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Oct 25, 2014
Re: Walkthroughs

Found a youtube channel playing dlsite games that are r-18 hahaha.
Went to check out the YT channel, here's what I got:

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Apr 14, 2010
Re: Walkthroughs

I clear stage 5 in this game [RJ126905] オークの逆襲 and play 3 month .But i cant get last 3 Dark Elf. Who can help me i need Walkthroughs


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Aug 16, 2015
Re: Walkthroughs

Full walkthrough to Emily: Sister Attraction:

ESA Walk through
Well first things first, to achieve the different endings you need different levels of intimacy, and some actions require higher intimacy as well. Daring is required to ask certain questions, and perform some actions. Depending on which ending you are trying to achieve, you should skip intimacy. However, you should do all the daring you can.
Color Legend:
Picture Shows
Questions needed for later shows
Intimacy can be skipped to achieve desired ending.

Intamacy level
1-2 = Ending Level 1: Familial relationship
2-3 = Ending Level 2: Sibling love
4-5 = Ending Level 3: Strong attraction
6+ = Ending Level 4: Passionate Love

Day 1 prep - for any goal
Open Bottom Drawer
take memory stick OR Magazine
take movie
look under bed (remote)
open desk drawer
take tweezers
take phone
use phone
1 / 1 / 1 / 2 / 3
turn on pc
use pc
1 / 2 / 3
north (hallway)
examine keyhole
take paper ball
north (to get Emily)
south (back to your room)

First talk
talk to Emily
hug Emily (Intimacy +1)
ask Emily about something
put in movie
hug Emily (Intimacy +1)
tell Emily about contest

First Show - Nighty Night
ask about sleep
turn off lights
wait x2
turn light on (Intimacy +1)
or, "wait" to skip
look at emily / face / tits / pussy / ass
remove boxers (optional, and may require some intimacy. I recommend at least lvl 1)
rub cock x3
lift shirt (Daring +1)
pull panties (Daring +1)

cum on bed (DO NOT CUM with less than 1 int, or game will end)
rub pussy x21
or get creative
rub / lick / kiss - - - lips / tits / ass / pussy

Dreams, getting into her room, diary.
ask about dream
look in pockets
take key
unlock door
open door
north (Daring +1)
look at pictures (must do to look at Nadja pic)
look at brunette
look at Nadja (must do to ask about Nadja)
open wardrobe
open box
take diary
read page x (read 13 and no more (17 if you don't mind getting cought -1 int))
put diary inside box

Second Show - Shower Peepshow
close door (no favor) leave the door alone to owe Emily a favor
wait (only if her door is closed)
talk to Emily
tickle Emily (Intimacy +1)

Killing the spider
ask about spider
open cabinet
take deodorant
look under sink
spray spider with deodorant (Daring +1)
tell emily about spider (Intimacy +1)

Third Show - Contest and porn
ask about contest
put memory stick in pc OR show porn - if you took magazine(and enjoy the show)

Day 1 Favor Show - Massage
I suggest saving before, do the massage, restore and skip it so you can do both (same can be done for other things too)
ask about favor
take lotion
tell emily about lotion
put lotion on hands
rub neck x2
rub shoulders x2
rub upper back x2
rub lower back (until told to go lower)
rub ass (untill she takes off towel)
rub ass (until she says just one more time)
Now you have to choose
Rub pussy (and she cums, and likes it)
rub cock x2
cum on
- - - ass (she says to rub it in, but massage is over)
- - - pussy (she teases you but massage is over)
- - - towel (such a wasted load as the massage is still over)
Topics for conversation
Now that you have some daring under your belt, you can ask quite a bit. Convo needed to Skype Nadja
ask about Nadja (must do for Skype call)
ask about Diary / Amy / incident / Linda / Dennis / sex / pills / ass / tits / pussy
tell Emily about cock
ask about penetration / cum

Fourth Show - First photo shoot
ask about practice
choose location (I chose bathroom as she's wearing just a towel)
Emily, pose x3
Emily, show tits x4
Emily, show ass x4
Emily, show pussy (Intimacy level 4 to see)
Emily, show x
take picture

Fifth Show -Ending the first night
rub cock
- - - Amy: Intimacy 1-3
A fantasy about Amy begins. You can do anything to her so it's well worth it.)
You can play with amy in the usual ways (theese actions do not progress scene)
kiss / lick / rub - - - mouth / tits / ass / pussy
finger - - - pussy / ass (yep finger that ass!)
To finish you can
amy, rub cock
use fuck mouth / pussy / ass (tits are too small to fuck)
fuck x - - - x5
fuck x - - - x6
fuck x - - - x7 (end scene and day one)
- - - Emily: Intimacy 4+
Ah sweet Emily.
rub cock
emily, touch / rub - - - Nipples / tits / ass / pussy (continue till she comes)
follow directions
things get dirtier, keep doing as your told
cum on tits / pussy / ass or Face if your score is high
or if your score is high
cum inside mouth / pussy (sorry no anal)

Day 2
Sixth Show - Skype with Nadja

turn on pc
use pc
3 / 1 / 1
Just go the fun route
1 x 6
2 (you prob wanna fuck us both)
1 (please go ahead)
Play around however you wish
1 or 2 x12
for 13 I ask to see her fully nude,
and last choose Finger Yourself. (be sure to thank me later)

Day 2 prep - for any goal
use phone
check messages
call Emily
north (twice if "you get off bed" pops up)
down (twice if the standing up first glitch occurs)
take note
read note
open fridge
take coke

take newspaper (it's on the shelf under the coffee table, but you dont have to look first)
roll newspaper
Now track the bee east and west till you catch him on something not breakable
when on breakables "wait" untill it moves
hit bee with newspaper (Daring +1)

Off to see Emily, or maybe a Jogger
south x2 (from living room)
Your outside and a girl is jogging. the end of the text tells you what lane she's in.
move to lane x
wait (continue waiting till she is approaching then move into her lane)
continue untill she collides

Molesting the Jogger
You get 18 moves, use them wisely as she has to be dressed before she wakes.
look at / kiss / lick - - - tits / puss / ass
finger pussy / ass
My run went like this
rub tits (Victoria interupts you to confirm you're a depraved pervert)
yes (of course we are!)
lift sports bra
look at tits
lick tits
pull down shorts
pull down panties
look at pussy
finger pussy
rub ass
finger ass
rub cock x5
pull up panties
pull up shorts
pull down sports bra

Seventh Show - To the Lake
ask about Blonde / anal (game deflects question) / Linda / Dennis / Dennis (second time you discuss anal) anal (she has to think about it)
give Emily coke (Intimacy +1)
tell Emily about bee (nothing interesting? should be a point of intimacy)
ask Emily about last night
ask about anal (she still has to think about it, and game informs you anal is off the table)
ask / tell Emily about stuff (I seem to recall lower intimacy has you tell not ask)
Talk to Emily
Kiss Emily (Intimacy +1)

Day 2 Favor Show - Mutual Masturbation (if you skipped day one)
ask about favor
rub cock x3
cum on face / tits / pussy / ass

Eighth Show - Second photo shoot
Emily, pose x3
Emily, show tits x6
Emily, show ass x3
Emily, show pussy x6
kiss emily
rub / lick / kiss tits
rub / lick / kiss nipples
rub / lick / ass
rub / lick / kiss finger pussy
Emily, rub tits / pussy / ass / cock
fuck mouth / Emily, suck cock
- continue till you cum
cum on tits / pussy / ass / face (face must have high intimacy)
cum inside mouth / pussy (high intimacy)
- at this point take it further.
fuck pussy (Emily gets very excited and has you cum inside her)
- you can now have your way with Emily as much as desired.
rub / lick / kiss anything
finger pussy
fuck pussy / mouth
- use newly found commands
Emily, fuck me / cock
cum on anything
cum in mouth / pussy
You can cum and repeat as desired
Ending the day
turn on pc
use pc
email Dennis a photo (get Duke Nukem Forever code .)
upload photo for contest
You win!
Max score with cheat: Intimacy 9/7 Daringness 7/5 Score 9

Fragment 01 : 60b11
Fragment 02 : n80yp1
Fragment 03 : 5co
Fragment 04 : m3b4ck

How to use cheats
Duke Nukem Forever
FIRST on a new game for +2 stats

Then type:
for picture mode at beginning of game

Yes the picture code spells
Goblin Boy pls come back


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Sep 10, 2011
Re: Walkthroughs

RJ093966 種づけ孕ませ☆魔法少女~The RPG~ http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showt...e-II-Second-Penetration?p=3295967#post3295967
RJ088554 苗床ダンジョンクロニクル dungeon chronicle http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showt...e-II-Second-Penetration?p=3298186#post3298186
RJ085684 ヴァギナスビギナーズ ~彼女と妹と先生と~ Vaginas Beginers RPG http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showt...e-II-Second-Penetration?p=3285431#post3285431
RJ091183 見習い冒険家エミリィ ~元気でエッチな冒険たまご~ http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showt...e-II-Second-Penetration?p=3264060#post3264060
RJ097442 キチクエスト Kichi Quest walkthrough
RJ096744 FutaOna walkthrough
RJ086550 乙女神物語 Virgin Island walkthrough
RJ100265 DUMMED RESIDENCE http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php/404733-Game-over-Rape-II-Second-Penetration?p=3348689#post3348689
RJ101196 もっさんの一人冒険 http://www.real-bb.com/bbs/showpost.php?p=394991&postcount=7561
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RJ106101 naked order http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showt...e-II-Second-Penetration?p=3375848#post3375848
RJ105719 孕ませクエスト『バトレイプ』~21人強姦伝説~ http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showt...e-II-Second-Penetration?p=3383081#post3383081
RJ100740 黒麗のレイナ http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showt...e-II-Second-Penetration?p=3387837#post3387837
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RJ112733 Datch Roll City http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showt...e-II-Second-Penetration?p=3425351#post3425351
RJ106903 まおうさま99 http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showt...e-II-Second-Penetration?p=3426712#post3426712
RJ112559 ROBF guide and walkthrough version 2.0 and 3.0 http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showt...e-II-Second-Penetration?p=3455446#post3455446 4.0 http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showt...e-II-Second-Penetration?p=3468580#post3468580
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walkthrough by Darkstrain : Falling into evil goddess (堕邪女神) http://www.real-bb.com/bbs/showthread.php?t=22805&page=7
RJ118491 Monster Alchemist http://www.real-bb.com/bbs/showthread.php?t=23752&page=4 if my english bad can see ShinVeritas post too
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RJ120635 Ariadne Walkthrough
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RJ133001 LoadAgain ~犬と少女と黄金の秘宝~ walkthrough
RJ140090 貧乏娘の小冒険 walkthrough
RJ141216 ARORENA -ダンジョン島と星なき者たち- walkthrough
RJ142759 聖女マリリアの性処理巡礼記 walkthrough
RJ143562 ココナの忙しい一週間 walkthrough
RJ108031 ドラパロクエスト~エロプンテとアフレルドの章~ walkthrough
RJ143293 FOUND DEAD -ファウンドデッド- walkthrough
RJ143003 リスナと悪夢を孕みし村 guide and walkthrough
RJ144833 デビルブレイカー スカーレット walkthrough
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RJ159285 【TREASURE HUNTER】舞 探索型RPG ~伝説の宝~walkthrough
RJ160943 氷結の騎士 アイスリーナ Walkthrough
RJ159903 J○Fight walkthrough
RJ156346 EIGHTH BIBLE~八つの秘奥義 walkthrough
RJ162026 レイラのエクスタシティ冒険記 walkthrough
RJ139133 処女を守る魔法 walkthrough
RJ159113 カンダタの大冒険 walkthourgh
RJ162758 COSPLAYED1~TSD区民館編~ walkthrough
RJ163765 エレナクエスト~出稼ぎ乙女の冒険RPG~ walkthrough
RJ162226 Abyss -異世界の少女- walkthrough
RJ165458 Quartz!! Walkthrough
RJ159746 自称魔法少女リェコット 私がセクハラされる理由 Walkthrough
RJ165898 魔女っ子シャーリィ発情注意報 walkthrough
RJ163898 ヴェラの地方漫遊記 walkthrough
RJ153038 トランス・フィメール・ファンタジー・ファイナル Trance Female Fantasy Final walkthrough
RJ161939 MADE IN MAIDOG v3 walkthrough
RJ155787 Vampire Fuck walkthrough
RJ171037 てゐとちょっと面白くなる薬(不健全版) walkthrough
RJ163551 きゃすぱに2 walkthrough
RJ175426 女騎士リフィナ~亡国の女騎士淫辱旅~ walkthrough
RJ167144 聖女セレス-魔王を倒したあとの物語- walkthrough
RJ174818 Elf&Succubus メイプルと奪われた宝剣 walkthrough
RJ176993 祈りの少女シャルロット walkthough

guide / part of walkthrough / game memo
RJ099657 洞窟は危険がいっぱい http://www.real-bb.com/bbs/showpost.php?p=392929&postcount=16
RJ088973 雌豚勇者 - SLAVE QUEST - http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showt...e-II-Second-Penetration?p=3257805#post3257805
RJ081295 レディナイト・サーガ ~女騎士と竜物語~ Lady knight Sage member list http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php/68273-Game-Over-Rape?p=3167866#post3167866
RJ099406 ハルウル HaruUru Hscene list http://www.real-bb.com/bbs/showpost.php?p=377136&postcount=5364
RJ083208 World Break http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php/68273-Game-Over-Rape?p=3185813#post3185813
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RJ109704 Glayfloor http://www.real-bb.com/bbs/showthread.php?p=432173#post432173 about ending and boss
RJ125617 新米チェルシーのヌチャメチャ初任務! http://www.real-bb.com/bbs/showpost.php?p=517499&postcount=15 guide + part of walkthrough
RJ136992 TSO -トモダチガスクナイ・オフライン guide
RJ141405 GUILD TRIaL http://www.real-bb.com/bbs/showthread.php?p=602145#post602145
RJ142419 性転乙女が異世界で生き延びるための恥辱なレシピ walkthrough
RJ133508 灼炎の騎士 アコス=リリー Ending and route only
RJ140651 ぼくさがし not full walkthrough?
RJ150014 ボクのために戦って負けて犯されて guide
RJ141655 ぷちせらクエスト new versoin 2.0 added
RJ156156 World Break 2 game memo
RJ132102 MATURE QUEST http://www.real-bb.com/bbs/showthread.php?p=570147#post570147

wish u can understand my low lvl english...
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Oct 13, 2014
Re: Walkthroughs RE036106 ~ 凄いよマリーさん! - That's Amazing, Marie

Hallo ulmf's :3..
I'm in a small problem.. I can't get the last CG Number 9 T_T.
I have found the Walkthough in there own website but can't translate it because it has been written in a JPG File and cant copy the text.

Please. Does anyone have the time to Translate the 2 sentences? T_T

-Urusaisenpai :3
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Oct 23, 2015
Re: Walkthroughs

Greetings everyone!

I am looking for some help in completing my Naked Order playthrough as the walkthrough does not list the new events. Specifically looking for information on locations and missions for events 28-30.

I am also looking for information on how to get the CGI's for the second girl that you can do quests with.



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Jul 23, 2015
Re: Walkthroughs

Here is my contribution:

RJ149951 RE149951 風紀剣士アサギ (The Moral Sword of Asagi) Walkthru: (Part 1 of 2) (Part 2 of 2)
Excellent Game Play with CR, LoR, GoR. Majority of H happens during combat so worth playing. Highly Recommended. Full translations in the work by TNT90.

RJ139825 RE139825 FANTASTIC DAYS-アトな日々- Walkthru for 1.19
RPGMaker with a refreshing coat of new paint. Good art, fun combat system (can chain multiple skills later on), no CR/LOR/GOR however. Latest version 1.23 (4 H events added in 1.20) 8/10 Recommended

RJ159608 RE159608 風紀委員みづき (Public Moral Officer Mizuki) Walkthru
Good HCG, boring everything else... but this is their first game. Virgin run + GoR only. Clearly they are artists and not programmers. However, there are no bugs. 6/10.

RJ174271 RE174271 魔物ハンターサファイア (Monster Hunter Sapphire) Walkthru

RJ173356 RE173356 [ONEONE1] ダークエルフのヒストリア (Dark Elf Historia) Walkthru
Not as fun as Sexpot goes to the Wall imo.

RJ171244 RE171244 [Acerola] 女魔王メリッサのHな冒険記~精液を集めるエロ魔王~ (Sexy Chronicles of Demon Queen Melissa) Walkthru 1.04
Sexpot adventure X3


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Jun 6, 2012
Re: Walkthroughs

Anyone has this walkthroughs?
RJ079795-姫武道家ニーナ2 ~王女の逆讐~/Nina, Vanquished Princess 2 - Queen's Revenge
RJ083953-ハッタリ魔導士メリッサ ~親子丼RPG~/Bluff Mage Melissa -Oyakodon RPG-
RJ088668-着せ替えRPGミサキ ~衣装でモンスターGETだぜ!~/Kisekae RPG Misaki -Get Monsters While Wearing Girlie Clothes!-!


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Aug 30, 2013
RJ176344 退魔巫女遊戯 walkthrough

This walkthrough will cover how to get the various H-scenes involving monsters in the in-game gallery as well as tips on how to defeat the bosses (monster and human).

General advice:

1. The green TP gauge governs the melee abilities of the main character Setsuna. The TP 100 skill 桜花 not only deals tons of damage, it also fully restores Setsuna to maximum HP, MP and removes any status debuffs. Players should abuse this feature since the move is also the only way to defeat some of the bosses towards the end of the game.

2. Skill are learnt through investment in the appropriate tree with skill points earned through food or levelling-up. Books with skills are purchased from the bookstore in town. When starting out, players have one tree they can dump points in. The investment is cumulative, so once a certain number has been reached in a tree a skill will be unlocked.

3. Weapons, armour and accessories must be forged/crafted/created at the metalworking and dressmaker shops respectively. Raw materials are harvested as loot from monsters or found in boxes scattered across the dungeons. There is a monetary cost for each item to be created so players are reminded to only craft what they need.

4. Upgrades for weapons and armour require a specific raw material and a small monetary fee. There's not much point in aiming for specific materials, so players are strongly advised to get the best possible armour and weapon possibly and then upgrading when feasible.

5. Levelling-up in this game provides a negligible boost to stats and some skill points. The level cap is 99. To further improve player stats, players are forced to rely on equipment upgrades and getting raped by monsters when exploring dungeons.

6. To "encourage" monsters to rape Setsuna rather than simply attacking her, players will need the book Hな本:変態道!受け継がれし意志 from the underwear man in the gallery. At the very minimum, learning the skill 布裁ちバサミ and then using the scissors item to snip Setsuna's armour until her private parts are showing is enough to encourage monsters to do their sex attacks. Better still is the 全裸 skill which allows Setsuna to go stark naked for a small boost to evasion but reduced defence and negligible H-defence. When farming specific monsters for their power-up items, players should select the skill 様子を見る (Observe) when the monster has the heart icon to virtually guarantee monster special abilities like stun or paralyse take effect in addition to the standard sex attack. One of the late-game H-skills is a magic spell which induces enemies to use their sex attacks, saving players time from the vagaries of enemy AI. Once the scenes start triggering, they can be repeated indefinitely without cost to Setsuna since she can use the TP100 special skill before she's completely defeated to finish off the lone enemy and leave the battle fully restored.

Regular Monsters:


Rat - Massively torn clothes, Setsuna knocked down. Easy to trigger if Setsuna is naked and uses observe when the sex attack is coming.

Eel - Massively torn clothes, Setsuna constricted by eel. The eel must be allowed to coil around Setsuna before the animation triggers. Again not difficult if she's naked and observes since the sex attack has an innate chance of constriction.

Slug - Moderately torn clothes, Setsuna massively slimed (さらにドロドロ). The eel's regular attacks have a chance of sliming Setsuna, the slime state has two stages and it is the latter that must be in effect before the special rape scene will trigger.


Snake - At least moderately torn clothes, Setsuna constricted by snake. Not hard if she's naked and observing.

Dog - Massively torn clothes, Setsuna knocked down. The dog is very keen on sex attacks if the opportunity presents itself. Its sex attack also has a chance of knock-down so naked + observe should be enough.

Tengu - Massively torn clothes, Setsuna unconscious. If the tengu is fought alone, then Setsuna will recover from the stun effect of the lighting attacks by the next turn. Being naked and observing a pair of tengus should be enough to get this scene.

Ghost train:

Face ghosts - Massively torn clothes, at least three ghosts in combat. Simple enough since the ghosts like to summon allies as part of their move repertoire. Fight them naked, observe when the sex attack is coming.

Backstab wraith - Moderately torn clothes, Setsuna under horny debuff. This wraith's regular sex attacks have a fairly high chance of inflicting the Hな気分 debuff. Once it's inflicted and Setsuna observes the next sex attack the scene should trigger.

SM spectre - Massively torn clothes, Setsuna restrained. This ghost has special attacks which restrain Setsuna preventing her from using special melee attacks. The regular sex attacks also inflict the require debuff so the usual naked + observe tactic works fine.

Village of masks:

Long-nosed drunkard - Low HP, low MP (ピンチ、巫力低下). Quite annoying since taking this enemy alone will need quite a while for HP and MP to drop far enough for the animation to trigger. Naked + observe works but is more time consuming than other enemies.

Mechanical dolls - Setsuna Knocked down. Knockdown doesn't last long, but taking on 2 or more dolls whilst naked should see this scene trigger quickly.

Okame (Big-breasted transsexual) - At least moderately torn clothes, ejaculating breast milk. The debuff only takes after Setsuna has been covered by the Okame's special sperm attack for 1-2 turns. Once her picture shows her breasts spurting out milk, the second condition is in place and the Okame's next sex attack should trigger the animation.

Sludge buildup (Deep sewers):

Parasite - Massively torn clothes, knocked down. Naked + observe works.

Algae clump - Massively torn clothes, Setsuna entangled by Algae. The normal sex attack has a chance of entanglement, so naked + observe.

Slime man - Covered in slime. This enemy's regular and special attacks can cover Setsuna in slime, but players won't have to wait if Setsuna is naked since the H-attack is also capable of sliming her.


Cupid - Moderately torn clothes, Setsuna under the charmed debuff. The regular H-attack has a chance to inflict the required debuff, so naked + observe should take 2-3 turns to get the scene.

Aspara - Moderately torn clothes, Setsuna restrained by the Aspara special attack. Naked + observe works since the Aspara's regular sex attack has a chance of inflicting the required debuff.

Oni - This enemy is a special case. He will only do a sex attack when Setsuna has 0HP but has MP remaining. If he does then it's guaranteed the scene will trigger. As such, letting the Oni smash Setsuna around until her HP drops to zero is enough.


Crab - At least moderately torn clothes, Setsuna under the bubble debuff. Naked + observe works.

Anemone: At least massively torn clothes, Setsuna restrained by Anemone. Naked + observe works.

Fishman: At least massively torn clothes, Setsuna unable to fight. The latter condition is fulfilled if Setsuna is restrained in some way and unable to use regular attacks or special abilities. Fighting the fish man alone when naked makes this scene impossible to trigger since the fish man's knock-down debuff doesn't last long. If paired with an Anemone, the fishman's sex animation will trigger once Setsuna is restrained by the Anemone.


Spider: At least massively torn clothes, Setsuna ensnared in spider's web. Naked + observe works.

Wooden doll: At least massively torn clothes, Setsuna knocked down. The doll's regular sex attack can knock down but the chance is slightly lower than with other enemies. Naked + observe works but it takes slightly longer on average.

Mummy: At least massively torn clothes, Setsuna wrapped up by Mummy bandages. Players wanting to farm enemies for power-up items should choose the Mummy since all of its attacks have a huge chance for wrapping Setsuna up in bandages. Naked + observe.

Alien base:

Alien: At least massively torn clothes, Setsuna restrained by ring of light. Naked + observe works.

Vagina hugger (parody of the Alien franchise face-hugger): At least massively torn clothes. Just being naked should be enough since this enemy loves using sex attacks.

Mechanised tentacle: At least massively torn clothes, Setsuna restrained by tentacle. Farming this enemy for power-ups is a bad idea since it will explode and leave Setsuna with 1MP shortly after Setsuna has been completely drained by sex attacks at least once. Naked + observe works.


Mudpool with hands: At least massively torn clothes, Setsuna knocked down. Players intending to farm power-ups should stick to this enemy. Naked + observe.

Snake man (Naga): Massively torn clothes, 0MP. If players see the final scene it means they've lost the battle. It's annoying getting sent to the beginning of the level but the scene will unlock once part 1 of the sequence has been watched.

Mimic: Enemy gets first move. There are only two variants for this monster and both will drain Setsuna's MP to zero. This is guaranteed to trigger once Setsuna tries to access the Mimic safes.


Great slime: Easy enough. Destroy the two smaller appendages and then concentrate on the main body. Use the TP 100 special skill to heal up when badly injured. Defend when the boss's TP gauge is maxed out. It's a battle of attrition when starting out but gets easier when more levels and skills are gained.

Four-faced flower: The hard part is figuring out which of the four isn't an illusion. Use the earthquake spell or check each boss's TP gauge and compare it to the main gauge to see which one matches. If players successfully hit the boss with a single-unit special attack or spell, subsequent attacks will automatically lock on to the correct unit. Illusions are destroyed with any successful attack. As always, defending when the boss's TP gauge is maxed out is standard practice. Attacks from the boss and the fakes are purely physical, so using backstep drastically reduces the number of hits taken each turn. The first counter-attack skill has a 90% chance of success and it retaliates for each and every one of the attacks aimed at Setsuna. The only thing to really worry about is the boss's earthquake attack which knocks down and the thorny vine entanglement move.

Ghost train: The ghost passengers can be defeated to reduce the number of attacks faced so spamming the mass-attack fire spell usually does the trick. The train driver tends to increase the train's TP gauge but is much tougher than the other ghosts. Defending the boss's TP max gauge attack is required.

Algae boss: Attacks on the main boss don't do much damage until the different parts guarding it have been removed. Spam the mass-attack lighting spell to get rid of the guardians quickly, the single-attack lighting spell is good enough for the boss when it's alone. Rinse and repeat until the boss dies.

Mask horde: A tougher version of the flower boss. Masks are weak to fire so spamming the mass-attack fire spell works. This boss deals a ton of damage even without a max TP gauge plus the masks use all of the special attacks from the regular enemies in this dungeon. The boss-specific possessed mask debuff acts like a restraint on Setsuna restricting her available moves (but not the TP 100 attack or item usage).

Haniwa: The boss can only be damaged when its mouth is open. Destroy the cracked arm first before concentrating attacks on the head. At the end the mouth will only be open to fire its big laser before closing again the next turn, so when the boss is on its last legs make sure TP recharge is high and the TP 100 special move is spammed to finish the boss off.

"Grandma" (players of the first game can have a little chuckle to themselves since it's obvious who she is): The important thing is to keep the two Oni alive! They are your meat shields and if they collapse the Grandma's attacks will crush Setsuna within 3 turns. Players should have enough revival potions to get the Oni back up, heal potions or spells can also be used when the Oni start showing a tear icon. This is especially important towards the end when Grandma starts showing off her massively overpowered TP max gauge move, if Setsuna is the only target she'll be permanently dead unless players somehow execute the TP 100 move to kill off Grandma before getting killed.

Octopus king: The head and the seven tentacles can hide underwater making them immune to attack. Pick off each unit as it surfaces using lightning spell. Not much challenge other than to make sure the Octopus attacks aren't too damaging.

Alien crystal: Before facing this boss, the shield surrounding it MUST be turned off or it will be IMPOSSIBLE to beat. Players are allowed to run away if the shield is still on. To turn off the shield, go to the door on the side and interact with it 3-4 times. Once it opens, move all the way up to the lone alien on the platform and kill it (it never uses sex attacks). Interact with the control panel to destroy the shield.

The boss will initially summon spaceships to defend it. The regular alien spaceship is weak and vulnerable to lightning. The combat spaceships are tougher, hit harder and aren't really weak to anything (they also have tons of HP). Spamming mass-attack lightning spells and the TP 100 skill when necessary should be enough to get the boss down to low health. Before it dies, the boss will directly attack Setsuna with a laser weapon which is easily defended against.

Faceless king: Mayu is useless in this fight so players need to figure out what to do (or read below). It is highly recommended players finish the alien base dungeon first before tackling the pyramid. The king has a head and two hands, both of the hands should be destroyed first since they deal a ton of damage and frequently leave Setsuna on 0 HP and vulnerable to the boss's sex attacks. The gold petrification special attack (when the boss's TP gauge is maxed out) can be nullified by equipping the タコラ墨メガネ (Octopus ink shades) when the boss's TP gauge is maxed out. Once the attack fires, unequip the accessory and use one turn to clean off the ink and players should be good to go. Towards the end the boss will summon a big gold hand and will use quite a few of the other boss TP max gauge attacks against Setsuna. At this point players should ignore the gold hand and concentrate the TP 100 skill on the main head to finish it off.

Exorcist battles

To get the scenes, simply lose to them.

Kamaguchi: Has knock-down on some attacks. Use a mix of physical and magical attacks, some of the former can be countered. When he starts throwing out the TP max gauge attacks, equip the anti-stumble boots and defend. It's a battle of attrition and TP 100 attack spam before Kamaguchi gives up.

Kaede: All of her attacks are either fire-based magic or lightning-based. Cater for stun and burning debuffs and raise resistance using items. As Setsuna has noted, Kaede's picture will reflect which spell she'll use next. When she purses her lips, it's a lightning spell while an open mouth is a fire-based one. Equipment switching can be done on the fly and doesn't cost a turn so players might want to consider it if they're worried about the debuffs. Her final TP max gauge can ONLY be dodged, so equip evasion items and use the backstep ability (if Setsuna fails to dodge enough of them and ends up with 0 HP and MP, she loses). 220-230 agility is a minimum plus 60-80+ to evasion from items is enough to clear the challenge on Hard.

Gramps (the old steward): The first part is easy enough, defend against the knife combo and spam the TP 100 special attack. His knife combo can be countered by the counter-attack special abilities. His max TP gauge attack early on cannot be defended against nor evaded, but players with high enough agility can use a special move like 土走り or earthquake to knock him down before he can execute the move.

Once he brings out his minigun, players need to swap out ALL of their accessories for evasion boosters. At least 240 agility is required. If necessary use the +20 evasion boost special ability when the old man executes the 回天 max TP special ability. After that it's a matter of using backstep until Mayu gives the signal to counter-attack. If players didn't stack evasion and agility high enough, then Setsuna has effectively lost the battle if she failed to dodge the first round of bullets.

Azuma: This guy's a beast, but most of the battle is scripted. Not much advice to give, players will probably lost the first time they fight Azuma so watch the scene, regain control of Setsuna and try again. When I did this, I used 居合い斬り and the BANZAI special abilities when I could. Once Azuma pauses to launch his TP max gauge move, players should copy him and do the same. Eventually he'll give up and players can continue to the final battle.

Note that fighting Azuma initiates the ending sequence of the game, so items and upgrades should be done prior to initiating combat with him.

Nayuta: Use the TP gauge boost spell and stack accessories boosting MP and defence. Players need a minimum of 365 MP to beat Nayuta on hard once both of them start spamming TP max gauge attacks. Once the dream sequence of the fight starts, players can get away with the counter-attack special abilities and using heal when HP is low.

The above will be deleted if the post is moved to the game thread. My save-game file with the full gallery unlocked is attached.


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Re: Walkthroughs

i need a breakthrough for RJ132950] Pixel Town: Wild Times @ Akanemachi
kinda lost and am not sure what part am on ethier


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Jul 23, 2012
Re: Walkthroughs

If anyone can please...please share a walkthrough (and/or save) of Survivor Sarah 2 Chapter 1 (RJ118778 & RE118778) please share with me (or PM me if you wish). Thank you. I have no idea how to get anywhere in this game after being captured and I keep getting the same endings.
Jan 26, 2016
Re: Walkthroughs

Can someone make a thread about Color Jelly's latest game about the Ghoul one?
The japanese word is ''グール×グーラ・コンパーニャ''

I just want to know about the playthrough.
Jul 19, 2013
Re: Walkthroughs

Can someone make a thread about Color Jelly's latest game about the Ghoul one?
The japanese word is ''グール×グーラ・コンパーニャ''

I just want to know about the playthrough.
This would be really nice if someone had one, or more accurately a walkthrough.


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Re: Walkthroughs

Somebody could help me with the flash from http://yakinegi.net/ ? Some of the interactions are hard to find, plus there is a lot of secrets.

Edit: it seems that a lot of his works are missing (all the click girls serie) here is a link with it: http://www.pornwebgames.com/author/ryo/

Here is what I found (numering starting from up left) (on the official site):

1: Click the fish, click and drag on hand and rise, click the skirt.
2: click fast
3: click banana,click behind her head, click boobs

4: found nothing, just moving the succubus around and boobs jiggling
5: click windows 3 times, click boobs
6: click bottom right a few times
7: click and drag cat head, click fast on it (at max, panty is removed)
8: nothing found, just clicking the shirt
9: click fast on shirt, hair flow a bit with the mouse.
10: nothing found (the cross seems to do something but couldn't find what)
11: click sun, bra removed after a certain time? , click fast her panty
12: click fast
13: nothing found, just a dress up

Click girls:

Click!! GIRLS 20030606 : click below eyes, click top button, click and drag pants, click and drag (to the bottom) shirt, click and drag (to the bottom) shirt again. (Useless secret: you can click the totem for various effects)
Click!! GIRLS 20030626 : click and drag the skirt repeatly (lose umbrella), click the flower, wait for the snail, reclick the flower, click the button.
Click!! GIRLS 20030725 : Click clothes, the better score, the more she undress. (I think that you max at 1200, where she only wear 3 bandages.) (Secrets: the mayfly and her hair ornament) (What I don't understand: the hand that comes out of the bag gives sometimes 100, some times 10)
Click!! GIRLS 20030825 : hard game. Click the clothes, a meter appear. You need to wait for the bottom arrow to reach the arrow next to the meter. The arrow goes really fast. If you win completely, she will be naked with 2 beetles on her breast.

Click!! GIRLS 20030925 : (except if I say otherwise, all the books are in middle column, and I count shelfes from the bottom)
the the books in the left column (except the top left and bottom one): make stickmen appear (useless)
Books on the floor : strange animations (useless)
click all the books with 1, 2 and 3 at the bottom shelf: give glasses
6th book in the second shelf : give dog ears
7th book, 1st book from right and 3rd book from right at the second shelf: give cat ears
2nd book from right at the 2nd shelf: remove socks
3rd book of 3rd shelf: make hair a bit longer
4th book of 3rd shelf: make bald with a yellow button (pressing it reset the game)
Undress books: you need to click a certain number of these books to undress (2 to remove the skirt, 4 to open the shirt, 6 to remove it): top left of left column, bottom of left column (red book, doesn't change), right of the bottom shelf, 4th book of second shelf, (all the following are counted from right at the 3rd shelf): 1st (does not change), 2nd, 4th and 6th
(What I don't understand: there are 8 undress books but you only need of 6. Maybe you need to do it in an certain order, but I was unable to find it. Maybe the books titles gave hint but I am unable to understand it, I don't speak japanese)

Click!! GIRLS 20031026 : you need to bring the item she asks. (I have succesfully found what each of her dialogs ask and took pictures. If someone want it I'll make a thread with the walkthrough) (Also, if you score enough points, she ask the nude person)
Click!! GIRLS 20031126 : Branch, shiny thing, leave at the top, fallen leaf, stickman, top tree, bug, panty (the rock do nothing worthy, it's just a joke)
Click!! GIRLS 20031224 : Give the child what they ask for (you need all the childs to complete the game)
Click!! GIRLS 20040129 : you must click the seals in this order: center (on the floor), middle right (box), bottom left (lamp), bottom right (next to her), top right (the rope), middle top (the red and yellow) (this one has a delay, so click right after the precedent. it will also summon a giant foot), middle left (just above the lamp), top right (in the corner) and middle top (blue and white)
Click!! GIRLS 20040229 : click the potato then click the ashes after the time said. If you get a perfect (she will smile) you will get up to 3 more potatoes (required to complete the game)
Click!! GIRLS 20040331 : click the flowers (at 10 000, you win, better score -> more clothes removed if you lose)
Click!! GIRLS 20040429 : click the drink and click the man if he retuns (ends by crashing on the screen)
Click!! GIRLS 20040613 : follow the instructions. Secrets:Spring (the flower pot and the pillar bottom left); summer (snail, bag, pigbank); autumn (books next to her, glasses), winter (gate, sweet potato, gate) (better score means more nude)
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アンジェのドキドッキュン冒険記 Walkthroughs

RJ197284 アンジェのドキドッキュン冒険記 Walkthroughs :
  • game no time limited
  • area entrance click placard can record place and teleport
  • if sometime cant start event, try sell item to NPC or sleep
  • if keep loot herb, farming or mining can up exp, herb is can loot other type herb, farming or mining can get more and new item
  • start clothes cant lvl up, because dress it no enemy encounter
  • dark crystal can skip untill has equip or lvl
  • after ending (normal or true ending) can start 2nd play and hscene all on

Start :
  1. lower left click placard then move out
  2. sleep in new home and open box get virgin armor, before more out click placard
  3. north to 1st town アイオ村
  4. talk to item shop merchant can get quest : go west cave (ファーブル洞窟) get 10 屑鉱石
  5. upper left house talk to man, upper house talk to pink hair girl
  6. right talk to aged (2nd choice), also talk to woman (she need 5 water [お水])
  7. lower right house talk to carpenter (need 10 wood 木材), and girl in carpenter left (she need 霊魂水)
  8. talk to item shop merchant can make モンスタージェル, after make it can get skill テイム for catch monster to party, merchant also selling new book for alchemy
  9. talk to man near left farm, he need 50 魔法の種
  10. upper to pink hair house, click door has H, then go river (オボコ川), lower has boat to south area
  11. lower reaches (オボコ川下流) lower right find pink hair, this area loot some item can make new alchemy
  12. lower reacher lower to magic circle but cant pass, then south of town to temple talk to miko
  13. girl in carpenter left need 月の雫 (rare at night)
  14. make 栄養剤 then talk to pink hair
  15. town talk to carpenter, he need 建築石材 x20, 粘土 x30, ガラスの素 x10, 木材 x30 for repair south bridge
  16. talk man in upper left house, if get 10 山竹 can get fishing rod (釣竿) formula, each fishing need 1 草ミミズ, now can fishing in lower reaches
  17. if get some fish egg 魚の卵, sell it to boy in town upper right, then tomorrow talk to him again
  18. town right talk to woman can get book for new alchemy, back to home outside click stele can start farming, if farming need water from well
  19. town left talk to man near farm, then can buy magic skill (2nd choice) from him
  20. if farming can get flower (お花かご), town upper left talk to sister in graveyard and give her flower (2nd choice), talk to her again can all recover
  21. talk to pink hair, if talk to her again (2nd choice 雇用) can employ her for farming (but crop lower then heroine)
  22. town talk to girl in carpenter left can get ninja clothes
  23. dress ninja clothes, home outside near flower can make clothes broken (except 1st clothes and virgin armor), after clothes full broken near human enemy has H, each clothes and 2 or 3 hscene
  24. town south to temple, then can go lower reaches pass magic circle, then click black crystal vs boss, after boss go temple can get clothes
  25. talk to carpenter, he tell you bridge repaired

Dock town (港町グユーグ) :
  1. SE to dock town
  2. upper right house has cow girl event
  3. lower left dock talk to sailor
  4. talk to item shop merchant then talk to blacksmith in right, better go item shop buy some pickaxe (ツルハシ)
  5. at night to pub, upper left talk to chef, he will get all milk (牛乳) and give you new recipe
  6. temple near dock town talk to miko
  7. fishing house near dock town, talk to man (2nd choice), if give him all type fish can get new formula
  8. dock town west to beach (グユーグ海岸) can get item and fishing
  9. beach east has cave, click crystal has fight, if win go temple report can get miko clothes
  10. if can make 四次元釣竿, set it can auto loot item in any area, not fishing
  11. to west cave (ファーブル洞窟), has pickaxe can go north area
  12. better mining up to lvl 4 or higher (max lvl 7?), each mining need 1 pickaxe
  13. get 50 燃える石 in cave then give to salior in dock
  14. dock town talk to blacksmith make 1 pickaxe, then can make new alchemy
  15. make 強化石, has 4 type for 4 clothes lvl, talk to blacksmith (3rd choice) can power up clothes
  16. dock town right talk to red hair girl can get new recipe, make シロップ to her can get another recipe
  17. 1st town upper right talk to tippler
  18. dock town, at night to pub talk to master
  19. report to tippler can get new recipe, then make 2 日本酒, 1 give to tippler
  20. dock town, at night to pub report to master, give him 日本酒, talk to chef can get new recipe
  21. if make 火薬, talk to sailor in dock store can get new formula
  22. if make ハチミツ, 1st town upper right talk to boy can exchange item
  23. dock town, left red roof house talk to man has cow girl H
  24. home can employ cow girl for farming (crop higher then heroine)
  25. talk to sailor in dock, then talk to him again (2nd choice) can go south town

South town (南の町) :
  1. dress miko clothes, near entrance talk to miko can make new alchemy
  2. lower left talk to woman can get new formula
  3. upper right talk to maid (need カスタードクリーム) can get recipe
  4. talk to weapon shop merchant (need bomb 爆弾)
  5. item shop can get new recipe, make a lot ピアス and 指輪 then sell to her (2nd choice), shop has new item sale
  6. if get トリュフ, town middle talk to chef
  7. right herb shop talk to pharmacist
  8. lower guild talk to staff has bunny girl H and can west to small forest
  9. lower left small park, morning and noon has different NPC, noon talk to maid
  10. west to small forest (小さな森), left near hole
  11. back to south town, talk to new guild staff has H
  12. if get カカオの実, talk to maid in upper right can get recipe, if make チョコレート to her can get new recipe
  13. if can make ジャム, dock town right talk to red hair, then few day later talk to her can get new recipe
  14. south town middle talk to chef can get new recipe
  15. lower guild talk to staff again
  16. small forest talk to man near hole has H (need 砂利 and 建築石材 each 50)
  17. south town talk to weapon shop merchant can get new recipe
  18. small forest talk to soldier near hole
  19. now near human enemy has 2H (random event), if sex over 20 times has new H
  20. if clothes broken and lost virgin, dock town left red roof house talk to man has 4H (after H better wait 30 hrs for new one)
  21. few day later pass small forest to west side

West side and Ending :
  1. temple talk to miko then west to hill (アコー山), after event can employ bunny girl for farming (crop same as heroine)
  2. 1st town talk to pink hair can get new recipe
  3. if go hill get 10 幸運の四葉, south town lower left, when noon talk to maid, few day later talk to her again can get maid clothes
  4. better sex over 20 times, when employ 3 girl can find hscene outside home, pink hair and cow girl has 3H, bunny girl has 2
  5. make 女神の新薬, then go 1st town
  6. after few day? home event, then 1st town talk to pink hair
  7. make 海釣竿, go hill SW seaside fishing, need get 10 フグ for make 2 毒の雫 then make 1 自白剤
  8. to hill now no magic circle
  9. if click black crystal has fight, after defeat it go temple near hill report to miko can get fox clothes
  10. 4 clothes get all 1st hscene then equip virgin armor, if lose to human enemy has GoR
  11. to hill mine get item
  12. make エリキシル剤, outside talk to elf
  13. south town lower left talk to aged, right herb shop talk to pharmacist 2 times
  14. (for true ending only) to temple that near hill, talk to miko (2nd choice) port to another area
  15. (for true ending only) to temple, if 2nd choice for port to new fishing area, 3rd choice for port to black crystal, defeat boss then report to miko
  16. back to home then outside talk to elf to ending
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Re: Walkthroughs

RJ150234 聖剣の勇者のヤリまくり英雄譚 [かぐら堂]
I am able to get to the second village that apparently has a lust spell put on all the female townspeople, but I am unable to find out how to move forward. I have opened all the chests and talked to all the npcs with no success...
Any help is appreciated.