RPG Fantia Active RPG Maker [しがのま] パンドラの森 ~ソウセイの淫魔と堕落の牧場~ RJ240327

Dan Druff

Jungle Girl
Jun 2, 2015

Developer Shiganoko しがのこ has been using Fantia to support the game and put out a DLSite announcement page about a week ago.

This is a futanari reverse-rape crossdressing RPG with a rudimentary cooking system for survival in a forest. The game has day and night phases plus hunger and stamina gauges to manage. The demo is the entire first area complete with boss encounter and a bad ending should the player lose to the boss. The player learns early that there's a weird aura which makes physical attacks pleasurable, thus losing all his hit points causes orgasm. There is no game over if you lose to regular enemies; they just have their fun with the player and kick him back an area or two.

Controls are arrow keys to move, Z to interact and choose, X to cancel or bring up menu, and Shift in conjunction with arrow key makes the character run.

The game takes place in Eropia which is being overrun by futanari succubi. The hero Gawain was brought in to investigate one of many human farms where young men were being kidnapped and harvested for their semen. The demo ends with an encounter with Regina, the first boss who runs one of the human farms.

The game should come out May 2019; Shiganoko has put so much work into this game, and he even went so far as to include a wonky and incomplete English translation to the best of his ability for the foreigners. He's looking for help with English translation since his English is very limited.
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