[Twine][Resource][Free] Explore! a shell for making room-based exploration games


Jungle Girl
Dec 25, 2013
Explore! is a shell (a springboard to get things started) for making room-based exploration games in Twine 1.4.2 using the SugarCube 2 header. I cannot currently make it work for Twine 2.x as they don't have a system for combining multiple source files into a single project. Since I am building Explore! as a modular toolbox that precludes using Twine 2.x at the moment.

For more information on it, visit my blog page about the project.

If you want to support this project financially, you can visit my Patreon Page. Don't worry if you don't have the money to contribute, the releases will always be free and never be delayed for non-patrons. I do provide some nifty rewards for patrons but I don't use them to penalize my destitute followers.

Just the Demo
The Folder with all Files
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