Umi Misako

Nov 12, 2008
Name: Umi Misako
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Trainer No.: (Oni Assigned)
Personality: Very calm and intelligent. She rarely acts without thinking. She has problems making snap decisions though. She loses her composure very quickly when confronted with fire.

Umi also carries a travel pack with basic supplies, as well as a journal she keeps. She also has a stone on an amulet she wears around her neck she found in a ruin.

Background: Umi was just a child when her house burned down. Although her mother was able to get the young Umi out of the burning building, both her and Umi's father died. The investigation revealed that the blaze had started shortly after people living in the villiage reported seeing a large bird pokemon with wings of fire. The trauma left Umi terrified of fire, and distrustful of all pokemon. Rather than become a trainer, she studied to become a scientist, focusing on ancient ruins along the coasts of Hoenn.
Despite being more than ten years older than most are when they start their pokemon journey, Umi decided to try returning when she was rescued by a number of water pokemon after a part of the ruin she was in collapsed into the sea.
She still has a fear of fire in general and fire type pokemon in particular.

She came to Johto when she heard that some pokemon were being given away, but also because of the ruins in the region she hasn't been to yet.
Money: 3000Cr
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Current Team
1. Squirtle
Nov 12, 2008
Re: Umi Misako

1. Squirtle
Species: Squirtle
Nickname: (None)
Gender: Female
Type: Water
Ability: Torrent
Lv.: 5
Stage: 1
Exp.: 0/50
HP Exp.: 0

HP: 4/4
Tail Whip

Equipped Items:

Known Attacks: