the story of the surviving progeny, a few additional things to sort out...


What kinds of shapes do the Royal Insectoid Males come in?
1) Monsterboys (Mostly human with odd arms/legs, skin pigmentation, head endowments and tails)
2) Monstrous Humanoids (Mostly humanoid shape, but largely and essentially anthropomorphic/furry bugs)
3) Both of the Above

What kind of shapes do the Royal Insectoid Females come in?
1) Monstergirls
2) Monstrous Humanoids
3) Both of the Above

What kind of shape does the King progeny come in? (If King or Twins, if Both are possible in the world)
1) Monsterboy
2) Monstrous Humanoid

What kind of shape does the Queen progeny come in? (If Queen or Twins, if Both are possible in the world)
1) Monstergirl
2) Monstrous Humanoid

Home Biome: 

Male Shapes: 
Female Shapes: 

King Shape: 
Queen Shape:
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May 27, 2016
Re: Royal Life, Royal Strife: A Buggy CYOAS

Royalty: A King
Home Biome: Mountains
Heritage: Ant

Male Shapes: Monstrous Humanoids
Female Shapes: Monstergirls

King Shape: Monstrous Humanoids


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Nov 21, 2008
Re: Royal Life, Royal Strife: A Buggy CYOAS

Royalty: 3
Home Biome: 5
Heritage: 1

Male Shapes: 3
Female Shapes: 1

King Shape: 2
Queen Shape: 1


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May 10, 2014
Re: Royal Life, Royal Strife: A Buggy CYOAS

Royalty: Queen
Home Biome: Grove
Heritage: Butterfly

Male Shapes: Monsterboys
Female Shapes: Monstergirls

King Shape: Monsterboy
Queen Shape: Monstergirl


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May 5, 2009
Re: Royal Life, Royal Strife: A Buggy CYOAS

Royalty: 3) Twins
Home Biome: 5) Hills
Heritage: 4) Bees

Male Shapes: 2) Monsterous Humanoid
Female Shapes: 1) Monstergirls

King Shape: 1) Monsterman
Queen Shape: 1) Monsterwoman


You only fill out both if your voting for Twins.
I believe it will also affect kings and queens you encounter at large, not just your own hive. If not... eh?
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Nov 15, 2008
Re: Royal Life, Royal Strife: A Buggy CYOAS

One post, for voting, and no more. If someone does a mistake, leave it to me to correct it instead. That is all.
Apr 24, 2016
Re: Royal Life, Royal Strife: A Buggy CYOAS

Royalty: 3
Home Biome: 6
Heritage: 1

Male Shapes: 2
Female Shapes: 1

King Shape: 2
Queen Shape: 1



Sep 23, 2009
Re: Royal Life, Royal Strife: A Buggy CYOAS

Heritage: SPIDU (also I am going fucking nuts about how everything else is like +2 A, B & C but humans are +1 A, +1 B, +1 C)

Male Shapes: BOFFADEM
Female Shapes: BOFFADEM

King Shape: MONBOY


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Feb 4, 2011
Re: Royal Life, Royal Strife: A Buggy CYOAS

Royalty: 3
Home Biome: 3
Heritage: 6

Male Shapes: 3
Female Shapes: 3

King Shape: 2
Queen Shape: 2


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Apr 3, 2016
Re: Royal Life, Royal Strife: A Buggy CYOAS

Royalty: Twincest is wincest
Home Biome: 8
Heritage: 4 because I played too much CoC when I was younger

Male Shapes: Double or nothin
Female Shapes: Double or nothin

King Shape: Monstaboi
Queen Shape:Monstagrill

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Nov 21, 2008
Re: Royal Life, Royal Strife: A Buggy CYOAS


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Sep 4, 2009
Re: Royal Life, Royal Strife: A Buggy CYOAS



Inconsequential derp vote of the Gaun


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Apr 9, 2010
Re: Royal Life, Royal Strife: A Buggy CYOAS

Royalty: 3
Home Biome: 5
Heritage: 1

Male Shapes: 2
Female Shapes: 3

King Shape: 2
Queen Shape: 2

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May 22, 2011
Re: Royal Life, Royal Strife: A Buggy CYOAS

Royalty: 2
Home Biome: 7
Heritage: 1

Male Shapes: 1
Female Shapes: 1

King Shape: 1
Queen Shape:1


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Nov 15, 2008
Re: Royal Life, Royal Strife: A Buggy CYOAS

NOTE: One post to vote with, and optional arguements as to why you vote for such. I would prefer if people tried to band bandwagon over how the King & Queen are likely to interact with oneanother, but if you don't I guess I'll get to sort out the mess myself.

Primary Biome: 
Secondary Biome: 

The Where: 
The Why: 

Desires: / 
Dispositions: /

Non-Royal Males Shape: 
Non-Royal Females Shape: 

The Invaders:
Royalty: Twins
Home Biome: Hills
Heritage: Beetle

Male Shapes: Monsterboys & Monstrous Humanoids
Female Shapes: Monstergirls

King Shape: Monstrous Humanoid
Queen Shape: Monstergirl

-1st Vote Tally-
1 King: 2
2 Queen: 2
3 Twins: 10

Home Biome:
1 Tree: 1
2 Grov: 1
3 Fngi: 1
4 Plns:
5 Hill: 4
6 Mnts: 3
7 Dsrt: 2
8 AbHS: 2

1 Beet: 5
2 Wasp:
3 Scrp:
4 Bee : 2
5 Spdr: 4
6 Moth: 1
7 Brfl: 1
8 Ant : 1
9 Humn:

Male Shapes:
1 Mamo 3
2 Mons 4
3 Both 7

Female Shapes:
1 Mamo 8
2 Mons
3 Both 6

King Shape:
1 Mamo 6
2 Mons 8

Queen Shape:
1 Mamo 10
2 Mons 4

Having lost their former home and birthplace, and having reached maturity, the progeny decides to head elsewhere to lick their wounds and pride. A place to start their own HIVE, to see if they might succeed where their predecessor failed. WHERE would they create their own NEST?
[Biomes will have a stat bonus for the Twin's Brood, as well as vaguely determine other aspects]
[The Twins will acclimate and gain the pros/cons of their chosen Nest biome, stacking with that of their birthplace]
[Yes, if Hill gets chosen a second time they become Double-Hill Beetles]
[IMPORTANT: As Beetles have the "Hardy" trait, they are less affected by Food and Growth penalties in a Biome than other Insectoids!]

[Determines Nest Potential, a + denotes greater(or worse) effect]
1) Treetops: +2 Guile, More Food, Less Growth, Better Fortification, Less Invasions
2) Grove: +2 Brain, More Food+, Worse Fortification, More Invasions
3) Fungi Swamp: +1 Guile/Brain, Less Growth, Less Invasions
4) Plains: +2 Brain, More Food, More Growth+, Worse Fortification
5) Hills: +1 Might/Brain, Better Fortification
6) Mountains: +2 Might, Less Food, More Growth, Better Fortification, Less Invasions
7) Desert: +1 Might/Guile, Less Food+, Worse Fortification, Less Invasions+
8) Abandoned Human Settlement: +2 Brain, Less Food+, More Growth, Better Fortification+, More Invasions(Humans), Less Invasions+(Non-Human)

[Improves, reduces or nullifies Nest Potential of Primary Biome]
A) Forgettable(Default): Less Invasions
B) Underground: +1 Might, Less Growth, Better Fortification
C) Magic Moon Rock: +1 Brain, Gains Magic Trait, More Invasions+, More Mutations
D) Miasma: +1 Guile, Less Food, Less Invasions+, More Mutations
E) Bountiful: More Food, More Invasions, Better Loyalty+

Finding an ideal place to create a NEST at wouldn't be too difficult for the flight-capable progeny, but there were important matters to consider in regards to the where and why in relation to the tragic fate of their predecessor.

1) Short distance from Birthplace
2) Moderate distance from Birthplace
3) Long distance from Birthplace

A) To prepare for taking back what is rightfully theirs!
B) To start a new life away from the dangerous invaders!
C) Undecided, maybe even divided, on what to plan for!
D) Other

Twin progeny is a rare thing indeed, a rare gift for any Royalty, and a rare experience to live. Only Royalty sharing such a rare bond are capable of sharing the burdens of leadership equally between one another... But a King is always a King, just as a Queen is always a Queen, which sometimes complicate matters; one born to conquer many mates for the sake of flexibility and variety of their Broods, the other born to very carefully select whom to mate with in order to ensure a stable future of their Hive.

It is not uncommon for young Queens to seek out a suitable male of their own kind, forgoing their only chance at creating an exotic Brood of two differing bloodlines... But a Twin Queen have the opportunity to have both, given how they have a brother to provide the more exotic flavors of Broods for their shared Hive. And if the Twin Queen desires pureblooded Broods, she wouldn't even have to go looking for a suitable mate. But then, it is also not unheard of that Twin Kings suggest, or even force, such an opportunity upon their sister for similiar reasons...

1) Desires to conquer mates of his own, refusing to claim his sister no matter what
2) Desires to conquer any female he finds suitable, especially his own sister due to being so readily available
3) Desires to conquer any female he finds suitable, and would not be opposed to being his sister's first

A) Desires to conquer a suitable mate of her own choosing
B) Desires to conquer her own brother, no matter what it takes
C) Desires a mate, any will do, either of her own choosing or if her brother offers

And now for some additional votes to wrap up the 2nd Vote Stage, and hopefully get things started in the next update!

[No matter how the King and Queen feels unto eachother, they will always remain together]

1) The King loves his Queen, what kind of love depends on previous votes
2) The King tolerates his Queen, out of necessity
3) The King dislikes his Queen, but they are destined to be together all the same
4) Other

A) The Queen loves her King, what kind of love depends on previous votes
B) The Queen tolerates her King, out of necessity
C) The Queen dislikes her King, but they are destined to be together all the same
D) Other

1) Monsterboy
2) Monstrous Humanoid
3) Feral/Beast
4) Monstrous Humanoid & Feral
5) Monsterboy & Feral
6) All three sorts

1) Monstergirl
2) Monstrous Humanoid
3) Both

1) Humans
2) Beetles
3) Wasps
4) Scorpions
5) Bees
6) Spiders
7) Moths
8) Butterflys
9) Ants

10) Goddamn Elves Ruining Everything For Everyone Forever

[Just some dumb sample images of how various ROYALS might look, and Non-Royals depending on how votes go. Not conclusive or indicative but might be to some degree I suppose]
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