The everyday life of a Neko Miko

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Apr 26, 2012
Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko

I've amended Milleen's current HP in case it matters (unlikely), Raven healed her and I didn't add that. Probably finishing the update when I can't sleep again.
So she's at 5hp.

As for fighting skill, Mariko gets +2 to attack and +1 defence with her Naganata.
Milleen gets +1 to melee attack, +2 to thrown and -1 defence when duel wielding. (axes are not designed for parries) But extra damage due to duel wielding.
They are just unlucky.

Update: I am working on the update, life has just been in the way a bit, I've put this here rather than as a new post as to not cause people to expect an update and be disappointed.
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Apr 26, 2012
Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko

Sorry about the delay, I've been having a bit of writers block.
as such I'll drop the first half of the update to give the chance to add anything they want to know.

Hearing that was all the incentive she needed to leave sharply, “Milleen we're going.” She says as she rushes out of the door leaving a confused Milleen to try and catch up.
As she darts out of the guild Max tries to address her “Ah Mari.”
“sorrygottagocatchyoulaterbye” is all he gets as she rushes out of the building, leaving Max bewildered.

The journey back was thankfully an uneventful one, but one that leaves Milleen exhausted when she finally caught up upon reaching the top of the steps leading to the shrine. “Why, are, we, running” she says between breaths.
“Basically them and their boss” Mariko motions towards the two guards stood either side of the path leading into the shrine grounds.
The two guards stood there do not react too their passing.

As they enter the living area they overhear some of the conversation. Mariko signals to Milleen to stay quiet so they have the drop in case things get messy. In the room around the table are Aoi and the Patrician. His personal guard is stood behind him.
“You're a smart girl and one of noble birth, surely you have had enough of living in the squalor of this broken down shrine to a false god.”
“My answer is the same it has always been, no, my place is here with my family, not playing the doll for someone who only wants my position and not me.”
“That damn were-cat doesn't know family, she's just another of the local monsters. She wants to possess you the same way a goblin would.”
“And you are any different?” Aoi's face takes a dark and terrifying turn “You might also want to be careful about careless behaviour around an alchemy lab, accidents have been known to happen.”
“Watch your tone you damn brat, do you know who you're talking too?” The guard steps forwards drawing his sword.
“Do you?” before either Aoi or Mariko could react Milleen was next to the guard with her axes too his throat.
“What?” come the shocked comments from both the guard and patrician.
“Cat got'cha tongue clanky?”
A tense silence fills the room until Mariko walks in and says “Milleen dear, do try to avoid shedding blood on sacred soil.”
“No buts, both of you, weapons away. Now.” Mariko adds with a threatening tone.

The guard looks hesitant but the Patrician says “Stand down, we were in the wrong here. I should watch my tongue and not insult the sister of the one I am trying to talk to politically.”
The guard puts his away first. “Of course sir. And my, getting angry over that was petty. I apologise.” Be says bowing to Aoi as soon as Milleen removes her Axe.
“As our privacy has been shattered we will take out leave, I do hope you'll come to your senses soon.”
Aoi just sneers.
As they leave the Patrician mutters to Mariko as he passes. “Keep your bitch on a tighter leach. We wouldn't want to have to put it down now.”
Mariko uncharacteristically calm responds “Sanctuary act, keep your own dog under control.”
After they have all gone Aoi turn to the pair. “I'm sorry you had to see that.”
“He try to coerce you into marriage often?”
“You saw that too then?”
“You know what nobility are like, if he marries me it will solidify his position and makes him have a short at the duchy if my aunt continues to not bare children.”
“Hmm, I ask is you warn me before her next visit, she sees my existence as a blight oh her family. In-spite, or perhaps because of me being the child of a previous marriage.”
“Wow, this is heavy, I thought I had it rough.”

After a moment of the three thinking of their less pleasant experiences Aoi breaks the silence.
“Why don't you two go and clean up, you are still covered in what appears to be a combination of slime and blood.”
“Probably a good idea, you want the first one?”
“I'm fine, I don't need a bath” Milleen says with slight panic in her voice.
“If you're intend on serving me you're staying clean.”
“I'll go, guard the perimeter” Milleen tries to flee but gets grabbed by Mariko.
“You have chosen the hard way then, very well” Mariko drags Milleen to the bath with her thrashing all the while.
After they have left Aoi muses to herself “it seems things will be livening up around here.”

At the dinner table they will have a discussion about matters, including fighting styles for better team work and such.
Mariko will also finally get her answer about why Mariko knew who she was.

While I work on the next update, are their any questions what people wanted to pose to Milleen or Aoi?

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Apr 26, 2012
Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko

Sorry for the delay, real life stuff happened. Hopefully this will get me back onto my regular schedule.
I'm hoping that I managed to keep this flowing in spite of my constant stop and starts during it.

While the girls wash up Aoi prepares dinner of rice and local mushrooms from the hills out back, Aoi makes a point of checking for interesting plants for alchemy and so probably knows the local flora better than anyone on the island.
Once Mariko and Milleen return in simple robes after their bath they all dig into the meal.
The meal is quiet, as a combination of simple manners and Milleen pouting from being forced to wash.
Afterwards Aoi speaks first, “come now, it can't have been that bad can it?”
“I, dislike being in situations where I am unarmed. As I've had other kobold warriors make attempts on my life, I've found bathing akin to painting a target on my back.”After a slight hesitation in the air Mariko asks “I suppose that has something to do with a female officer in a patriarchal society, one far more rigid than ours” she adds pre-empting Aoi's question.
“Basically, yes. Kobold women are supposed to keep the hearth fires burning and look after the tribes home essentials, their jobs will by extension be things like tailoring, cooking and the like, for groups prior to marriage, for family after.”“So not unlike humanity a few decades back”“Exactly, my mother is the, was, the overseers wife, and her child was prophesied to be a warrior that will lead the clan from ruin in it's moment of darkness. I'm an only child, my mother died in childbirth. As such I was trained from birth to be a leader, and a warrior, but I need more skill on that front.” Milleen rubs her head near the injury.
“That comes with experience and practice, first time I used magic deliberately, I burned an acre of forest down”“People do still go pale if they think I have alchemical explosives on me.”“Long story short though, my position is not popular among many.”

After a few minutes chatting about rookie errors the trio made in their early days Mariko changes the subject
“Anyway, about that explanation”“Oh! I forgot about that, My father adventured with yours, your mother too I think, this was before the shrine and our mines were established. He told me many a story and how two of his companions settled down together and had a daughter. They kept in contact.”“Oh, yes, father mentioned he travelled with a kobold warrior in his days adventuring with Mr Max and Miss Eve.”“Back up a second, father was an adventure?”Aoi realises what she admitted and puts on a sheepish expression.
“Oh right, I wasn't supposed to tell you. He was concerned you'd run away to become an adventurer based on his stories alone. Well I suppose that became moot considering our finances.”“Keeping secrets from me aside, why exactly did he think I'd runaway for fame and glory?”“Because you killed two goblins when you were six.” “She did what?!” exclaims Milleen in shock
“That was caused by two goblins attacking the shrine, in my shock I accidentally called upon the divine energy of our god, the land behind the shrine bears the scar and I was unconscious for a week, not exactly adventurer material.”“One of them was clearly killed with a dagger, the one that you were training with because you 'wanted to become strong and defend the shrine and innocents from evil.'”“Really?” Mariko tilts her head slightly “I have absolutely no recollection of that day at all, that ability has a nasty backlash, apparently I was lucky to not lose my memories entirely, or have some other equally unpleasant effect.”“Please never use that ability again.”“I haven't, nor do I wish too, it's really a 'last resort' sort of deal.”

Milleen doesn't interrupt while Aoi continues trying to convince Mariko that there must always be better resorts. But she does think about the fact the crowd she's signed up with seems a surprisingly dangerous one.

After dinner Aoi takes the pots and cleans them while Milleen and Mariko talk tactics so they both know the best ways to work In a team.

Milleen's Bio
Marshal Milleen: Timber wolf kobold
5ft 1in
Eyes: green/grey
Bust: A
Short grey and white hair

Axe (duel) +1
Axe (thrown) +2
Defence W/duel -1
Stealth +2
Tracking +1

Sweep: forward arc attack, 1en
Whirlwind: attacks all foes within reach, 1en but -2 to all attack rolls

Twin axes
armour pieces (offer 1 point of armour).

Afterwards Aoi goes for her bath and Mariko heads to seal the rune-stone in sealing jar. Milleen retires early to sleep off her headache, while she was offered use of the spare room (it was their parents) Milleen insists on staying in the communal area so she can guard better against any attacks during the night, so a futon was laid out for her in there. The others are quick to retire too as it was a rather arduous day for them all.

The morning came almost too quickly for Milleen who didn't emerge from her futon until breakfast was put onto the table. Mariko chose not to wake her when she went for her morning exercises, the reason was between her not wanting to have someone serving her out of a misguided sense of 'duty' and the injury she sustained yesterday. Aoi on the other had was yet to be informed of the situation, not that she would care to be waited on either.

Breakfast was a simple affair, soup and some leftover bread given to Aoi by the baker's wife.
After which the trio gathered their belongings and headed for town for their respective tasks.
After stepping out of the shrine and taking a deep breath Mariko speaks first.
“You have to love the crisp morning air”Milleen yawns “too early. . .” and trails off muttering.
Aoi whispers to Mariko “aren't solder types normally awake by now?”“Kobolds tend to be nocturnal. About 60% of their sub-species dislike bright lights. While Milleen isn't one of those, their culture tends to reflect this.”

Perception check: failed
The group walked towards the town chatting happily until Suddenly Aoi was caught in a snare and dragged part way up a tree and was suspended in a net.
As the others hurried towards her four humans emerged from behind the trees, they were dressed in leathers and had the look of bandits.
“Damn girl, you cost me twenty gold, I can't believe someone was dumb enough to fall into that.”
“Less chatter more capture, you remember what we were told? Then hop to it!” Barked the big guy with the Great axe.

“Milleen, get ready, this could be tough.”

4 bandits, 2 with bows, one with a sword and the leader with a Great axe.

1a) Melee fight.
1b) Fight with spells and special attacks.
1c) suggest tactics.
2) suggest another plan.

Mariko 21HP 5EN
Milleen 15HP 4EN
Aoi 10HP ??EN

We also need a tiebreaker on whether Milleen gets +1HP or +1EN.


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Sep 21, 2011
Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko

Glad to see this back! I'll tiebreaker for +1 HP, something tells me we'll need it.

Bandits are not well known for their magical ability, and engaging them in physical combat might not be wise.

I'll suggest 1b, let's go MAGIC on em!

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Apr 26, 2012
Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko

Due to the delay I should probably remind people. Marikos magic is enhancement and melee range, in case that matters.


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Sep 21, 2011
Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko

Still better than trying to thump em on the head, something tells me.

I'll stick with my choice.


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May 10, 2014
Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko

1b) Use magic to increase Mariko's damage.

Since two of the bandits are using bows and our girls are melee-only try to use the other bandits as shields. I.e. try to keep Mariko's opponent between her and one of the bowmen so that only one of the tow can shoot at her. The same goes for Milleen and the other bandit. Of course, it would be best if they can get close and attack the bowmen directly, but that seems out of the question for now.

Is there any cover our girls can use?

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Apr 26, 2012
Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko

Not without running into the trees as they are on the road, but doing so leaves Aoi unattended if they want any real cover.

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Apr 26, 2012
Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko

Update time, and +1 hp for Milleen making it 16 total it is.

The leader speaks out before anything happens, “Tough? Girlie we have you companion in a net, throw down them weapons before she gets hurt ok?"

Mariko and Milleen glance and each other and nod. This was the signal to make a charge while they are expecting panic or surrender.

“The fu...?!” Lthe leader exclaims as Milleen darts past him and the swordsman sweeping her axes at the archers. They manage to leap back in time, forcing them away from Aoi but lose their footing somewhat due to the surprise.
As the Melee fighters spin around to suport them they find a wall of flame in their faces, giving them both second degree burns on their faces and arms.
Bandit leader and swordsman take 4 damage.

"You, are fighting me" Mariko states as she readies her naganata.

Both archers try to fire at Milleen in a hurry but both arrows are deflected by the kobold keeping them within striking distance.
The melee bandit however turn on Mariko whom deftly sidesteps the leaders great-axe but takes a graze from the swordsman as she stumbles when trying to dodge both.
At this point the swordsman and leader take the chance form up to fight more efficiently.
Mariko takes 1 damage And is off her footing.

Milleen keeps pressing on the archers using another sweep. Both Archers however manage to evade once again, one of them even manages to clear enough distance to get a clear shot, not that it helps him as Milleen deflects both of her arrows again.
The melee assailants take her poor footing as a chance to attack in sync in a bid to finish her in one go but Mariko manages to get her footing due to their delay and backflips the attack while engulfing her weapon in flame as they close the distance she made.
This proved to be a mistake as Mariko swept her blade in counter to this and removed the swordsman's head in one swing. This however meant she was unable to move out of the axe's way in time and takes the full swing on the axe into her side cutting deeply, a blow that could have proved fatal if not for her chest-guard redirecting it slightly.
Swordsman is dead, Mariko takes 8 damage.

Milleen is still proving to be inaccurate as she brings her axes down upon the closest archer as he keep trying, and failing, to gain distance on her. The archer ducks and loses his ponytail as the axe almost scalps him.
In response to this both archers run in opposite directions to flank her, an effective tactic as she takes one arrow to her calf, but ducks the other on successfully.
Milleen takes 5 damage.

Mariko at 12
Milleen at 11

Keeping her on the defence the leader swings his axe around again to get her other side, blinded by rage he misjudges the finesse of the filim. Mariko flips over his axe and used gravity to power the momentum of her strike brining her Naganata down and cleaving his leg off, the leader fall to the ground screaming and passing out from systemshock and blood loss within moments.
Upon confirming the bandit had fallen she straightens up and dismisses the flame wall so that she can run in and assist Milleen, whom was finaly acting like she could fight worth a damn and got a deep gash down one of the archers faces as she did this.
Archer 1 takes 3damage.

In response to this both archers both aim for Milleen in a flanking formation to try and take her out before Mariko gets into the fray, but only suceed in hitting the tree she used to spring off to evade them.
Mariko them charges into the unharmed archer to prevent such a move again, missing by a hair but preventing him from shooting at Milleen again. Mileen whom attacks the injured archer and cleaves his bow in half as he defends with it.

Realising they can no longer gain ground the archer with a bow cast it aside and goes for his dagger as the newly disarmed one does the same. Mariko sees this coming and steps back but Mileen tried to press the offensive and gets a cut across the side of her abdomen as a result.
Mileen takes 2 damage.

Immediately lunging forwards as soon as she touches the ground with her dodge Mariko impales the archer clean through his left lung.
Milleen at this point retaliates to the cut with brutal head butt smashing the archers nose and covering her face in blood.
Archer 1 takes 7 damage and archer 2 takes a further 3.

Aoi whom has gone ignored this whole time finally manages to free herself from the net and jumps down to the ground.

Both archers realising that they have lost shout something in an arcane sounding language and then chug a potion, the one with a hole in his lung coughing blood as he does so.
As their body begins to distort they attack the girls in a single minded fury, Milleen gets slammed into a tree and stunned but Mariko uses her superior reflexes to jump back a few times to survey what is happening.
Milleen critically hit for 5 (6-1 for armour)

Milleen is at 3hp

Mariko seeing that the bandits are bulking up muscularly rapidly tried to attack the bandit before her before his transformation finished but gets knocked back by a wild swing.
Milleen simply rises to her feet and tried to get her bearings as the other archer charges at her. It doesn't make it t oher though as Aoi throws a flask at the side of it's head that explodes on contact, finishing the archer off

Due to being knocked away a moment ago Mariko expected the second swing and jumped to the side in time to avoid it., but trips over a loose cobblestone.
As the archer closes in on her the remaining bandit gets Milleen's axe thrown into the back of his head and falls on the floor motionlessly.

The girls have successfully defended themselves.

After catching their breath Aoi speaks up first “You're wounded, hold still, I'll use some ointment on that.”
“There might more nearby, we should make for town quickly and patch up there.”

Choise time
1) Agree with Milleen and make for town immediately
2) Agree with Aoi and take a breather before going to town. Includes the ointment.
3) Other, this may be on top of A or B.

I may also have made that fight a bit more violent that people want, do let me know if that's the case.


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May 10, 2014
Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko

How close are the girls to town? Also, could you remind me what are their ages?

Anyway, vote:
First scout the surrounding area for any danger, just in case the fighting attracted the attention of something (like a hungry animal). Next get healed - no need to take chances, especially since Milleen is almost knocked out. Finally search the bodies of the bandits for anything of value and for any clues why they attacked them, and also search the surrounding area (just in case).

After all of that go to town. What to do there will be decided when we get there, I guess.

P.S.: The fight was fine. I really enjoyed it and I wouldn't call it too violent.

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Apr 26, 2012
Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko

Weird, I went to check her bio and it's vanished from the thread.
Although I think I may not have mentioned them all; Mariko is 20, Aoi is 17 and Milleen is 16.
As loli content is forbidden on the forum, I will stay away from anything younger unless I discover that just written is fine. Just a heads up for anyone who may want such a character.

They are near the T-junction where the goblin incident happened. So about an hour away if they hustle. One an a half if they don't.

And as they don't seen to be present anymore.

Mariko and Aoi's bios
Seems I never added Aoi's age to hers.

Can't say I'm happy with the sketch on the left.
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May 10, 2014
Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko

Thanks, I wanted to make sure Aoi is old enough for sex. Though I guess it will be best to not mention age at all, so that if anything below 18 is too young you can easily change their ages.

Since they are this far from the town healing first definitely seems like the better choice.

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Apr 26, 2012
Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko

Just to clarify, are you voting to scout the immediate area and check again afterwards, or was that an unintentional repeat of searching the area?


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May 10, 2014
Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko

What I meant is:
1) Scout the surrounding area for any danger (more bandits, hostile animals, etc.)
2) Get healed
3) Search the bodies of the bandits for anything of value as well as any clues who they might be and why they attacked the girls. Also search around to see if they dropped anything during the battle
4) Finally continue to town

I guess I wasn't very clear on the difference between the first and third point.

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Apr 26, 2012
Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko

“It's over an hour to town, and this area is not as safe as it has been, perhaps the guards who patrol the roads are getting complacent. Aoi, Patch Milleen up, I'll check the immediate area in case there are more, or perhaps random beasts attracted by the battle.”
“Then we should ...”
Milleen starts to rise.
“You, can barely stand, sit here and let me patch you up.”
“If anything goes wrong shout me, I'll do the same, I won't go far. If I'm not back by the time you're done, search the bandit trash for clues as to why they were apparently targeting us particularly.”

With that said Mariko searches the immediate woodland, keeping her eyes and ears peeled for any sounds of life.
Perhaps being overly aware was the issue. By the time Mariko registered the sound of music she was already following the sound deeper into the forest.
AN: In case anyone is interested, I chose to treat this as the random encounter's perception check, which she sadly failed in-spite of racial and active searching bonuses, other monster types would have simply jumped her on the spot.
Resistance roll: Pass

Mariko managed to snap herself back into the right state of mind just as she steps onto the edge of a clearing. In the centre of which is a satyr clad only in a kilt made of animal furs sitting on a log playing a enchanting melody on his lyre.
Next to him stands a harpy with her clothing by her feet, swaying slightly to the sounds of the song.
Content that she in enraptured he stops playing and walks over to her to savour his prize.

The goat-man trots over to the harpy, whom is still staring blankly with a blissful expression, making a slight gasp as the only response to him softly kissing her neck and resting his right hand on what little breast she has.
Kneading it he moves his tongue down and begins to taste the other without stopping his hand.
After a few moments he lies her down starts to rub her vaginal lips starting to work his way into the moistening slit, causing the harpy to moan softly which he reached to lift up his kilt.

Mariko having shaken off the enchantment realising that this Satyr is using his music to rape women, and that she could have easily been in the harpy's place storms into the clearing without thinking about her actions and shouts “Hey! What do you thing you're playing at you perverted bastard?”
The satyr simply looks at her and frowns whereas the harpy snaps out of the trance, sees the satyr groping her and panics. Thrashing to kick the satyr off her and grabbing her clothes with her talon before taking a rapid flight out of the grove and to the north.
Satyr is clearly displeased and only says “well, as you have spooked my companion for the night, I guess you will be taking her place” he says unerringly calmly.
“Like hell I will” Mariko readies her naganata.
“It wasn't a request.” As he says this be beings to play his lyre again.

Mariko realising that his music will enrapture her if she is too slow launches into attack but the Satyr ducks to the side and kicks out at her forcing her back.
Enchantment resistance fail, +1 stack
This functions similarly to entanglement, penalties per stack, at 5 they are out of commission.

Mariko takes a swing at the Satyr's arm to stop him playing cutting deep and causing him to cry out in pain, he however managed to keep playing as he kicks her square in the chest-plate knocking her a few feet back
Resistance roll: pass
Satyr takes 6 damage, Mariko takes 5
Mariko brings her blade down in a sweeping arc but the satyr sees this coming and kicks up some dirt distracting her briefly while it attacks, but too briefly to actually connect with the agile girl why leaps above the attack.
Resistance: pass
returning to the earth after her leap Mariko uses a downwards slash and takes one of the satyrs horns and a good chunk of it's face with her strike causing it to stumble back, blinded with both rage and it's own blood. Lashing out with it's remaining horn it gouged Mariko's right arm somewhat, not deep enough to hinder usage though.

Satyr is critically for 2 (ah minimum rolls, making critical much less flamboyant. ) Mariko for 5.
Resistance roll: fail (2 stacks)

Decision time.
Mariko Has 2HP remaining and the satyr is also looking very wobbly, the next hit could very well decide the fight.
She can also take 2 more stacks of the song, a third would render her enthralled completely.
1) Keep fighting, this holds the risk inherent with solo combat of course.
2) Fall back to the others, this holds the risk of them being subjected to the song too.
3) Other plan

I already have the next few updates scripted at a core level depending on the chooses made over the next few updates so I'll see if I can pick up the pace a little bit, got to take advantage of when I'm not needed at work after all.
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May 10, 2014
Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko

2. Also be sure to shout for help, in case her companions can hear her (it's not really clear how far away she has gone)

As usual the dice seem to hate Mariko, so better to get some help - hopefully with multiple people attacking at least one will manage to knock out the Satyr...

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Apr 26, 2012
Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko

Just as a spot of confirmation, she herself is not sure how far she has gone due to the music.

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Apr 26, 2012
Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko

Well I'll write everything all at once rather than have a three line update.
Mariko's method of escaping critically hit the satyr and knocked him clean out.

Mookblack said the dice hate her but maybe they just have a sense of irony. ;)

it was something I realised half way into typing things up annoyingly, but at least it doesn't turn a random encounter into a major encounter as I almost did before discarding my first idea for how this fight will progress.

So two votes.
1) kill the Satyr, yes/no, if no do what with him.
2) This will be left open for a spell. As this potently removes the satyr from the random encounter table, does anyone have any requests on the kind of creatures to include in it's place?


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May 10, 2014
Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko

1) Kill him, and also make sure to destroy his Lyre.

If he is left alive he might seek revenge later. Even if he does not he is likely to continue with his attempts to enchant women and we might get a repeat encounter later. No need to take chances.

2) The first three that came to mind were:
- A (naughty) Fairy
- A Dryad
- A Nymph
- A person lost in the forest - it might be a person that is really lost, or someone/something pretending to be a lost person...

I'll stop here because I tend to get carried away when trying to come up with random encounters.

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Apr 26, 2012
Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko

Interesting suggestion, I have noticed a low number of Fae in CYOAs.
This took a little longer than intended, but when relatives decide to visit I can't really write something and shun them.

The fights going badly, if the damn satyr could only play or fight, maybe it would work but both is trouble. Mariko scooped up a rock ad flung it at the satyr as a distraction while she escaped. As it was though it didn't see the stone coming and connecting with the creature clean in the eye before bolting.
Escape success: satyr takes additional damage for the critical success.
(Improvised thrown weapons do D2, doubled for Critical, The satyr had 4hp remaining.)

About to turn and flee upon the distraction the Satyr fell to the ground after screaming and stopped moving.
Against her better judgement Mariko slipped closer to ensure it had fallen and it proved to be the case.
“After all that it was taken out by a damn rock. Typical”

Wasting no time in slicing the rapist filths throat and breaking the lyre in two she noticed on a chain around the satyrs neck was a small rune-stone suspended on a leather cord. The same kind of rune-stone taken from the jelly.
So she took that too as it may be important.
Seeing nothing else important Mariko wasted no time in making for the road, she had taken too long already.

After about ten minutes she made it back to the tree line, that Satyrs music was quite effective, a nice tune however. A shame he was a rapist dirt-bag rather than a simple minstrel.
“Where did you go, the capital?” Milleen asks upon seeing her.
“Sorry about that, I had a run in with a Saytr. His musical magic must have drown out my call for back up” Mariko lies not wanting to worry them about the potential of hypnotism.
“Right, well we checked the bandits over, just their weapons and two more vials of that potion. No gold or indication of orders.” Milleen explains, not seeming overly convinced of Mariko's explanation.
“Strange, bandits tend to carry their loot on them, that worries me more, it implies a camp; lets get to town quickly.”
“After I patch you up to.”
“That's wise considering non of us warriors are on top form right now.”

Mariko heals 7 hp putting her up to 9 hp and has 3 en remaining
Milleen healed while Mariko was away and is at 11 and 3en (was at 2 but +1 for the short rest)
Aoi is still at full HP and EN.

Thankfully the rest of the trip to town is uneventful. The group split up at the gates, Aoi went to sell her concoctions after giving Mariko two more ointments 'just in case'.

Inventory: 2 ointments,1 anti-toxin and 100 Gold (after payment)

Heading straight to Eve, Mariko pays the weeks 100gold and is given one of these 'receipts' Eve insists on giving her. Apparently a thing that is done in the capital and she insists that Mariko keeps them safe. The pair also warn her of the bandits and leave one of the potions with her for investigation.
After solidifying the appointment Milleen will have with her tomorrow as Mariko will no longer require it due to the payment being a day early the pair wander back into the centre of town.

What should they do?
1) Shopping, what for?
2) Find more work, the next payment is due in eight days.
a) Guard a merchant caravan. (Go to the docks and bring them back) 20 gold
b) Investigate Saughan sightings on the coast. 20 gold
c) Eradicate the 'rat king' in the sewers, (a Ratling whom has learned to command lesser rats) 10 gold
3) Spend the day in the guild socialising and listening to rumours.
4) Suggest something else.

People can suggest multiple things, but list them in priority order in case time becomes an issue should you choose too.